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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by KAG, Dec 14, 2013.

  1. I’m actually surprised they made a new show again (bar the need for $$ of course) so soon. They currently seem too A-List to make for good reality TV anymore.
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  2. I’d say this is on par with the last few seasons of KUWTK. Any suggestion it’s lost anything is pitting it against the early seasons.

    It felt full circle to see Kim going from moving on publicly from the sex tape in the first episode of KUWTK, to now worrying about how she’ll explain it to her kids and dealing with the possibility of a second. I loved that she said ‘But was it really a mistake? This was my boyfriend of years’. I don’t think I’d ever heard her acknowledge that she did nothing wrong in the situation and some re-evaluation of how she was treated is long overdue.

    Also Debra Messing being referred to ‘that girl from Will & Grace’ ddd.
  3. I really liked the new version of the show and yes to the Modern Family comparison, I knew it felt familiar somehow. I didn’t realise it was one episode per week though.
  4. Sam


    I enjoyed the first episode. They’re breaking the fourth wall a lot more during the non-interview parts. I don’t think they’ve ever done that before? It feels a lot more docu-style and I think it’s refreshing.
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  5. So good to have them back. I’ll never not love their brand of ‘dysfunctional family tied up in a glossy, immaculate bow’.

    Barring a few filming and editorial differences, it really was like nothing had changed at all. As soon as Kim discovered the Roblox ad, we were back in business.
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  6. Loved how, during that introduction montage, years ago, it would be Kim being photographed whilst now she's been pictured as the one making decisions behind the cameras and controlling a photoshoot for one of her new products. Feels full circle and really shows how and for what they're known now.
  7. You know you’re at an utterly untouchable level of superstardom and fame when you can get away with saying things like that.

  8. So much for that “waning” popularity.
  9. I caught the new show over the weekend, I really enjoyed it. I think another forum member said it already but I like the lighter and more sitcom vibe approach to the show this time round. Like Kris talking about Kendall having a flu and then it cutting to Kendall’s talking head moment about her having Covid etc, it was a nice fun touch.

    I can see myself getting super hooked on this during the summer. Fluffy, mindless viewing!
  10. God, these girls know how to suck me back in. Rushed home to watch today’s episode and I know I’ll be doing the same thing next Thursday too.
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  11. Tonight’s episode was kinda dull. How many times did we need to hear Khloe say it isn’t the shows themselves that stress me out it’s the aftermath!!

    Also, how have we not reached SNL yet? I feel like they’re dragging it out a bit too much.
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    I swear if I hear the word “aftermath” one more fucking time omg
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  13. Episode two should have come with a James Cordon warning, ugh!
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  14. Cancel it.
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  15. I’ve somehow found myself rewatching the legendary Kourtney & Khloe Take Miami.

    I know this is a very obvious thing to say but it’s completely wild to see how much the brand changed over the fifteen years they’ve been in the spotlight. From a family of wild, colourful, party-girls to pristine, immaculate goddesses.

    I just find that transition so fascinating.
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  16. Sometimes I wonder what the world would look like now if Kathie Lee Gifford had said yes to E!’s pitch for a reality show about her family and not suggested they approach her friend Kris Jenner instead.
  17. The world would be a better place.
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  18. The third episode definitely felt the most different from Keeping Up With The Kardashians.

    Things like the meal in New York, Kris & Corey walking around New York and Kendall & Kylie going to In & Out felt very down to earth and normal, rather than a staged reality show. And each scene feels quite long which gives a feeling that it is relatively unedited.

    The show feels much more like just a rolling documentary where one episode blends into another - rather than each episode having its own separate storylines and themes.

    I had to laugh at Kanye’s amazing gift for Kim being the sex tape hard drive.
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  19. Waving the USB hard disk around like it has some relevance... hunny, files can be copied easily. The level of camp! And Kanye trying dissolve into his hoodie, bless! These people are insane but it's great TV. Proper LOL'd at Kim lugging the suitcase packed with an apple monitor and black keyboard into her room. Like, why were these were thrown into the suitcase instead of a laptop?
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