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The Kids from Fame (and related Fame stuff)

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by torontodj, Mar 13, 2017.

  1. Obviously you will be online at 9am to get front row tickets to whichever church hall they are playing at, right?
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  2. Heh, love this:

    “Sue Hinds, a Merseyside police detective and a Fame superfan.”
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  3. This whole enterprise reeks of something that’s gonna get cancelled Nadine tour stylee.

    I just don’t see a group of B List Kids From Fame cast members selling out a 1200 venue for 2 nights???

    Will probably just be me and @mump boy in attendance, right at the front singing all the words.
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  5. But where's Carol Mayo Jenkins???
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  6. Only just discovered this thread, all these years and I thought I was the only person who still loved listening to my first ever cassette - The Kids From Fame.

    I have done some research on the BBC archive this morning.

    • BBC 1 started showing season 1 of Fame with the pilot episode 'Metamorphosis' on Thursday 17 June 1982 at 8:10 pm just after Top Of The Pops and before the Nine O'Clock News.
    • Episode 2 'Passing Grade' followed the week after but due to Wimbledon and the World Cup the next 2 episodes 'Tomorrow's Farewell' and 'Alone In A Crowd' were not shown at all.
    • Episodes 5 to 16 were broadcast out of order up to 29 September 1982 switching to a Wednesday night for the final four episodes just after To The Manor Born and before Points Of View.
    • Season 2 began on BBC 1 on Thursday 21 April 1983 at 8:00 pm after Top Of The Pops and continued in this slot for most of the series of 23 episodes. Many episodes were shown out of order with the U.S.
    • Episode 13 'Relationships' was not broadcast at all.
    • Fame - the movie was first broadcast on U.K. television on BBC1 on Sunday 1 January 1984.
    • Season 3 saw it move to Wednesday nights on BBC 1 beginning 15 February 1984 at 8:10 pm. Throughout March it was broadcast directly after the BBC adaption of The Day Of The Triffids.
    • In April it was moved to an earlier Friday evening slot of 7:30 pm where it remained until the end of the season.
    • The infamous 'Sheer Will' episode where Danny has leukaemia was not shown by the BBC, neither was the Fame On Tour: Happy Birthday Israel concert.
    • Season 4 began on BBC 1 Monday 18 February 1985 at 7:40 pm after Wogan and stayed there for 24 episodes right up to 19 August 1985.
    • This series included Janet Jackson and Nia Peeples as new cast members.
    • BBC 2 began repeating some of the best season 1 and 2 episodes during the summer holiday in July and August 1986. They were shown five days a week at 5:00 pm just after the often repeated dubbed German series Heidi.
    • These repeats meant that the missing episodes 3 and 4 from season 1 and episode 13 from season 2 were finally broadcast in the U.K.
    • The BBC never broadcast seasons 5 or 6 and they have probably never been shown anywhere in the U.K.
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  7. It probably says it all that I would have been watching The Day Of The Triffids and To The Manor Born, but not Fame.
  8. Bop!

    I also recall thinking this was a super bop back in the day, but I’m not so sure anymore. Janet is a bonus!

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  9. It might explain why I sat and watched The Day Of The Triffids (way too scary and slightly naff) as was I waiting for Fame to come on. Then again I did pretty much watch TV solidly from getting home from school until bedtime.

    The satellite channel Granada Plus repeated the first 2 seasons of Fame back in the early 2000's, I enjoyed rewatching the first season (with all the best songs) but lost interest quickly in the second season. I can't imagine how bad the songs were in season 6.
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  10. Did 'Little' Jimmy Osmond play a kid with learning disabilities in a couple of episodes? I think I thought Jimmy Osmond was actually retarded after that.
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  11. Was there an eposode when doris turns to prostitution ?

    I remember mum having to explian to me that 'sometimes a man would pay a lady to take her out'. Or was that from the film ? I see Valerie Lansberg but maybe its from the film i do know she was wearkng a beret at the time

    Fave episodes include.

    Doris decided she was always going to tell the truth. There was some opera singer who tried to sing a pop song and was awful so Doris told her and then sang I Was Only Tryin To Help

    One when they decided to replace Julie with a Mannequin (had more personality)

    It's very possible I've got all these storylines totally wrong it's been 35 years since i saw them :)
  12. That was 'Street Kid' Doris was only pretending to be a prostitute (to research for a role) when she meets a real hooker played by Dominique Dunne, sister of Griffin Dunne and the older sister in the film Poltergeist.

    I remember that other Doris episode well when she gets fed up with sparing people's feelings and decides to only to tell the truth and ends up making things even worse.
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  13. I love this thread.

    I assume we’re all meeting up in Liverpool next year???
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  14. Someone get Sonia and the Reynolds Girls to come along.
  15. I’m on it!!!
  16. The Pensioners From Fame
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  17. Past your bedtime?
  18. Ha, no I'd have disappeared up to my room to play Subbuteo or do some drawing or whatever by 8.30-9pm. I wasn't a great TV watcher as a kid, even a lot of the TOTPs from 1982-1987 weren't really paid attention to sometimes, depending on what else was happening.
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  19. I’m cancelling my Janft standom immediately.

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