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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by AcerBenII, Jan 4, 2017.

  1. Surprise releases are the best!
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  2. It's not on Apple Music. Pah.
  3. Think it's out after midnight.
  4. It´s a great "compilation"...will probably try to re-jig with the "original" album (which would be the UK version).
  5. I wonder why they edited some songs?

    I hope just a full remastered version of the White Room album is next.

    A physical set of all of these releases would be great.
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  6. According to their website the edits and fades are probably due to copyright issues (still...) I do wonder who is writing/proofreading the site. So many typos and errors.
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  7. I'm mostly bemused by their non-single tracks but Go To Sleep is pretty good.
  8. Are the new releases over? It's been complete silence since White Room (which wasn't even on the original poster).
  9. Has anyone watched "Who Killed the KLF?" documentary yet?
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  10. I watched it this morning. Very polarising. I spent the first half really appreciating them and the last half being so irritated by them. Very interesting though
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  11. The ''Who Killed The KLF'' documentary is being premiered on the Sky Documentaries channel tomorrow morning at 3am (repeated later tomorrow night at 9pm)
  12. The way this reissue campaign just... died...
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  13. I see what they did there...

    Thoroughly recommend it to anyone who has still not seen it.
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  14. Just put your catalogue on iTunes and get over yourselves FFS
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  15. Hopefully it eventually comes to Sky Arts when they deem it worthy of showing for free.
  16. It's on Sky this weekend
  17. Sky Docs, which requires a subsscription. Sky Arts is now freeview for the older stuff they're happy to show to everyone.
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