The Koda Kumi Rate PART I: The End. Onto the next part we go


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I liked everyone's 11 choice, muahaha. It's my evil game for y'all to suffer!

I think the lowest my 11 has ever gotten eliminated in a rate is the early 20's in the Rihanna rate so I'm scared now. Your horrific ways are working.

44 Kiseki
Average: 7,07

Highest score: 10x2 (@RUNAWAY, @Weslicious)
Lowest score: 4x1 (@Ceir)
My score: 6,5

The beloved secret loses another track and surprise, surprise - it's a single with multiple 10s. Produced by Morimoto Kosuke (Birthday Eve, WIND, Star, Ai no Uta) and written by Kumi the song is about the miracle of love, hence the name. Or at least that's what I assume, because frankly these lyrics don't let me come up with the overall theme. Like... I do get them seperately, but together they don't make much sense to me.​

The world is surely full of

The power to fulfill things that can't come true
When my feelings for you change into courage,
Light will softly illuminate on me
(c) Otenkiame

What? Okay, werk. Speaking of the ballad itself, I really adore the pre-chorus in this one, it's very gentle. Oh and people claim that the high note before the last chorus is totally Kumi, because she sang it live at some convension in the USA in 2004 or something. Wild. Anyway, for some reason I tend to find Kiseki overrated and Kumi certainly has better ballads.

You didn't really have much to say about this. @GhettoPrincess (8) is getting a tag scare from me again, muahaha, "Great song and loving the looks she’s serving in the music video too." YES, great gowns, beautiful gowns. And at least one of the top scorers had something to say! Take it away, @RUNAWAY, "say what you will, I love this song, I love ballads, I love $UCCE$$ and this is the one that started it all!" Well, if #7 on Oricon Weekly Charts is "$UCCE$$", then yes. And what did it start exactly, hmmm?​

She performed it a couple of times, but apparently there is no performances uploaded on their own, so here you go with the whole freaking 2 and a half hours live from 2016. Timestamp included.

I have to admit it's really nice live, like most of her ballads.
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43 Into your heart
Average: 7,11

Highest score: 9x2 (@send photo, @ThisIsRogue)
Lowest score: 4x1 (@Sprockrooster)
My score: 8

What a delight! A complete and total hoot! So much happiness in one little song. Produced and written yet again by the wonderful Watanabe Miki, we lose the last b-side of the LOVE & HONEY single. The song was created for the Cutie Honey live action movie (I believe it was featured in the credits) and remained a b-side, although I feel it wouldn't be out of place on most Kumi albums. Lyrically, as you might imagine, the song is about love! What else! I appreciate the second verse and pre-chorus the most:​

My heart, my lonely heart, kept screaming…

I’m not strong, the truth is I’m weak and I get hurt easily

Warm up my shivering body
Heal my aching heart with your magic
(c) kiwi-musume

Seriously though, the song is such a pure concentration of joy, always gets me in a good mood.

Em... the only comment for this one is from @RUNAWAY (7,5) and he said, "yeah, like cute." Ahem... no amniotic puns from @send photo? No covert villainy from @GhettoPrincess (get tagged, sis!)? Really? REALLY‽ Oh well.​

To my deep sadness, Kumi never bothered to perform Into you heart *sigh*
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What I meant by “the one that started it all” was referring to her never-ending streak of top 10 singles that started with the release of Kiseki you FLOP FAN.
What 3 tracks are at #40?

Well, let's find out one of them, shall we?


40 (3 track tie) Hana
Average: 7,18

Highest score: 9x3 (@lalaclairi_, @RUNAWAY, @ThisIsRogue)
Lowest score: 4x1 (@Ceir)
My score: 7,5

So the first song of the tie to go is one from feel my mind. Produced by KAIDO and written by Kumi and TOOKO (who dat?) Hana, as in "flower", is a beautiful sad ballad. I believe this one is really special. Beside the fact that is quite gorgeous, the lyrics are not those of a typical Kuu ballad. The track is about losing a friend (who might have been something more though) and dealing with the feeling of loss, because you're the one at fault. The main metaphor here is that the sadness is a seed one buries in their heart, which eventually blooms into a cold flower of sorrow. Some highlights:

Drops of love wet the dry earth
And fall on the blossom of sorrow
I extend my hand and try to pick it
Though I understand now

I bloomed a cold blossom
In my heart with you in the same way
To think that the things you gave me
Are tormenting my body so much

Now I walk on alone
In this tear colored world
(c) Otenkiame

Frankly, I'm in awe. This is some powerful stuff. Should've given it a point more, haha...

...Speaking of pain and sorrow, @send photo (8,5) branded this one, "Hanmiotic fluids". @Eskiath agreed by giving this another 8,5, although with a bit of apprehention, "Always felt like I should love this but somehow it just never completely connected with me." The last one to have something to say is one of the top score givers, take it away, @RUNAWAY, "I feel like this was a precursor to Kiseki, because seriously in the pre-chorus it literally has the same instrumentation and in the chorus about halfway through, almost identical notes are there. Love the song, and honestly, anything that has to do with Kiseki, her first single in her iconic unbroken line of top 10s. #BALLADJUSTICE." Again with Kiseki! We've been through with this already! Although I agree that sonically the tracks are similar... totally not thematically though.​

There is an excellent performance of this during Dirty Ballroom Premium Live, alas no one uploaded it anywhere.
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