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The Kacey Musgraves discography rate - #16 "love the Dolly-ish swagger"

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by KamikazeHeart, Oct 15, 2018.

  1. There were still Christmas songs left!??
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  2. Still one to go, even.
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  3. Oh boy. I hope it goes next.
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  4. Ribbons & Bows did pretty good here. I'll take a #33 finish for it. It' a top 10 Kacey song for me, but I'm realistic about it.

    Now, that said, if you'd told me before the rate it that it would outlast Cup Of Tea, well... I just don't know.
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  5. you’re all a bunch of Kacey Musgrinches!!!
  6. It's back, and it's time to pick some flowers.

    #32 - Dandelion
    Score: 7.587
    Highest vote: 10 x 2 (@vague, @soratami)
    Lowest vote: 5 x 1 (@Reboot)

    Another gorgeous little piece of the tapestry that is Same Trailer, Different Park, this always seemed so melancholic and sad to me. Kacey always loved dandelions and wanted to write a song about disappointment, so she, Shane and Brandy Clark (what a trio) came up with the allegory to how you're making wishes when blowing on dandelions, but the wishes never come true. Poetry, huh?

    • Reboot: Not really feeling this.
    • constantino: I can see this being done wrong but it’s such an adorable, tender and introspective moment. Sometimes simplicity is key.
    • Remorque: Okay, so I was ready to drag this into the ground when I first heard it, but it's grown on me immensely after listening to it a couple of times for this rate. It's that old tale of having hope and eventually losing it again. Kacey's created a perfect soundscape to dream away to.
    • Music Is Life: This was darker musically than you would expect a song called Dandelion to be. Glad it wasn't as cringy as the title would have you believe. Really catchy too.
    • pop3blow2: A nice wistful little ballad.
    • Seventeen Days: I love a song in a minor chord, and I especially love a song that switches between major and minor chords. This one is pretty.
    • Trouble in Paradise: One of my sentimental favorites from her debut. I bought her debut after her Grammy performance and this and “I Miss You” became my go-to Kacey songs. While “I MIss You” may have faded a bit for me, this one just continues to grow. The lyrical conceit of singing the song to the dandelion crushes me. It creates such a vivid picture of someone in a green pasture picking dandelions and realizing that their lover is hurting them. Doesn’t hurt that I’m big on finding time and space to reflect in nature as well as talking to inanimate objects to process things. And yes I realize how crazy that makes me sound.
  7. When you see a song called Dandelion I am instantly intrigued in it's lyricism. This one did not disappoint. I mean the metaphor works so well throughout the whole song:

    A million little wishes float across the sky
    But it's a waste of breath and it's waste of time, I know
    'Cause just like him, you always leave me crying
  8. Y’all are so wrong for this
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  9. Absolutely. Dandelion is easily one of the best songs on Same Trailer, Different Park, and it should have made it to the top 20, at the very least.
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  10. Dandelion has grown on me since I finally listened to 'Same Trailer, Different Park'. The shift between the major and minor chords really gives it an added layer, and is a brilliant way to really push the whole "gain a little, lose a little" theme of the song.
  11. Dandelion is one of those songs I've always liked, but never 'loved'. That said, listening to it the context of her three albums, you really hear some 'Golden Hour' seeds being planted in some early songs like this.
  12. Time to say goodbye to another single.

    #31 - Keep It To Yourself
    Score: 7.685
    Highest vote: 10 x 1 (@Slice of Life)
    Lowest vote: 5 x 1 (@constantino)

    When you're drunk
    And it's late
    And you're sad
    And you hate going home alone
    'Cause you're missing me like hell
    Keep it to yourself

    We love a good "fuck you" to an ex, don't we? There's something very mid-00s about this track for me, even the cover art screams pop/rock-girl. This is basically the country version of New Rules - Kacey explains that the track is about not being very self-disciplined, but still being the stronger person and knowing that a relationship isn't good for you.

    • constantino: Perhaps I should keep this opinion to myself but this is probably the least remarkable song from her debut, it leaves no impression whatsoever.
    • Remorque: Fantastic follow-up song to Back on the Map? This half of the album is making me feel all kinds of things. We've all been there, eh...
    • Music Is Life: I really like how this builds in the production.
    • Slice of Life: Dddddd I wish I had this song back then when I was struggling. Oh well. I have it now.
    • pop3blow2: Not a bad song. I liked it more when I first got into it album… not a song I revisit as much now. Maybe, my loss.
    • Seventeen Days: The lyrics to this feel like a kind of spiritual companion to the song “Need You Now” by Lady Antebellum, only from the other side of the phone. It’s like “oh yeah, you’re drunk and lonely and you miss me? Well too bad, should have kept me when you had the chance.” Wig, I feel that already.

