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The Kids from Fame (and related Fame stuff)

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by torontodj, Mar 13, 2017.

  1. Has anyone seen Fame The Musical? It was very odd, they clearly couldn't get the rights to the characters or the songs (bar the theme tune) and was such a disappointment. Fame without Doris, Leroy, Coco and Bruno is not Fame to me!
  2. I did, what a mess. I still enjoyed it. What I remember the most though was the lady next to me wearing dressy shoes with the thickest black socks ever.
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  3. Yeah, but years ago!

    It was ok. They'd cloned the characters into different roles as I remember - the black guy couldn't read and the ambitious girl overdosed or some shit.

    But they danced on a taxi so I was happy.
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  4. If they can do 2 CD editions on Nick Kamen and Limahl they can do them on the Kids!
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  5. Haven't seen these album covers in over 30 years!


    Had them all on cassette as a kid. God I loved them!
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  6. I saw the second one in Oxfam today. I thought of this thread!
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  7. The Kids From Fame Again, their second album, was always my favourite cover!

    I used to spend ages trying to perfect drawing the Fame logo too. Oh dear.
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  10. [​IMG]

    Sleeve and concept by Was On. Coke.
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  11. They wrote out the redheaded guy after Season 1 didn't they? And heterosexualised him for the show.
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  12. All the characters that survived the movie version were sanitised for the TV show essentially.
    As a result a lot of the character nuances were removed which was a shame, but to be expected when you aim at a wide, young demographic I guess. Plus the TV landscape was pretty different back then.
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  13. Great "I need a shower" synth bass, though.
  14. I saw it in 1998. Gavin Creel was in it. It was pretty terrible in my opinion.
  15. I thought it was awful too and Fame in name only. No characters or songs from the film or TV series and the original songs were nothing to write home about.

    I've seen and enjoyed the live musical adaptations of Flashdance and Footloose which were brilliant and true to the originals. Shame about Fame! The lack of Doris and Coco left me bitterly disappointed.
  16. So this thread inspired me to watch the pilot of the TV series last night, and I never realised before how much this first episode is basically a watered down version of the movie (no surprise to see at the beginning that it was written by the guy who also wrote the movie, Christopher Gore).

    Not only is there crossovers with the music that appears in it (‘Red Light’, ‘Ralph and Monty Dressing Room’ and ‘Miles from Here’ which was originally intended for the movie), but characters from the movie also appear that unfortunately are never to be seen again (Ralph Garcie, played by a different actor, Shorovsky’s assistant, and even Michael, Doris' crush, appears but is played by a blonde actor).

    There are auditions at the beginning of the episode which are similar to the movie, and similar dialogue is used both in discussions between Bruno and Shorovsky about the pros of synthesised music as in the film, and in an argument between Leroy and Mrs Sherwood which also echoes a scene in the film. There’s also a similar pep talk given from the dance teacher in the movie which is used by Lydia in the pilot, and finally there is also a recreation of the ‘Hot Lunch Jam’ scene but with an inferior song used ('Take Me').
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  17. Was strange they basically replaced Ralph with Danny, changed Doris' surname, and made Montgomery straight (though TV-for-families, America, not surprised).
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  18. Yeah, I’ve always thought of Danny as a neutered Ralph.

    After Irene Vs Erica, who would win Maureen Teefy vs Valerie Landsburg?
    I like both, but much prefer Maureen’s performance.
  19. It's strange to think now post Glee that you couldn't have had an openly gay character on a TV show about musical theatre in the 80s. The past is, as they say, a foreign country.
  20. The actor who played Ralph never really did anything after Fame. He's brilliant in Saturday Night Fever which he did before it.
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