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The K-PopJustice Forum Reader's Poll 2020

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by aux, Dec 12, 2020.

  1. Guess I should finally find some time to listen to Yerin's album, huh?
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  2. aux


    Say it loud and proud, speak your truth unnie.

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  3. I listened to "[#]" once and never came back to it because it was kinda... bad? "[12:00]" is hips and bounds better.
  4. Hot take: both albums are great! x
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  5. I've been dabbling in K Pop for a minute but have recently gone down the rabbit hole and it was the Yerin Baek (who I listened to because of a recommendation by @aux btw) and Yukika albums that pushed me down that hole. Honestly, that list is flawless because I've been loving each of those albums particularly Walpurgis Night for I've become properly obsessed with GFRIEND.
  6. Taste! Always happy to see new Buddies!
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  7. eccentricsimply

    eccentricsimply Staff Member

    Very happy that Yerin's album won and I'm glad my personal vote also got number two! TWICE really did well with that album but.... oh well, you can read everything I have to say about it here in the Popjustice Advent Calendar thread xx

  8. Good enough for me!
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  9. Why is the 404 image sending me ññ
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  10. That's THE ALBUM not being found on the top 5
    and me thinking i could successfully post from my phone ffffff
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  11. Let's not act like # is a musical flop when Number 1 and Ding Ding Dong both take a collective, interplanetary 1ton massive shit on the entirety of 12:00 bar Why Not and Universe ok

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  12. Didn't know Yerin Baek was managed by Scooter Braun, good for her!
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  13. I don’t get it?
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  14. So many incredible k-pop albums last year, but Yerin seriously took the cake. Legitimately a work of art.
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  15. He’s saying it’s a minor miracle Miss Scooter managed to land a client as high-profile and talented as Yerin, not everyone has that.

    edit: wait is Yerin even managed by Scooter? Did I just get fake newsed? Maybe I also don’t get it after all? fjahdj this was not worth it for this low-hanging fruit of a joke
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  16. Ah. I couldn’t find any info about him managing her, so I thought it was a joke and couldn’t tell if it was a drag on her or not ddd. When did he start managing her?
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  17. nn it's just that the first thing that popped into my head when I saw Yerin Baek winning Best Album out of nowhere, when every other album in the top 5 (and a few others as well) seemed like much likelier contenders, was the way Scooter buys nominations/awards for his acts, like Justin Bieber's recent Grammy nominations.

    So basically it was an attempt at a joke that was both not particularly funny and also difficult to understand

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  18. Hah! Thank you for the clarification. Now back off the queen, bish.
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  19. Yeah not gonna lie, this result is kinda surprising. This album seems like a much more lowkey release compared to the others... maybe this is the ultimate case of split votes helping an underdog, since there were so many strong contenders from the big girls.
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  20. Totally. However, and I know I can only speak for myself but I imagine others feel similarly:

    So much K-Pop music is incredible, but the good majority of it works whether you listen to a run of singles, an entire artist on shuffle, or playlisted with a hundred other artists. Meanwhile, Yerin’s albums are an experience to be listened to from start to finish. So while GFRIEND’s album, for example, was one of my favorites of the years because of the absolute immaculate collection of bops, if we are talking Best Album, there’s kind of no comparison? At least for me.
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