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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by AcerBenII, Jan 4, 2017.

  1. Stadium house, ambient, subversion... I was never not going to love them.

    It is very possible this forum wouldn't be here without the KLF, given their role in Mr PJ's route to pop journalism.
  2. That´s a very good statement. I´m glad someone else feels the same about theoretically liking a band or their output.
    I feel the same - not particularly with The KLF- but with Sparks and Bowie. I absolutely love everything about Sparks, but not actually their music. It´s a bit sad, really.

    The Stadium House Trilogy is undeniably one of the greatest "single runs" in pop. The whole thing is a universe in itself.
    Another untouchable, gargantuan, single-run: S´Express (from Theme From... to Mantra For A State Of Mind)

    What else?
  3. Has anybody else noticed that Sarah Cox likes to play "Justified and Ancient" a lot on her drive time show on Radio 2? Seems it's on almost every other week
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  4. And Zoe Ball. She played it again this morning!
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  5. People can't hear it on Spotify or Apple Music. It's a public service!
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  6. I´m amazed by the fact that KLF are not available on Spotify.
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  7. their entire back catalogue was deleted in 1992
  8. Yeah, I search for KLF at least once a month hoping to find it on Spotify but alas no.

    I understand they wanted to delete the back catalogue but it's a real bummer: I lost my CDs years ago and vinyl prices are totally crazy...
  9. Would that stop spotify, though? If I´m not mistaken, the full deletion was only in the UK?! There have been re-issues of The White Room in the USA by Arista in the 2000´s
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  10. Presumably KLF own rights so it would be Upto them to put them on digital. Not sure on Arista’s licence but it might be for physical only.
  11. And it may well be that Arista's licence has expired by now anyway. I think 20 years is often the max.
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