The Koda Kumi Rate PART I: The End. Onto the next part we go


(I totally forgot about this artwork...)
31 (4 track tie) Get Out The Way
Average: 7,39

Highest score: 9x1 (@lalaclairi_)
Lowest score: 6x1 (@GhettoPrincess)
My score: 8

feel my mind can't catch a break. This time it's an AKIRA produced and Kumi written track of an album only variety. AKIRA is mostly an R'n'B kind of guy and he worked with quite a plephora of artists. Natually I'm pleased that he crafted a nice bop with something a bit quirky for Kumi. I like the main musical hook and all those bleeps and bloops throughout certainly add some charm to it, while Kumi's charismatic delivery peps up the track even more.​

Although I have to say the lyrics are convoluted to me, even if the main theme of wanting to move forward is obvious:​

I arrange the thick books I won't read

Next to me, what's fun?

I hope it turns into a long dream like this
Even this moment when we met
Is already something of the past
The interrupted feelings won't return again

I hope it turns into a distant star like this
Even the fate I felt in those times
Is fleeting; I'm forgetting it after all
Our separated hearts
Won't return
(c) @otenkiame

Not much has been said about this one by you, huns. @RUNAWAY (7,5) is seldom not a top scorer, "it’s always been kind of a jam, but really just makes me think of Ludacris and that’s not a thought I like." It's a jam and... I didn't even realize actually! @Sprockrooster (8) sheds some light, "Amazing sample use!" Is it really from Ludacris' song though? It's surely similar.

And @send photo (7) was running for his life like Britney in that gif, "Get Out The Way (my fluids are rotting)"​

Kumi didn't bother performing this one live.
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31 (4 track tie) LOVE HOLIC
Average: 7,39

Highest score: 10x1 (@me!)
Lowest score: 4x1 (@Sprockrooster, this betrayal!)
My score: LOOK ABOVE!

And so after a lengthy break secret loses another single (well, b-side actually) track and I lose my second 10. First of all, this is one of my most beloved tracks, you ungrateful churls! Especially you, @Sprockrooster! Secondly it was produced by some guy, who didn't really produce anything else. Weird, huh. Thirdly this was written by Kumi and it's her first song written mainly in Kansai dialect. You see, Kuu is from Osaka, where they talk a bit differently compared to the common Tokyo dialect. Basically they use other words, like "meccha" instead of "dai" for "very", or "hen" instead of "nai" as a negative particle. Anyway the song is a total hoot, because I still believe that songs like this reflect true Kumi: a little bonkers, over the top cute, always in love and in her dreams. She looks the happiest performing them as well and probably writing in her native dialect lets her express herself even clearer. Speaking of expressing herself - the lyrics are once again sprinkled with emojis and tell of the complex relatioships between the two people:​

Once again our love has misunderstandings

We often have troubles like that
It's like that for us
We're both to blame as we push and pull
In the end it's hard for me (・_・、)
But like this

I really, really love you, so
I absolutely won't lose to anyone
These feelings will go to the future, c'mon!
I want you to lose this invisible anxiety
More and more
I want to hear that one word
(c) @otenkiame

I can't believe you did this to me, but only that hen, you know which one, commented on this joy of a ditty, "Way too hectic and all over the place". NO, YOU'RE WAY TOO HECTIC AND OVER THE PLACE! I don't have a comeback for this one. IT'S SUPPOSED TO BE THIS WAY!​

She performed it a couple of times, but none are online unfortunately. So here's one from a medley during Trick Tour:
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LOVE HOLIC has never been a favorite, but i love how it’s cute without being sweeter than sugar cute (I’m looking at you, “Melting”). It’d probably give it a 7.5 or 8.

I agree that Melting is shit, but can we just talk about how much of a bop the Driving Hits version is? (Can't find a youtube link sorry)
Loveholic is such a great pop tune - always brings a smile to my face when I hear the chorus.
LOVE HOLIC has never been a favorite, but i love how it’s cute without being sweeter than sugar cute (I’m looking at you, “Melting”). It’d probably give it a 7.5 or 8.
I agree that Melting is shit, but can we just talk about how much of a bop the Driving Hits version is? (Can't find a youtube link sorry)
So which 2 songs deserved multiple 10s?

Now wouldn't you want to know, huh?


31 (4 track tie) m.a.z.e
Average: 7,39

Highest score: 10x2 (@Weslicious, @Remorque)
Lowest score: 6x3 (@Ceir, @Sprockrooster, @me! kii)
My score: this is a six

Ooh, lookie here, grow into one loses it's first single. Surprisingly, this one was produced by Yamaguchi Hiroo, who is more of a ballad guy, and written by Kato Kenn. The track was used in the dorama Phycho Doctor, if you oughta know. The pop futuristic track that starts with our journey to outer space is about being lost and confused and needing someone to help one escape the maze (cue the title). For some reason this one never clicked with me, even though I don't mind it and can still appreciate that it does sound a bit more unique. What probably grates me here is that Kumi goes all the way to the first album in terms of her vocals in the chorus.

Only @RUNAWAY (7) had anything to say about m.a.z.e and he agrees with my sentiment, "this one hasn’t aged well, it was just kind of forgettable now."​

Oh my, I found this terrible live of this. She really couldn't hit those notes in the chorus.

I laughed out loud a couple of times. I'm sorry Kuueen.
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And we complete our 4 track tie with a forgotten classic.


31 (4 track tie) Taisetsu na Kimi he
Average: 7,39

Highest score: 10x2 (@Weslicious, @me!)
Lowest score: 4x1 (@Ceir, expectedly)
My score: a perfect one

Butterfly single has to say goodbye to it's last b-side. Taisetsu na Kimi he was produced by Miyachi Daisuke, who is known for his extensive work with Tahara Toshihiko (one of the earlier solo Johnny's), and written by Kumi. To most people this might be just another sweet ballad about wanting to give that one precious person everything you have, but to me it spoke. It spoke loud and clear that love is precious and people should treasure it. Be it love for you relatives or your friends, be it love for your favorite artist, be it love for what you do. It doesn't matter, because there is no person in this world who couldn't be helped with love. Or so I want to believe. Probably. Or maybe I'm just tipsy.

I just can't go on without mentioning the first ever all English chorus though:​

You are the only one, I know, I am sure
I feel your heart just like my tension all the time, yeah
Feel me, touch me just like this moonlight, yeah
I'll be with, going on

Kumi, hun, what?

This segways really nicely into @Weslicious' commentary, "Babelfish ballad amazingness. May we all be with going on" Exactly! That's what I was trying to say with the whole love thing. Probably. @Eskiath (9) confesses, "I had this on my sleep playlist for the longest time so it's firmly imprinted into my brain." Did it put you into sleepy mode when you were relistening to this for the rate? Genuine curiosity. And @RUNAWAY (9) reminds us that he loved Your Sunshine one more time, "another awesome b-side with EMOTION and gorgeous lyrics. same comment as above. it's deserved better than b-side status." It is just really nice, isn't it?​

Surprisingly, the song gets quite a lot of live exposure due to fans loving it to death.
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