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The Killers - Imploding The Mirage

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by inevitable, Jan 13, 2019.

  1. Caution should have been their huge comeback hit and I'll never forgive the universe for not letting that happen.
  2. Oh wow, Fire in Bone is fantastic! The beat reminds me of The Blow Monkey's 'It Doesn't Have To Be That Way'...Another brilliant song, they've been on such a roll these past few years.
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  3. tea


    I mean the album isn't out yet, but yeah it definitely deserved a bigger splash.
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  4. I've not bothered with The Killers for years but popped in this thread yesterday to see what was happening.

    Outcome: two hour walk with 'caution' & 'fire in bone' on repeat which then led onto listening to 'Wonderful Wonderful' in full. 'The Man' is amazing.

    Looking forward to the new album now.

    So basically thanks everyone. Keep up the good work.
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  5. Absolutely loving the new song, a bit more than Caution which was still great. I only got in to them after I fell in love with ‘The Desired Effect’, then checked out ‘Wonderful Wonderful’. Should I check out any of their albums previous to that?
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  6. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    Day & Age for me has aged the best and is most like Wonderful Wonderful/the new singles. Then you can go from the debut Hot Fuss (still one of my favourite albums ever) and Sam's Town which is probably their hardest to get into, but has some of their highest highs like When You Were Young/Bones/Read My Mind. Then you can go into their real deep cuts Sawdust and Battle Born.
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  7. Thanks! Gives me a good starting point. I’ll check ‘Day & Age’ out later on today.
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  8. I don't rate Day & Age very highly in their catalogue (though it is a fabulous album), but it seems to be a PJ favourite. So maybe you can start there.

    If you liked Wonderful Wonderful, you'll also like their debut, which is the most pop. Sam's Town has some of their best songs and is a solid album as well.

    Wonderful Wonderful is a mix of Battle Born and The Desired Effect. So you should also like Battle Born.
  9. Love Fire in Bone. When it finally gets going it’s a ride.
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  10. what th

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  11. I've never been really there for them but I know and enjoy most of the singles. The two new songs though are great! And I'm honestly obsessed with the art direction so yay!
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  12. You missed what was in the parenthesis. For me, their best album is definitely Wonderful Wonderful, followed by Sam's Town, Hot Fuss, Battle Born, Day & Age and finally Sawdust. It keeps changing, but somehow the bottom two have remained there for a while. I still think they're all stellar albums with amazing songs on it.
  13. Fire In Bone is incredible. Exactly what I wanted to do along with Caution – a bit weirder, a bit more fun. Both songs are incredibly promising and have me perched for the full record.

    In terms of the discography discussion, I think they have a super impressive catalog. Battle Born and Wonderful Wonderful are my least favorite of their records, but there are some massive highlights on both of those (Run for Cover, The Man, The Way It Was, Battle Born, Be Still, Runaways, etc.)

    Sam's Town, Hot Fuss, and Day & Age are all amazing albums in their own ways. Sawdust is full of great stuff too, though I know it isn't technically a studio album. For a collection of castoffs, it's fantastic.
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  14. Fire And Bone is incredible. But I’m still suspicious as I thought The Man was incredible too, but most of Wonderful Wonderful was meh.
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  15. I wasn't sold on Caution, however Fire In Bone is right up my street. They and The 1975 got it so right with their latest releases.

    I only really know Day & Age as a whole plus individual singles from other records.
    An album containing something as spectacular as Joyride deserves all the accolades it gets:

    Don't get me started on the brilliance of the superior Night Version:

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  16. M24


    I have the opposite question.. I was a total The Killers fan and lost them a bit by the Battle Born era (even if Miss Atomic Bomb and Runaways were pretty good). Is Wonderful Wonderful and Brandon's studio albums worth checking out? I didn't really like The Man, so I didn't bother to check out the rest of the album.

    My fave album from them was definitely Day & Age. It's more pop and synthy than the other two albums, so I think it's a good starting point for a pop music lover. Then Sam's Town and Hot Fuss both have some real highs (and a few meh tracks). You should check out Read My Mind and obviously all the Hot Fuss singles if you still haven't.
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  17. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    His debut is ok - half the songs are brilliant (Crossfire, Only The Young, Hard Enough in particular), but The Desired Effect is immaculate. And Wonderful Wonderful is for me in their top 3 albums easily.
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  18. Yep, I agree with this. Brandon's debut single was stunning, but aside from that and one or two others, the album was so disappointing. Then The Desired Effect came along and blew me away! It's perfection!

    Wonderful Wonderful might just be my favourite Killers record.
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  19. I know 2014 and SlowBurn have written the same thing already, but it really must be repeated how absolutely amazing The Desired Effect is. If I had taken part in the 2010 Albums Rate, it would have been in my Top 3 for the decade!
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