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The Kids from Fame (and related Fame stuff)

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by torontodj, Mar 13, 2017.

  1. What's happened? It's just disappeared from Now 80's. Has it just disappeared over Christmas or is it never coming back???
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  2. I'm hoping just a Christmas break but it would be nice if they said something! I've really been enjoying my Fame fix every Sunday.
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  3. Every episode is iconic. I just watched the one where Debbie Allen and Gwen Verdon invented moonwalking!!!

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  4. It's back this Sunday!!!

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  5. Another reunion.

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  6. Today at 3pm (& tomorrow at 11am) on Now 80s....

    Lee Curreri's Top 20 Fame Songs!

    We all know Hi Fidelity,Starmaker and Fame,right? But what about the many others?Lee Curreri aka ''Bruno Martelli'' takes us through his 20 favourites from the series!
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  7. It had better include these bops

  8. Do The Gimme That…underrated bop!
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  9. They skipped the Starmaker episode, the bastards!
  10. Morgan Stevens who played David Reardon in the Fame TV series has died at the age of 70.
  11. For anyone still watching this NOW 80s have stopped at the end of season 2 and aren't showing anymore. I did wonder when it got moved to the graveyard slot of 8am but am gutted, we were so close to the Billy Hufsey/Janet Jackson/Nia Peeples era!
  12. Years ago when they started releasing them on DVD they ended up stopping at S2 as well - guess the take up was too low?
  13. I guess season 1/2 is the "classic" era of the Kids From Fame who everyone knows, whereas most people couldn't pick the season 5/6 cast out of a line up. It's a shame they have stopped here, I was looking forward to seeing Janet Jackson and then the flop era for the first time (back in the day BBC1 stopped at the end of season 4 so I've never seen the last 2 seasons).
  14. It may have to do with rights? I don't know. I believe the first two seasons were on NBC. Then it got cancelled. And then it moved to syndication from season three forward (at least in the US).

    I have to say I was lucky enough in Canada that the now-defunct MuchMoreMusic showed the entire series from start to finish. You'll see a lot of the YouTube clips with their banner. I personally lost interest in the last few seasons. The first three seasons remain my favourite.
  15. I know I am responding to this, er, five years later but today I had an interesting experience. I was in a thrift shop and found a box set from 1995 called The Envelope Please... Academy Award-Winning Songs by Rhino Records which was putting out excellent box sets at the time. This set covers the Oscar-winning songs from 1934 to 1993. Fame, which won Best Song for 1980 is included here... except it's not the Irene Cara version; it's the Erica Gimpel version. And it notes "previously unissued on audio format". Incidentally, Irene's other Oscar-winning song Flashdance... What a Feeling, also included on this set, was another version sung by a different singer.

    I never knew the Erica Gimpel version was ever officially released on CD or digital until today.

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  16. Oh wow, thanks for that! I’m going to seek it out if I can!! Did you buy it?
  17. I did. I had actually been interested in this compilation before because I like Rhino box sets and Oscar-winning songs but never knew that due to licensing issues there were a number of songs used that were not the original version. The Erica Gimpel version being included is really interesting.
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  18. Great find! I always thought (as an 8 year old and today) the Erica Gimpel version of Fame should have been on the original Kids From Fame album.
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  20. I'm going.

    Really worried it's going to be tragic.
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