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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by aux, Dec 12, 2020.

  1. I think it’s more a case of talent winning! So happy I contributed to Yerin winning Best Album. The “not like other K-Pop gays” won, I see.
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  2. It seems clear that the vote got split right down the middle with TWICE and GFriend, allowing Yerin to snatch the win. Buddies should've talked things over on what they were gonna vote for!
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  3. Slice of Life

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    I am so, so happy for my gurl Yerin. Truly a deserved win! Any other album in the top 6 5 would've been deserving as well but I love a good underdog win so this pleases me endlessly!
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  4. tellusaboutyourself stands head and shoulders along with my favorite albums from last year. Yerin's voice, her incredible songwriting and the brilliant production. It has remained on constant rotation and I'm still discovering new things about it especially through headphones. 2020 was garbage but whew the music was almost comically great.
  5. [​IMG]
    2. Why Not? - LOONA
    3. FIESTA - IZ*ONE
    4. Black Mamba - aespa
    5. Girls - Nature

    Yet another win for the Buddies [​IMG]

    GFRIEND snatch another crown with their excellent glittery, pastelly, dreamy, and retro-y music video. From what I've gathered, MAGO serves as the conclusion to their three-piece journey of becoming a "witch" - in this universe, a modern and matured woman. So the music video is all about self-love and self-acceptance, developing a new confidence & celebrating with other "witches" who have been on the same transformation. When we compare this to Crossroads which was the beginning of this story, it depicts the girls separating and having conflict with each other, where MAGO ends with the girls having everything resolved and being united together once again. Wig!

    But yeah, I don't think anyone really voted MAGO for that tidbit; I don't know what the fuck that is, okay?, that's just somethin sweet for the fuckin kids, okay?

    But yeah the MV is a serve. The sets are gorgeous, everything is dipped in oranges, lilacs, and pinks, it's sparkly & glittery, the outfits are cute, it matches the song sonically, fun group choreo, speaking of choreo: Sowon doing a high kick and slamming it down in the final chorus, AND it has Yuju pole dancing and swinging on a giant mirrorball while wearing very hunty stripper heels. What more could you want?


    In second place is another deserving winner, Why Not? by LOONA. This MV is excellent, unnies. It's very exciting to watch in general, actually. It's got multiple incredible sets, it's very dynamic pretty much in every scene, it's colourful, they have a BUDGET!!! for special effects, and ultimately it really feels like a culmination of the LOONAVERSE™ so far, with the video referencing or subtly nodding to pretty much all of their past videos? This is something the MCU could never pull off.

    My faaaavourite part of the video is Gowon hovering over Earth while there's a hurricane brewing in the atmosphere... her Storm from X-Men lil serveeee it's so fucking iconique.

    And also for a bit of a kii:
    Those actually were real fireworks while Heejin was dancing. That's some true Queen shit.

    In third place is IZ*ONE's FIESTA, which is another serve. Really, really colourful and pretty sets, a lot of fun and artsy camerawork & quick editing, and it's super polished, obviously. And their black & white group choreo outfits are so gorgeous fff. My only complaint is I wish we saw more of the ribbon choreo nn I just KNOW they had more of that lying around on the cutting room floor somewhere.

    In fourth place for a bit of a kii is aespa's Black Mamba, which actually won Most Overrated Video. I don't mind the video too much, I've said earlier that I really liked that one set of the overgrown lavender and other plants in the subway carriage, and yeah the girls look great - pretty outfits and nails! But yeah, I just didn't get my K/DA fantasy from their æ concept.

    and in last place is Girls by NATURE. This was very good as well, with them dipping into their Dreamcatcher fantasy purse and giving us a very pretty horror-themed music video. It's kind of like a more vicious version of CLC's Devil, where it's the Nature girls killing each other in their lil haunted grand hotel set. As a horror movie gay I really love this MV fff, it has a couple cool set pieces too: the grotty bloody bathtubs, and the shredded white curtain room with all of the scissors dangling down nn. It has some very flash editing and all that stuff too. Serve!!

  6. Y'all bein real quiet
  7. Hmmm. Most of these videos are cool and interesting (congratulations, GFriend!), but I think Stray Kids (God's Menu), KAI (the visual film) and SEVENTEEN (HOME;RUN) definitely deserved some placements here. But yay for girl power!
  8. Slice of Life

    Slice of Life Staff Member

    My vote went to this little masterpiece

    I mean, the drama?

    The narrative?

    The cinematography?

    The costume design?

    The budget?

    It's especially noteworthy because 3YE are a nugu group coming from an unknown company. And yet the excellence on display is unparalleled. Kween shit! If nugus can serve this level of artistry, I'm gonna need the Big 3 groups to step their pussies up!
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  9. Well, I voted for aespa in both "best" and "most overrated", because... yeah.
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  10. Yeah echoing what @Glitterizer said before I think there should be separate categories for girl groups and boy groups for these kind of categories. The MAGO video is so fun though so I’m not mad.
  11. I voted for this because I love Academy Award Winning performances. Yuju threatened Meryl Streep sunbaenim!!

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  12. The ACCLAIM! MAMA whomst? Golden Disc Awards what? MMA? Who cares!

    Is MAGO the most beautiful or interesting video I’ve ever seen? No! But it fits the song perfectly, it’s fun, the sets are pretty and the girls all look incredible. Plus Yuju finally got to show her pole dancing skills!
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  14. What a time to be become a new Buddy. The acclaim!

    My favorite thing about the Girls video is that the song has the "Make me silly silly, hot like chille chille" bit while shit like this
    is happening.
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  15. We are not worthy

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  16. You didn’t even participate and you’re only in the thread to complain.. At least like some posts.

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  17. I have been liking posts?
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    Do I smell mess?

    I'm just about to sleep. Goodnight girls and good luck mods xoxo
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  19. Not mine [​IMG]
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  20. aux


    After fifty-four reveals, we're finally here. The last reveal awaits in the next page.

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