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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by KAG, Dec 14, 2013.

  1. I never really followed them but wasn't Scott cheating and partying for decades while being with Kourtney, it's too late now buddy.
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  2. Yup. Even after they broke up, she clearly stated that there was a list of things for him to do and if he did them, they could get back together. He never did them, so she moved on. A reunion was almost certainly within his reach if he’d just got his shit together. But substance abuse is really tricky I guess.
  3. I mean, Scott is acting childishly about this entire thing, but it’s not fair for Kourtney to have put the entire family in the middle of this. It’s clear he’s not being invited to things at her request, but she needs to have that conversation for the sake of her family, if nothing else. They clearly want to continue having a relationship with Scott, but if they have to minimize that at her request, she should make that known. She doesn’t necessarily owe Scott anything, but it’s clearly affecting everyone else they love.
  4. Agree with the positive comments about Kim. She’s said so many things this season where I’ve been like ‘Yes! You go girl!’

    It’s lovely to see her stepping out of Kanye’s shadow and owning who she is.
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  5. Scott is also super necessary to the 'plot' as without him it'd just be New Homes with Kris and Ko.
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  6. Kendall trying to cut the cucumber is going around on Twitter and Tiktok a bit. Hilarious that she tried to show off to the world about how normal she is and how she’s just like us but she cut the cucumber so fucking weirdly that all it’s done is prove that this woman has been rich for so long that she has no knowledge of how to cut any sort of vegetable and has had chefs make even the tiniest of snacks her entire life. Which is fine, if I was rich I would do the same I fucking hate cooking!

    Kendall attempting to seem normal but being so dizzyingly lost in the millionaire lifestyle is becoming a bit of a theme. None of the other girls try and convince us how normal they are. I’m still annoyed by her comments about how becoming a model was actually harder for her because of the family name, and how she loves cleaning so much that she sometimes gets on the floor with the maids and helps them scrub the floor !! Like babe you’re fucking rich you don’t need to pretend to be like one of us poors.
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  7. Okay but he was a kunt to her for years so... and he wasn't awful to Khloe etc which meant they had a better relationship. I don't know, I just feel relationships are give and take and he probably did too much damage to her to feel things for him. Anyway it's their life and this is semi scripted so...
  8. Pete Davidson rumored to have left his management for Kris? This family.... cult status.
    Also, how insufferable is Travis Barker on this new show?
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  9. Something quite spectacular about Kim fighting to save someone’s life while she’s having her hair & makeup done.
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  10. Died when Khloe told Kanye he can speak to the cameras on this show.
  11. What is Scott's background again? I'm sure his parents seemed to have a pretty big house in the Hamptons... and he obviously got into the Kardashian/LA celeb scene some how
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