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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by KAG, Dec 14, 2013.

  1. KAG


    I'm actually surprised there's no thread for Keeping Up The Kardashians and all the multiple spin-offs. 2013 has been a big year for the clan. Bruce and Kris seperating, Khloe filing for divorce and obviously the birth of baby North West.

    I can't say I'm a massive fan, however if there's nothing to do and there's an episode on 4music or E! then I'll definitely watch. Lord Disick and Khloe are clearly the stars of the show.
  2. I like them, but always foresaw that when it came apart, it would do so in a spectacularly brutal fashion. I really like Lamar and hope he gets through his drama.
  3. I love how miserable the three sisters always sound. They are ALWAYS monotone.
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  4. SeaWitch

    SeaWitch Guest

    They're all wastes of space except Khloe & Kourtney. Their show has been irrelevant (hello tags!) for at least 3 years now; they operate from name & media exposure alone. Their celebrity is bigger than the show now. The two youngest ones seem harmless.
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  5. How are ratings?
  6. SeaWitch

    SeaWitch Guest

    Well, the same, but the show is still irrelevant now to their brand. They're now bigger than their own show. Even Paris - the last great waste of space socialite - didn't last 6 years of infamy.
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  7. I'd only watch for Khloe to be honest, I did enjoy the 'fight' they had with Kim in season 1.
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  8. What happened?

    Ah. Still, it's a nice source of steady revenue. They have in their favour that Paris was one person while they have an ever-growing clan to exploit and promote.
  9. I think it went like this... Kim got a new car and thought Khloe & Kourtney were jealous so they fell out after being rude to the guy who sold Kim the car. Kim went to Rob's apartment and Khloe slammed the door on her so Kim starts whacking her bag hilariously at Khloe then punches her arm and Kim ends up in the hallway crying. I think you have to watch it, words don't do it justice. It's rather amusing.
  10. duckface

    duckface Guest

    That was such an epic fight. I like Khloe but she was so foul during all that, especially with the bullying the next episode when they went skiing.
  11. I love that during the entirety of the broadcast their network puts a little "#Kards" in the bottom right hand corner of the screen. Whether it's directed at us, the viewers, or them, the Kardashians, it is wholly deserved.
  12. Love the Kardashians. Khloe is amazing, and it's genuinely sad about her and Lamar. Kourtney is also amazing. Kim and Kris are insufferable. Guess who my ult fave is though?
  13. Don't be fucking RUDE!


    "Go with your Bentley that no one could afford!"
  14. Wow the tags are harsh! I think the seem like nice people. Kim can be Queen of Salt sometimes though.
  15. SeaWitch

    SeaWitch Guest

  16. The "no one wants you" was quite brutal.

    Rob is such a bum.
  17. SeaWitch

    SeaWitch Guest

    The three main sisters are always brutal with each other though. Klo is the worst for it, even though it's amazing to witness.
  18. Flockheart

    Flockheart Guest

    The Xmas special was cool. I have that chin toner, it sucks.
  19. I love to watch them. That fight was spectacular!
  20. [video=youtube;z5Rz1jLV2WI][/video]

    This has to be one of my favorite TV moments.

    "My diamand earing came off in the ocean and it's gone!"
    "Kim, there are people that are dying."
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