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The K-PopJustice Forum Reader's Poll 2021 - Results!

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by thommyh, Dec 13, 2021.

  1. hmm.. y'all ready?

    2. IVE
    3. TRI.BE
    4. Purple Kiss
    5. Rosé

    Ah... I don't know a better winner!

    The way this is my favourite song of the year and I'm struggling to come up with something to say fffff. Quite simply, Billlie's “RING X RING” is such a massive serve. It's sooo razor-sharp, so self-assured, but it's also so disorientating and captivating. Like, you're not gonna get the song the first time you hear it! After the second and third time, you'll be like, woah, what is this?? It sounds nothing like anything that's out right now... and that's because no recent debuts have been able to carve out a territory so distinct and unique — a lot of contemporary debuts frankly can be traced back to a prior group or trend. But this is just in its own little world!

    Our first runner-up was very close to winning, and that is IVE with “ELEVEN”. This angellic hymn X ethnic hip fusion is kind of a slay! The pre-chorus/hook/chorus (experimental kweens!) is sooo bulletproof and heavenly.

    As for third place, and also my second favourite group to debut this year, is TRI.BE with their bratty “DOOM DOOM TA”! As @codecat said this really does give Song of the Century??? like this song has everything, especially in these departments:

    Wild —
    New era representative —
    Girl swag —
    Self-confidence —
    Young & fresh —
    Ethnic —
    Freedom —

    In fourth place we have Purple Kiss? on bloody top? with “Ponzona”. This song is pretty polished, and follows that more smoother sound from, like, G-Idle and Dreamcatcher, but... I think My Heart Skip A Beat should've been the single, no? It's just a bit more exciting and punchy!

    And in final place we have the solo debut of Blackpink's Rosé with “On The Ground”. Hmm.. the song is good and she sounds great, but I still feel like something is missing here..? idk! I feel like Somi's XOXO contains that missing YG ingredient, idk but maybe that's just me!

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  2. Well deserved. Billlie have already carved out such a unique sonic identity for themselves with an excellent debut single, mini album and even Christmas single. They’re going to be such an exciting group to follow.
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  3. [​IMG]

    Congratulations Billlie! It was between them and IVE for me and I chose to go with the ones who released the most tracks. The Billage of Perception has both great songs and a ridiculous name aka the essence of Kpop.

    A well deserved win!
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  4. As a proud pëple lipth on blooday top, I voted for Purple Kiss and more of you should have x

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  5. Then why did none of the Pürple Keys voters superupgrade Ponzona in KSOTY2021!? I need answers!!

  6. I thought Pîmple Kėįth on bloody top debuted in 2020, my bad.

  7. [​IMG]
    2. LISA
    3. Rocking Doll
    4. Rosé
    5. Lightsum

    Ah... I don't know a better winner!

    JYP try their hand at creating their new DAY6 replacement now that their flagship boyband is heading for enlistment, but my god, what a failure. Xdinary Heroes is a band consisting of 6 talented musicians... but not singers, by the sounds of it. Look, I don't expect JYP to give us vocalists, they did give us Sohee, Momo & all of Niziu, but give us at least ONE. But also if these guys did have vocal chops, this horrible song did them no favours. Almost every part is so grating, but somehow the chorus is the worst part. I wish them an ounce of luck in replicating the success of DAY6 if this debut is any indication of what is to come.

    BLACKPINK's main dancer, Lisa, made her official debut in 2021, becoming the 3rd member to get her shot at a solo release. And... as voted by you guys, it obviously didn't do as well as you'd expect. The single, Lalisa, massively underperformed in South Korea, peaking outside the Top 50. But the single album sold 736,221 copies in it's first week, making it the best first week AND best selling of any female soloist ever.

    Rocking Doll debut right at the tail end of 2021 and seemed to have some promise with their teasers looking quite expensive. But the video & song delivered just what you'd expect. They saw EVERGLOW and said I have that shirt too kinda. Unfortunately you can really see the lack of originality & creativity in every aspect of this debut. Lets see what they serve for their first comeback, if they get one!

    Rosé had some big expectations, finally getting to debut solo after Jennie in 2018, and while she hit all those expectations chart-wise in Korea, she wasn't able to get some of you guys on board. On The Ground isn't my personal favourite, but I do love Gone, so I probably could've left her off this list.

    CUBE tried their hand at damage control in 2021 with the debut of their latest girlgroup, LIGHTSUM, just in time to fill the Soojin shaped hole in (G)I-DLE. The group looked set to replace CLC with a cute debut concept, but they still seemed to dabble in a bit of girl crush. Honestly think this would've done better if they just chose a side. Their comeback VIVACE is definitely a lot better, so I won't be writing them off yet.

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  8. Who the fuck are Rocking Doll???
  9. Maybe Rocking Doll were too ahead of their time for certain people. Their debut is a fun, brash mid/late-00s-esque bop. It's no masterpiece but it's not that bad either.
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  10. Not sure if this was intended shade towards Stray Kids or not but I giggled.
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  11. Rosé being included in both the Best Debut and Worst Debut categories
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  12. aux


    2. Perfect World - TWICE
    3. Doughnut - TWICE

    Mmm... Mmm, yes, very good.

    "Hula Hoop" won by a landslide, as deserved. I know I'm not the best person to say this, considering I love LOONA's direction at the moment, but for plenty, LOONA have not been giving what they expected from the group. For many, "Hula Hoop" was a glimmer of the past self of LOONA, the LOONA that captured a zeitgeist moment on this very forum and the hearts of many K-Pop fans. Unsurprisingly, I adore "Hula Hoop". It's the perfect amount of saccharine, it's catchy and most importantly, it's a fucking blast. It's a refreshing concept for the LOONZ and I hope they continue using this sound as a blueprint for their Japanese releases.

