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The Killers - Pressure Machine + new single Boy

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by inevitable, Jan 13, 2019.

  1. I can't stop looking at the picture of Brandon.
  2. Stuart Price co-produced it with Shawn Everett, that's cool. I like it but it's definitely a departure sonically from Pressure Machine.
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  3. Boy is really, really nice. My favorite single from them since Caution. Love those warm synths. Problematic of me to say, but there's a slight gay energy to this song that I always enjoy from him/them.
  4. There are bits of it where I think he’s going to go into Erasure’s A Little Respect.
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  5. Ha, the synth pattern with the suspended 4 or whatever it is that comes in at the start of the second verse immediately made me think the same thing. It's just so recognizable, it must be a deliberate reference.
    The really are on a roll!

    Also My God from Imploding the Mirage came on by chance just a few songs after, and with that songs falsetto middle 8 sounding so much like Always, Erasure has loomed stronger over The Killer's recent material than I would have thought.
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  6. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    Boy is fantastic yasss.
  7. anyone else get a Saint Etienne 'Continental'-era vibe from the synths? It's all I hear during the last 90 seconds
  8. Dad!
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  9. Yeah this is great, I am so looking forward to another great album from them!
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  10. The photo used in the single cover seems to be from the Sam's town era. Is the song also from that time?
  11. No the song was written for Pressure Machine but didn’t fit for that album
  12. Boy is a cute bop! I'm a fan.

    Caution is still one of my favorite songs of the past few years, Brandon's vocal absolutely soars on it.
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  13. Surprised Erasure are not credited!
  14. It's Ed Sheeran and Smalltown Boy all over again. Let's steal the gay music but not so much we have to pay them.
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  15. W2K


    I love boy, but the vocal production isn't my bag.
  16. I think it's much more than Ed stealing from Smalltown Boy, they are literally playing A Little Respect note but note at the start of verse 2.
  17. Naaah come on, Brandon properly credited Bronski Beat for I Can Change, so let's not write 'em off so easily.
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  18. But this is a different song dd
  19. I haven't really taken much notice to The Killers' output since the excellent Shot at the Night, but this immediately stands out to me. Perhaps it's just the A Little Respect-meets-Human of it all, but it's an undeniable bop.
  20. Sure - my point was that The Killers actually have a history of being open about their influences (whether it was in interviews, through performances as with Pet Shop Boys, or by actual song credits as on I Can Change), so a blanket statement about them simply ripping off gay artists because Erasure are not credited on this for the riff, is selling them short. If you disagree, fine.
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