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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by KAG, Dec 14, 2013.

  1. Don’t make fun of me, but that trailer genuinely got me in my feelings. I lived completely alone for a year in a city where I knew no one, and I kept the Kardashian shows on pretty much all the time for background noise. They really got me through some difficult, lonely times. It’s the end of an era for sure.
  2. Definitely got a little teary eyed during Kris and Kim’s part. I can’t imagine having a camera crew and producers around you for 13 years nonstop and not feeling sad. They’ve become part of your family, watched you become moms and wives, etc.

    I know they signed a deal with Hulu but who knows what that will bring.
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  3. Honestly, it makes sense for them to take a few years' break, until their next generation are grown up enough to become celebrities, too (if their kids will even be interested in that life).
  4. I’m really confused about this show ending. I could’ve sworn I read that Kris has a production deal with Hulu and that’s where some new version of the show will continue on?
  5. Yes, they signed a deal with Hulu/Disney. They’re not necessarily continuing KUWTK but rather producing new shows. The first one rumored focuses solely on Kim as a businesswoman and building KKW Beauty and Skims but nothing has been confirmed.
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  6. The reunion looks good, I hope Andy delivers on this one and really gets into the gritty details with them.
  7. ADM


    Not them giving us one of those “Bruce (then) and Khloe hide Kris’ dress because she took his airplane” silly storyline episodes with the last ever. They’re making a bloody time capsule for the show. Girls it’s on E!, we don’t need that!
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