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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by KAG, Dec 14, 2013.

  1. Khloe really fucking hates Kris Jenner, doesn’t she. Has done for years. The way Khloe treats her is pretty appalling. I can’t imagine responding to my Mum wanting to talk about and take me to places of her past with anything other than pure delight? Kris needs to give her a slap.
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  2. The names Kris has saved for her girls on her phone. Khloe 2020.
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  3. Loved seeing Kim criticise Kanye.
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  4. I absolutely adore hearing Khloe’s perspective on everything. She speaks with such clarity and heart.
  5. Can you blame her?
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    Really? I find her so annoying
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  7. Too much Kendall this episode. The IV drips with Hailey Bieber. Not being able to use a kitchen knife.

    Ellen and Portia being Kris’ guests at her birthday meal? Mess.
  8. ADM


    This aspect actually really intrigues me and is more telling of their 'reality' than any plot lines. Khloe has, I think, Kourtney as Jane Fonda, which made me laugh.
  9. The way Kanye has treated Kim is pretty vile, no?
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    “Hey chef, do you want to cut that for her?”

    Kris girl..
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  11. Always been a Scott supporter but his attitude stank this week.
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  12. Scott was such a petulant child in this week’s episode. Like get a grip you grown man! Loved the bits with Kim talking about how her law journey came about and chatting about who she is as her own person, not in relation to her ex husband or sisters.
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  13. Sam


    Scott didn’t handle it well, but I can kinda see his point? He has no family of his own left, has always been reassured that he’s a part of the clan and now Kourtney’s engaged he isn’t getting a seat at the table. It’s a difficult situation but I feel like they all ought to have just talked about it more to avoid this happening.

    I loved Kim this week. She’s just so watchable.
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  14. The situation has changed since Scott was promised all that. There was a time when Scott as the ‘extra-son’ of the family made sense, but Kourtney’s feelings have clearly shifted. She’s annoying but she’s allowed to not have her baby daddy lingering at every family event.

    I think the issue is that the Kardashians never seem to have really communicated that to him. They just stopped inviting him to things, which is mean. A little transparency and a re-evaluation from
    both sides about how Scott fits into the new dynamic was needed.
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  15. I never watched the first series but watching this and finding it strangely comforting and nice to watch.
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  16. I actually loved Khloe ignoring Kris and her 80s stories ddd. Iconic!
  17. Also not me finding Travis Barker sexy. He thinks he's giving sexy rocker but I think it's the fit 70 year old illusion that is doing it for me.
  18. ADM


    The way Kourtney asked him what he wanted to drink and he just said "Whatever my baby wants". There's being attentive and then there's being 14 years old.
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  19. When he said some relative told him Kourtney is like his mother…
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  20. Kris probably could've handled her birthday situation a little better, but I started to get frustrated at Kendall because I feel like she wasn't articulating the fact that her birthday genuinely was a small gathering that Scott seemingly wouldn't have been invited to even pre-Travis. That being said, it was difficult for her to say anything at all because he was jumping down her throat and twisting her words every second.

    I understand his worst fear is to be pushed out so he's feeling hyper sensitive about it, but I can't help but feel like even a whisper of any gathering would trigger him now, when there were probably many similar gatherings he wasn't invited to pre-Travis that he wouldn't have given a shit about either way.

    However, the onus is really on Kourtney to make the situation work, and her stubborn refusal to do anything about it is pretty immature. I understand that she wants a clean slate, and any non-childcare related dealings with Scott are probably making her feel like she can't escape her past but... when you have three children with someone who has become a near blood relative to your entire close-knit family, you cannot get away with saying, 'I don't really feel like a conversation needs to be had'. It does, and your refusal to do so is putting everyone in an uncomfortable situation when there really doesn't need to be one.
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