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The Koda Kumi Rate PART I: The End. Onto the next part we go

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by evilsin, Oct 2, 2017.

  1. Hands is all about her dancing in the bathroom in the PV
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  2. Me, surrounding myself with all the other voters and thinking how cool we all are for loving Kumi


    Me, taking that all back after realising y'all have made 1000 No Kotoba the highest rated ballad for part 1

  3. [​IMG]
    19 (2 track tie) Trust Your Love
    Average: 7,82

    Highest score: 10x3 (@RUNAWAY, @Remorque, @me!)
    Lowest score: 6x2 (@send photo, @Sprockrooster)
    My score: ну выше же написано!

    Wandering in the dark, looking for your love. And so affection loses my most precious track in the form of it's second single. Produced by aforementioned genius Kikuchi Kazuhito and written by Kumi, the song is yet another confession of feelings towards a loved one. I adore absolutely everything about this one - the groovy beat, the cheery arrangement, the adolescent vocals, the key change in every chorus. Simply perfect. It's one of those songs which clearly show that Kumi's passion for music was always there and she just needed a bit of time to come into her own.

    I want you to whisper, my babe

    A love song in my ear right now
    I want to send you my feelings, my babe
    But they're just disappearing
    Even if I pull free from everything
    I'm sure I'll only be gazing at you
    I swore I'd love you
    So much that it'd bury everything else...

    Tightly embrace me right now, my babe
    Words alone aren't enough
    I'm only pretending to be strong, my babe
    And going nowhere
    My whole body burns with desire, hey
    For you alone
    Give me a sweet kisses until I'm breathless
    Hold me in your trembling arms...
    (c) @otenkiame

    Okay, you've all seen it coming, @send photo once again preaches, "Trust Your Amniotic Fluids". @Eskiath (6,5) was in a mood when scoring, "The whiny vocals are kinda annoying." Your low score to this amazing track is, hun. @Sprockrooster tried explaining his choce to become the lowest score-giver for this, "The production is ace, but I feel like the language barrier is keeping me from loving it more." Ugh, not again! We've covered this already, people. Let's go to the more positive reactions. @Weslicious (8) is walking on edge, "The Sunset In Ibiza mix is the one I use (Japanese, the original English version is a no). The normal version would score lower, but I’m sneakily scoring the boppified version." I believe you're speaking of the Hex Hector Japanese Radio Mix, because the Sunset In Ibiza one is for TAKE BACK. Either way the remix is certainly something else, but don't you come for my original baby! I'm not sure what score he was willing to give in the first place, but I love that @Remorque changed his mind in the end, "This is actually quite a lovely opener in a Jennifer Lopez bleepy-'00s kinda style.EDIT: it's actually grown on me a lot after having this on loop!" Woo-hoo, we love a come arounder. And lastly @RUNAWAY reminisces "Kuu's early singles are all properly great. I still remember when I discovered her music and found out that this one went to number 1 in the US (on the dance charts, but it still counts.)" Oh, yeah, I did mention this in the write-up for affection. Speaking of which, the US release even had it's own artwork:


    Kumi does still perform this one, but I can't find most of the performances, so we'll have to deal with one from Best Single Collection tour.
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  4. I still don't get why they made 2 PVs even though there are practically the same.
    Oh, boy, wait till you see what's coming tomorrow. I believe it's the true shocker of the rate. Well, at least to me.
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  5. Yes.
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  6. I promise my scores for the later parts of her discography won't be this bad.

    Early Kuu is just so bland..
  7. "1000 no Kotoba" has no business being her highest rated ballad for the first part of her career. Rest in peace "hands".
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  8. No.
    You're bland!
    I love both, so it's hard to be biased, or rather unbiased, but I believe both earned their place in Top20. Thing is I would have loved to see Promise here, but people aren't as classy as the song itself and they ousted it.
  9. "1000 no Kotoba" just isn't my cup of tea - I actually prefer sweetbox's version, honestly. "Promise", "Through the sky", "hands", even "Believe"...They're all just way better ballads, in my opinion.
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  10. This is, in fact, incorrect.
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  11. Now this I never expected...


    18 Heat feat. MEGARYU
    Average: 7,96

    Highest score: 10x4 (@Eskiath, @lalaclairi_, @Remorque, @me!)

    Okay... Let me collect myself a bit...


    This is a fucking perfection of an R'n'B BAWP! How could you‽ A b-side to Chase, this meticulously crafted death drop inducing hypnotizing number was produced by Daisuke "D.I." Imai and written by Kumi, Jewels from Heartsdales and MEGA-HORN from MEGARYU. MEGARYU are actually 2 guys who love themselves a bit of hip-hop/reggae fusion. The other one is RYU REX, but I imagine only MEGA-HORN was included in the recording process this time around. The song is a total bliss right from the hottest dancefloor. The lyrics are all about getting it on with that someone you've met at the clurb, but still hoping for something more in the end. And just out of spite I'm posting the lyrics in full:

    This is an impact of being attracted to each other

    From the first contact
    Tonight we'll get rid of the conflicts of our hearts
    We don't know each other yet
    But if this progresses naturally
    Hey yo, let it go

    On the summer beach I could hear the sound of waves
    Searching for something, I walked on the sandy beach
    It's like my eyes have been stolen. Is it because of the round, yellow
    Diffusion shining under the moonlight?

