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The K-PopJustice Forum Reader's Poll 2020

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by aux, Dec 12, 2020.

  1. aux


    3. pporappippam - Sunmi
    4. Dumhdurum - Apink
    5. Scream - Dreamcatcher

    The sheer amount of talent in this top five... whew!

    Our very, very rightful winners are GFRIEND with their most recent comeback "MAGO"! Ladies, this was not even close, from the moment the poll opened, the outpour of love for this track was huge. It was obvious "MAGO" was coming to sweep and boy did it deserve it. "MAGO" is easily one of GFRIEND's best title tracks, sitting right at home with the rest of their immaculate discography. The music video is a shoot, the song itself is a smash and the album it came alongside is divine. The whole package slaps. It is no surprise to find out FRANTS produced the track, someone who has been behind an insane amount of my favourite K-Pop songs.

    "I CAN'T STOP ME" is next on our list and wow, what a moment. I won't lie, after "MORE & MORE" I was slightly worried for this, but after snippets of the song trickled in, it became apparent this was going to be a return to form. This is another excellent package from TWICE, with fantastic visuals and choreography.

    "pporappippam" is Sunmi's sole comeback this year and whew, it is an absolute smash. Remember how I mentioned FRANTS being behind all the greatest K-Pop songs, it is no surprise to find out he's behind this too. The music video is a serve, the song itself is a serve, Sunmi truly never misses. Give us an album soon legend!

    Next on our list is "Dumhdurum" by Apink who have made a name for themselves for releasing one bop a year and this is no exception. The song knocks, courtesy of the production duo Black Eyed Pilseung who are behind K-PopJustice's favourite nugu group, STAYC. Perched for their next yearly bop!

    And closing in our top five, "Scream" by Dreamcatcher makes an appearance! I've already spoken about this song heavily since it also won Best Comeback That Isn't Popular Enough To Win Best Comeback, but wow, what a classic. Dreamcatcher has one of the best discographies in K-Pop and this is such a brilliant addition to it. That post-chorus is one for the ages and the choreography is excellent.

    Special shoutouts to IZ*ONE who would have made the top five had votes not been split across their comebacks from this year. GFRIEND also nearly appeared more than once on the top five with a couple of votes for both "Apple" and "Crossroads".​
  2. Deserved! MAGO is one of my favorite dance songs of all time.
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  3. 2020 really was their year. Congratulations to my queens and thank you @aux, @BEST FICTION and @thommyh! This was honestly the most fun I’ve had on KPJ in a long time, you’ve done an amazing job and I loved every minute of it.
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  4. Yeah this thread was amazing and hilarious. Really looking forward to this new yearly tradition~
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  5. What the hell we gon do neow???


    Huge thanks to @aux @BEST FICTION & @thommyh for providing subforum with a lot of fun during these 2 weeks and everyone for participating and contributing to the laughs and kiis. Looking forward to next year!
  6. If the top 4 four songs become the top 4 in the SOTY rate as well, it would be the best that we've had in the past 5 years. All of them are 11/10s.
  7. Top FIVE, hater!!
  8. aux


    On behalf of @BEST FICTION and @thommyh, I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who participated and stayed perched in the thread! This was something that occurred to @thommyh one day, a couple days before it opened actually. Quickly after the idea was posed, @BEST FICTION and I jumped in and together we made the hosting team. We quickly started coming up with ideas, graphics, categories, etc. unknowing of how well this was going to go. It was our first time hosting something together and I don't think I've heard of three people hosting a rate / poll before, so it was definitely going to be a new experience. This is definitely the most fun I've ever had hosting anything, in part to my fantastic co-hosts, but also because the participants were super involved during the reveals. Needless to say, I think it went very well!

    If you're still aching for more rates in the sub-forum, I suggest everyone to participate and hand out loads of likes in:
    If you want to do some light reading of rates that have already begun:
    As for your hosts...
    We're currently in the process of renewing our contracts for next year's poll, but I think I can safely say this will happen again next year with some changes to the categories to make the workload more manageable for all three of us.

    See you next year.

    It was a pleasure.

    This was...

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  10. Thank you to our fabulous hosts, @aux, @BEST FICTION and @thommyh, and for everyone in participating in the tom foolery. This was a ton of fun!
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  11. Mmm yes, this was truly the MAGO of threads. Loved getting to contribute to a new annual tradition (even though my votes were all OVER the place nn, I just looked at them and............ what). And I love that we now have our own little year-end Gayo lineup between this and KSOTY!

    @aux @BEST FICTION @thommyh yall did that

  12. ...and what’s wrong with Scream?
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  14. I’ve never seen a tighter group of talented people @aux, @BEST FICTION, @thommyh !! The way that you gorlz are the aces of your group, all of you. Onto some main vocal, main rapper, main dancer, main visual typa shit!!! Iconique.

    More seriously, thank you for providing such a funny experience, and a roll-out that was so quick and efficient.

    The whole thing was a pleasure to read. x
  15. This was a lot of fun to read and watch the fallout discussion of each category's results, and made me reallyyyyyy excited to take part in future rates!

    @aux, @BEST FICTION, @thommyh I loved the way each of you wrote up the winners, super well done and loved seeing your own opinions interweaved as well! The three of you made a fantastic team xx
  16. I just personally don't see Scream as the #5 song of the year. But Dreamcatcher got an overall 7/10 average from me in the rate so you won't see any anti-DC moment from me I promise xx

    Thank you @aux @BEST FICTION @thommyh by the way. The forrem has never seen a more iconic trio.
  17. Correct. It’s #2.
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  18. Thank you all for the kind words. I couldn’t have done it without @aux and @thommyh, who made the experience so easy and enjoyable. It was definitely a big thing to take on but I think we pulled it off and we’re already talking about next year’s edition. Any suggestions for categories? We already know we’re probably going to half it cause the votes were so split but let us know if you think we didn’t cover anything we were meant to!

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