    And on the subject "unexpected essays", let's hear what @VivaForever has to say about this:

    "I’ve told this story a zillion times on here, but it’s one of my favorites, so I’m going to tell it again. At the summer job I worked between my junior and senior years of college, we had to have The Coffee House on XM on all the time, solely because the exec in charge of customer experience stanned it - even the store manager hated it - and it drove us all batty. Partly because it was shit (and a terrible fit for the store’s aesthetic / customer base), partly because it had a tendency to overplay songs - Fast Car and Dido’s No Freedom come to mind. But there were maybe three or four that it played fucking incessantly, one of which was this mess with a girl shrieking, ‘If you think that you still love me put it on a sheeeeeeelf.’ It was a running joke with all of us working there because we all hated it so much, and none of us knew what the fuck it was.

    Finally, one day we got so fed up that I went over to the speaker and Shazamed it while one of my co-workers mockingly made up lyrics (‘Yes, put it on a shelf! PLEASE! I never want to hear you talk about it again!’). It was, of course, Keep It to Yourself by some country singer none of us had heard of named Kacey Musgraves.

    Obviously, it’s grown on me over the years - though I guess it’s not like it had anywhere to go but up (© Shania ‘Still Canceled’ Twain) - but in all honesty, it did put me off Kacey for a while!"
  13. Which also means... we have our top 30. Any predictions on what's next on the line?

    Same Trailer, Different Park
    Silver Lining
    Merry Go ‘Round
    I Miss You
    Back On The Map
    Follow Your Arrow
    It Is What It Is

    Pageant Material
    High Time
    Dime Store Cowgirl
    Late To The Party
    Pageant Material
    Somebody To Love
    Die Fun

    A Very Kacey Christmas
    Christmas Makes Me Cry

    Golden Hour
    Slow Burn
    Lonely Weekend
    Oh, What A World
    Love Is A Wild Thing
    Space Cowboy
    Happy & Sad
    Velvet Elvis
    Wonder Woman
    High Horse
    Golden Hour

    Waves (w. Miguel)
  14. I'm not mad at Keep It To Yourself going... but Same Trailer Different Park only having 6 songs left is a MESS.
  15. Surprised that Pageant Material is loved more than Same Trailer, Different Park as I do not feel that way.
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  16. Y'all really are gonna do Same Trailer, Different Park dirty like this?
  17. Merry Go 'Round better be in top 3 or there will be HELL TO PAY!
  18. It's... a piece of fabric.

    #30 - Velvet Elvis
    Score: 7.728
    Highest vote: 10 x 1 (@Seventeen Days)
    Lowest vote: 5,5 x 1 (@VivaForever)

    "Making everybody jealous when they step into my house
    Soft to the touch, feels like love, knew it as soon as I felt it"

    Golden Hour faces its first loss, with one of the album's rockiest tunes. It's basically a tribute to her husband Ruston Kelly, and how she loves showing him off? It's fun, and such an integral part of Golden Hour to me to lighten it up a bit. Also - the part that goes "I knew it as soon I... felt it... yeah. *guitar solo*" is FUCKING DIVINE and I will hear nothing against it.

    Trivia: powder blue, as referenced in the lyrics, is Kacey's favorite color.

    • VivaForever: My mom used to call our dog Velvis because he had a velvety-soft muzzle and sometimes snarled like Elvis, so that’s what this song always makes me think of. Honestly, I don’t think Elvis is exactly relationship goals, so, not sure where this song is coming from.
    • Trouble in Paradise: This is the only song on Golden Hour that I’d consider just “good.” It is in no way bad. But it is highly reminiscent of Norah Jones’s superior “Happy Pills.” As for those who will compare it to that One Directioner song:


    • constantino: This is quite a change of the pace on the album, but it’s never jarring. Rather, the in the production adds some texture and excitement to the later section of the album.
    • Music Is Life: Love the production on this. The lyrics are pretty good too.
    • RUNAWAY: honestly, this is the only song I have a problem with on this album. it’s still cute, but with all the other incredible songs and emotional moments on this album, this song just feels like filler.
    • pop3blow2: This song is absurdly Kacey Camp. She’s good at that, though. Sometimes she reminds of a country Lily Allen. I adore Lily, so that work for me.
    • Seventeen Days: By far my favorite track on this album. I fucking love the line about “go out with you in powder blue and tease my hair up high”.
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  19. That's definitely the least great song on Golden Hour (still a 7 though), so it leaving now feels right.
  20. I had a feeling that this song was going to be done dirty, but I didn't think it would be the FIRST song eliminated from this album.

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