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The Kids from Fame (and related Fame stuff)

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by torontodj, Mar 13, 2017.

  1. I haven't, but it's something I will probably do eventually. Alan Parker generally knew his stuff, and I think it's apparently less twee than the TV series.
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  2. I think he was a lot of gay boys' first crush (my bf included).

    Mine was Steve Guttenberg though.
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  3. Comparably it's almost brutal in its depiction of the shadows created by the stage lights.

    I absolutely adore it.
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  4. Amazing.
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  5. He'a a bit of a Zaddy today too.
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  6. Amazing. And yet somehow this seems completely natural.

    Who knew that Valerie is a Popjustice icon?
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  7. Have just listened to It's Gonna Be A Long Night on Spotify. Poor Lori Singer sounds like she was repeatedly being punched in the stomach whilst recording it.
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  8. He doesn't look that great here! He took my eye back in the day, though.
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  9. It was nice to see them on TOTP 1983 last week. They all seem bemused that the show was so huge here, unlike at 'home' where it was perpetually on the verge of being axed.
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  10. All hail Dame Valerie Landsburg, the patron saint of Comeback Corner

  11. Yeah, it had a difficult trajectory in the US. NBC axed it after two seasons (series) and then syndication picked it up where it did well for the duration of its run.

    Lori Singer didn't return to the syndicated series, and Erica only stayed on for a short period.

    I think the first two series were the best. It got a little too cheesy. And the music wasn't as good.

    But let's not forget the pre-Control Janet:

  12. Wasn't there an episode where Danny got diagnosed with leukaemia but was cured by the end of it and well enough to do the requisite song and dance?
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  13. I always used to tell people Janet Jackson was in Fame and no-one ever believed me.

    Imagine if Madonna had got the part she auditioned for! The whole history of pop would have been altered!
  14. Because no-one finds lists irritating or tedious, what would people’s top ten Fame tracks be? Spanning all albums, compilations etc?
    In my eyes basically any song Coco sings about how amazing she is is always a winner (see Fame, Be Your Own Hero and Bet Your Life It’s Me).

    Here's mine:
    1. Fame (from 1980 movie soundtrack)
    2. Hot Lunch Jam (from 1980 movie soundtrack)
    3. Starmaker (from Kids of Fame 1982 album)
    4. I Sing the Body Electric (from 1980 movie soundtrack)
    5. Red Light (from 1980 movie soundtrack)
    6. Dogs in the Yard (from 1980 movie soundtrack)
    7. Is It Okay If I Call You Mine? (from 1980 movie soundtrack)
    8. Be Your Own Hero (from ‘Songs’ 1983 album)
    9. Bet Your Life It’s Me (from ‘Songs’ 1983 album)
    10. = Miles From Here (from 1980 movie soundtrack 2003 reissue) / I Still Believe in Me (from Kids of Fame 1982 album)
    Shoutouts to the awful/amazing Hi-fidelity and Step Up To The Mike too.
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  15. I only have the movie and Seasons 1-2 to pick from, so:

    1. Out Here On My Own
    2. Fame
    3. Starmaker
    4. Hi-Fidelity
    5. I Sing the Body Electric
    6. Hot Lunch Jam
    7. Desdemona
    8. I Can Do Anything Better Than You Can
    9. Beautiful Dreamer
    10. I Still Believe in Me

    11. Songs
    12. Sho-Sho-Shorofsky
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  16. Good choices, and same - I've not seen Season 3 onwards (and not sure I want to).
  17. Hi Penelope....Hi!

    God what an irritating record that was.
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  18. 1. Starmaker
    2. Desdemona
    3. Step Up To The Mike
    4. Hi-Fidelity
    5. Fame
    6. It's Gonna Be A Long Night
    7. Mannequin
    8. Out Here On My Own
    9. Bet Your Life It's Me
    10. Sho Sho Sho Shorofsky

    Wish they would reissue their other albums on CD, I'm sure I had about 5 on cassette!
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  19. Email Cherry Red. You never know...
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  20. It is very niche but given some of the flop acts they have given the 2CD reissue treatment anything is possible!
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