    In our second spot is "Perfect World" by TWICE, the title track of their third Japanese album. As one of the resident ONCEs, I love everything about this. The post-chorus gives me such a rush, ahhh. I still think TWICE's best Japanese single is "BETTER", but damn, this is exquisite. The bridge is out of this world, probably one of the strongest in TWICE's discography.

    In our third and final spot, TWICE re-emerges with their latest Japanese single "Doughnut". "Doughnut" is such a sweet, mid-tempo that slowly builds throughout. Unsurprisingly, TWICE thrives with their Japanese ballads (just listen to "The Reason Why"), and this is no exception as an inclusion to their canon of excellent ballads.

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  13. I voted for IVE but Billlie winning is just as good. Besides every praise they already got here, I want to add that they have vocalists. Which is hard to get not every nugu has that.

    As for Xdinary Heroes, I voted for them.

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  14. Hula Hoop was definitely a glimmer of hope for LOONA in 2021… Let’s see what they bring in 2022. Or 2023 idk.
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  15. [​IMG]
    2. Low Low - WayV-TEN&YANGYANG
    3. Flying On Faith - Chungha
    4. LMLY - Jackson Wang
    5. On The Ground - Rosé

    TWICE had another exceptional year in 2021, but the cherry on top was their first full English single, The Feels.

    They had previously dabbled in English with the tracks of I Want You Back, What You Waiting For, More & More, I Can't Stop Me and Cry For Me, but this was promoted as an official single in Western markets. The Feels had it's own little TikTok moment as well as their first appearance in the Canadian, US & UK singles charts. Though the song didn't set the charts alight in any particular region, it definitely made it's own impact and earlier today debut at #40 on the Billboard Pop Airplay chart, so we may not have even seen it's final peak in the US yet!It was also promoted on The Tonight Show & Good Morning America, helping lead into their now almost sold out US tour.

    If contract negotiation goes well with Twice next year, I imagine we will see them double down on this new exposure in the US with another English release!

    WayV members Ten & Yang Yang released a full English song as a subunit called Low Low in August this year. It was released after Kun & Xiaojun's ballad subunit track released in July and was intended to lead into Lucas & Hendery's subunit, which was ultimately cancelled following controversary surrounding Lucas. Low Low is a really cute summer song, which isn't something NCT or WayV really dabble in too often for their singles, and it's definitely a welcome addition to their discography. It's not the first time WayV have sung completely in English with Bad Alive being released a year prior.

    Chungha's debut album Querenica was released at the beginning of 2021 and contained two full English tracks, 2020's Dream Of You and Flying On Faith. This track became a fan favourite quite quickly, and deservedly so. After a relisten of this album, the song became highlight from this incredible album and is definitely a must-listen for any fans of K-Pop. Though it wasn't technically a single, it deserves a shout out.

    Jackson Wang from GOT7 was slowly building popularity with his releases on the forum with his more pop-orientated songs. He has a few fully English tracks that have made very little impact, but LMLY was a breakthrough for Jackson, it really is a great song so I'm glad it got a mention from you all.

    Not Rosé getting a call out in every revealed category so far... Say what you want, but that's impact! For reasons unknown to anyone, Rosé's single album featured two fully English singles despite Jennie and Lisa containing Korean lyrics on their solo efforts. On The Ground seemed tailormade for international growth, and peaked at #70 in the US & #43 in the UK. Here is a live performance so I don't post the video a third time on this page.

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  16. [​IMG]
    2. IVE - Eleven
    3. LOONA - PTT (Paint The Town)
    4. (G)-IDLE - Hwaa
    5. Chungha - Demente

    Sooo you might be thinking: "but thom, which song actually won?" well here's the thing... TRI.BE received votes for *four* different songs and it was still enough for an overwhelming victory fff. and I mean one of the official descriptions for this group's concept was literally just "ethnic" so would you run expect anything less? Would You Run, Doom Doom Ta, RUB-A-DUM, and a b-side Loca all received votes. And if y'all listen to just two seconds to each song you'd understand why! latina queens!

    Claiming another silver trophy is IVE with their *checks notes* Azerbaijani-inspired mega-hymn. no, but really those "aaaaaaaaaaaaahh~"s are just so decadent.

    In third place is bollywood kweens LOONA with their polarizing comeback “PTT (Paint The Town)”. ummmm... now I don't mind it really tbh. I find the chorus a little corny but it is what it is! oh the things I would do for Hula Hoop to get a big budget and promotion like this, however...

    In fourth place is the originator of the 'ethnic hip' phrase itself, G-Idle! They decided to tone it down a lot this time, and the results are kind of... tasteful? I guess you can't top forgotten gem Senorita in that regard though!

    And rounding out the top 5 is Chungha with “Demente”, which features Puerto Rican rapper Guaynaa. The original album version has Chungha singing in Spanish and Korean, and there's a secondary version where it is sung fully in Spanish. I don't speak Spanish so I can't tell you if her pronounciation/songwriting is any good so you'll have to ask an unnie here who can! But yeah this is pretty fun and has that groovy carefree vibe.

    I'd also like to give an honourable mention to my kween Hyuna who received votes for both Ping Pong and the much-maligned I'm Not Cool... oh to think I'm Not Cool will turn a year old in just a few weeks.. where does the time go?
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  17. I’ve made it no secret that I haven’t been a fan of LOONA’s more recent output, but Hula Hoop was a refreshing return to their classic sound. If it’s any indication of where they will go musically this year, then I’m cautiously optimistic.

    LMLY was such a pleasant surprise from Jackson, I honestly didn’t think he had it in him. I mean this is the same man who released Papillon.
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  18. Well this was the one category where I thought IVE stood a chance at winning


    But second place is the new first!!! We'll see how it goes on next year's edition!!
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