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The Kids from Fame (and related Fame stuff)

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by torontodj, Mar 13, 2017.

  1. I auditioned for the ill fated reality show Fame. The very first audition was in front of Debbie Allen, I was pretty shook. After I tripped over my own feet, she got this sad/very disappointed look on her face and shook her head.

    Later, I saw that Access Hollywood had shown my tripping as part of the "bad auditions" reel.

    I went on to win the whole competition obviously.

    or not.
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  2. The best summer holiday of my LIFE! Heidi, then Fame, then Wait Til Your Father Gets Home.
    Thanks for this!
  3. I loooooved the theme tune to this.
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  5. Best of all is this

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  6. I could never understand what the heck some naff foreign series, badly dubbed, was doing on British teatime Kids' TV, but it was cheap to license, apparently.
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  7. Heidi - 26 episodes shown over a period of 8 months from October 1980 until May 1981. Repeated all over again in 1983 and once more in 1986. Similarly repeatedly repeated was "Huckleberry Finn And His Friends" which was a German / Canadian production with some German actors with their voices dubbed. Brigette Horney appeared in both Heidi as Grandmamma and in Huckleberry Finn as Aunt Polly.

    Wasn't it The Flumps that was the most repeated series on the BBC? 21 times!
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  8. How weird - did not know that. Loved both series. And what about Silas?!
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  9. Yes! Silas was also repeated that summer in 1986, it was first shown in 1984 but only had 12 episodes. It was a German programme and the first role for Patrick Bach.
    silas-lg.jpg 150eae367cfa4b014af5b11bd09ef7b0.jpg
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  10. The daughter returns from being date-raped at 0:45
  11. Remember Goat Peter!!!
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  12. The ‘Kids’ from Fame currently on The One Show
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  13. Me and @mump boy planned to go to this but somehow manged to forget about buying any tickets until they'd basically sold out.

    I mean it's obviously going to be ropey but one of the great regrets of my life is that I didn't get to see them on their UK tour in 1983.

    Looks as if Erica Gimbel and Nia Peebles are no longer involved and have been replaced by some women I've never seen before in my life. Might be for the best that I'm not going.

    Slightly obsessed with Sue Hinds. Wish I'd had the gumption.
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  14. Where's Lori Singer when you need her???

  15. LOVE The Flumps
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  16. Looks as though the Now 80s channel are going to be showing the Fame TV series-there's a triple bill of episodes being shown from 9am this Sunday (7th)
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  17. Time to dust off my leg warmers! I saw the trailer for it last night, I think I'm right in saying this is the first time Now 80s has ever showed a TV programme. The Kids From Fame were my first musical love and I haven't seen Fame since it's original broadcast so I can't wait!

    Paging @Baby Clyde!
  18. I had seasons 1&2 a decade or so ago; bar a few songs, season 2 was a huge step down in quality.

    But I remember the cast saying as much in that Justin Lee Collins reunion thingy, that all the good writers were shipped off to other shows and Fame was left to coast on its past glories. For 5 more years.
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  19. We had both Heidi and Huckleberry Finn on Irish TV too. Both 1981 and repeated a couple of times afterwards.
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