    The noise in my heart was sudden
    Everything erased by the waves, we stand still
    We didn't choose this
    That certainly makes it love

    I want to know more
    About the top I fell from to the bottom
    Even if it's only momentary love,
    Take me on a sweet, sweet vacation of love
    We'll repeat mistakes, but it's OK

    Hey, lady,
    I'll change into a scorching sun
    That'll melt your frozen heart and body
    With you in my arms, is this true or a lie?
    I'll blow off even worries like that! Yo!
    Forget reason now
    And divulge in your instinct
    If you just give yourself completely to me,
    I'll fill you with all your desires

    My wandering heart and certain body
    Who are they requesting, searching for?
    I still don't know again tonight
    Is this an overnight paradise? The thought flashes through my head

    My experiences up to now remain in my body
    So I'll remember all my actions from that point
    You've gotta entwine our fingers and heartbeat
    And take the lead

    It's not enough
    I'm not a child, so I want you
    To go deeper, deeper, yeah
    Before the moon is full
    Until I can see inside your heart

    What the?! Can't take it, can't see it
    This hot heat is controlling me, na na
    Longing for one another with just impulse is natural
    So, relax and don't be shy
    Boy, just you & me
    Oh boy, it's time to freaky, freaky
    A rendezvous only for that place
    Can you handle it?
    K∙O∙D∙A I make your ass shake to it

    I like the way you talk to me
    Oh baby, won't you come to me
    Twining both arms
    Shake that ass, shake that ass, shake it
    I like the way you move your hands
    Oh baby, drive me crazy
    Don't stop, never stop
    Shake that ass, shake that ass, shake it

    I want to know more
    About the top I fell from to the bottom
    Even if it's only momentary love,
    Take me on a sweet, sweet vacation of love
    We'll repeat mistakes

    It's not enough
    I'm not a child, so I want you
    To go deeper, deeper, yeah
    Before the moon is full
    So I can see inside your heart

    Hey, lady
    The sparklers seem as if they're signaling the end of summer
    "If we just know emptiness
    Like when the fiercely burning lights suddenly disappeared..."
    Are you having regrets now?
    But it's up to us from here
    What the hell do you want to do?
    (c) @otenkiame

    Just so you know, were @RUNAWAY to give this something from 6 and up, it would've been like #7 or even #6.

    @Sprockrooster (8) was surfing YouTube, "What a massive venue she is performing in in the video. Ooh and that choreo is fire." Yeees, that's the one from her Black Cherry Tour. @lalaclairi_ also enjoyed some of the lives for this, "I don't remember which tour it was that she performed this (maybe BEST second session?) but that was amazing and raised my score." She's amazing with Heat live, isn't she? I believe you've watched either the Best ~first things~ Tour or the aforementioned Black Cherry Tour, both are stunning. @Eskiath is not very talkative, "Absolute BOP" I'll take it! And this only leaves us with @RUNAWAY, who, if you forgot, gave this a fucking ZERO:

    "this song is a goddamn disaster. I still don't know who or what Megaryu is, but after this song I don't intend on finding out."
    No, baby, no.


    Kumi performed this live a couple of times, here's the one Sprocky mentioned.
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  12. How do I block people on here?

    RUNAWAY Staff Member

    I stand by my score.
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  14. You stand by the door packing, you ungrateful brute.
  15. What IS that average!? (I actually changed my avatar to the Chase/Heat cover before I got into this thread by the way.)

    Well, that was a shocker!
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  16. I'm appalled.

    Even I gave it a 9!
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  17. Told you. It's fucking disgraceful that Heat didn't managed to get an 8+ average. Thanks, @RUNAWAY!
    See, even you've seen the light!
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    Anything other than an 8 or higher for "Heat" is unacceptable.
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  19. @evilsin We're in top 20 and you still haven't mentioned me in the title?

    Are you waiting for top 5 'cause #20 is so low for me or something else?
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  20. And finally which song managed to break that coveted 8+ average?

    It's not Heat now, that's for sure.

    Average: 8,04

    Highest score: 10x2 (@Sprockrooster, @Remorque)
    Lowest score: 6x2 (@GhettoPrincess, @mi|kshake)
    My score: 8

    To the sound of waves, soaking up the sun. feel my mind loses another single, not that it has anything else left at this point, which can be regarded as the start of that ero-kakkoi movement of Kuu's. Although Crazy 4 U is the one officially recognized as such, COME WITH ME can't be ignored, considering how much sexier she appeared on the cover and in the music video. Produced by h-wonder and written by Kumi, the song is a fun summer anthem of dancing all night at first glance, especially with that disco inspired atmosphere, but it does have a deeper meaning of meeting someone special during your summer getaway and wishing that fling would turn into something more.

    That summer day I was with you

    Pushing our way through the roar of waves,
    I'm not wanting "something special"

    Our dancing silhouettes as they are forever
    Forgetting time, entrusting the rhythm to the wind
    Let's walk without looking back
    I'm getting stronger because you're here
    Come with me to the sun
    (c) @otenkiame

    You guys liked it quite a bit. @Monkey0 (9) was living for it, "Fabulous sexy disco bop." Lemme see your dancing silhouette bopping to this. Our traitor @RUNAWAY (8,5) loved it, but dissed the artwork, "love this song but the English lyrics still confuse me to this day, and I’m a native English speaker. it doesn’t happen often. also, that iconicly bad artwork still haunts me." Which English part confuses you, hun? The top scorer @Sprockrooster was on the fence, but got over it in the end, "I was doubting very long to either 9,0 this or 10, but in the end I felt like being generous was more in place." It is a pretty undeniably feel good ditty, isn't it.

    Kumi performs this one quite a bit, guess she likes it. How about the one from her very first appearance at a-nation in 2003?


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