The Koda Kumi Rate PART I: The End. Onto the next part we go

Chase making the Top 10 is a true Popjustice


9 1000 no Kotoba
Average: 8,32

Highest score: 10x5 (@Eskiath, @Sprockrooster, @BoomBoX, @RUNAWAY, @me!)
Lowest score: 5x1 (@Ceir)
My score: look just a bit above

And our last ballad leaves the race! With that grow into one holds on with only 1 track remaining. Produced by Eguchi Takahito and Matsueda Noriko and written by Nojima Kazushige, the song was created specifically for Final Fantasy X-2 (my fave!) and was included in one of the cutscenes where Yuna was singing. The song is an amazing power ballad that starts off slow and gentle and grows bigger getting to that intense chorus. The piano and stings are really pretty here, but the fact that the producers decided to add some beats and guitar shows how they wanted this song to be unique and I believe they certainly achieved that. Lyrically, the song is about a long distance relationship and ruminating about what one could've done to avoid the break up that is looming ahead. I assume the intentional change of the words in the last chorus to lalala's is to show that the words are no longer reaching the other person and thinking about this only makes me love this song even more. I also appreciate how the English version retains this message and doesn't go astray.​

Do your words

Have the tenderness of my dreams?
I'm covering up
All my lies
Cunning, right?

I showed my cold back
When you departed on a journey
And asked,
Will you fight alone?
Cunning, right?

"I'll come back"
Your voice passed me by
I was stubborn
Pretending to be strong
Take me back in time
Should I have called out to you?
Shed tears and told you not to go?
I can do it now
I can do anything

I'll send
The 1000 words
I couldn't say
To your far off back
And change them into wings

The 1000 words
I couldn't say
Will nestle up
To your wounded back
And embrace you tight
(c) @otenkiame

We haven't heard from @send photo (6,5) for quite awhile, so here he is showing his ugly head, "1000 no Amniotic". Cute. @RUNAWAY once again knows what's up, "this song is always an emotional powerhouse and is still so moving after all this time." It does hold up pretty nicely, doesn't it? @Sprockrooster haven't lost a 10 in quite some time, "Powerful. Because this wasnot on spotify I went to youtube and was also linked to an English version. It comes in instantly and easily lifting the 9,0 from the Japanese version to a solid 10." My bad, didn't notice it was absent from the album on Spotify. Well, more of a great song for you!​

Kumi still performs this sometimes, but let's have a look at her first tour.
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WELL SHIT. It’s my 11’s time.​


8 Chase
Average: 8,39

Highest score: 11x1 (me!) 10x2 (WHAT?! ONLY 2 OF YOU?!?!!1!) (@GhettoPrincess, @Weslicious)
Lowest score: 6x1 (@Remorque - you're in my prayers)
@evilsin’s score: 7.5​

I’m in shock at my baby Chase making it to the top 10, and I guess you guys were too because didn’t have much to say about this song. Or @evilsin didn't send me the commentary because he’s a shady binch.

This song was produced by Hara Kazuhiro and it’s a real funky bop. It was used as the ending theme to "Sama~ Zuto Yuuka no Ayashii xx Kashichau no ka yo!!", which I'm sure you all know and love. The song charted at #18 on the Oricon charts and was the one shutout of Kuu's iconic top 10 run....meaning every single she released from Kiseki on went top 10. Chase did not. Apparently that’s it I guess. Fun fact: Heat was allegedly supposed to be the A-side as the cover reflects that image more than Chase does. (@evilsin made me mention Heat as punishment.)

Lyrically, the song is about holding your lover tightly and not letting go, and Kuu uses her trademark emojis in her lyrics once again:

First off, take careful aim
Then look straight at me without looking away!!
And don't forget
There'll be a winner and a loser!! (^_^)v

Get in the mood
Touch my heart
This love is always important, so
I'll grasp it without fail

I send my love right away
So it doesn't take a detour
Let me hear your voice
And your true feelings, waiting for your love

If you selfishly
Use a back route and worm it out of me
I'll be depressed...(;_;) Really, I want to hear it
With words from you

courtesy of @otenkiame

As for guys kinda sucked. @GhettoPrincess said "This is so fun but the music video did make me laugh at how cheap it all looked." and @evilsin was an evilbinch and called the chorus "catchy" but then shaded the rest of the song. @send photo didn't mention any amniotic fluids this time around and I don't know who to thank for that. Oh, and @Sprockrooster was a fan of the saxophone, and I quote, "THAT SAX". And there you have it people. Oh wait, we're forgetting someone....that's right......ME. I said "this was the first video of Kuu's I fell in love with and the song itself has remained such an under-appreciated jam. I've been bopping to this one since 2008 and I've never stopped. I love EVERYTHING about this song." and it still rings true today. RIP Chase, the true gay icon winner of this rate.

Unsurprisingly, Kuu has performed this song A LOT. I would too if I wrote such a bop. And also, unsurprisingly, none of the performances are online for us to watch. So here's the video, in 240p.

Aaaaaaaaaand that's it for me! Thanks for letting me do this @evilsin! I hope I did you proud, and....if not? Well.....

Finally the time has eliminate my 11

7 Butterfly
Average 8.61


Highest score: 11 x 1 (@me) 10 x 4 (@Monkey0 @lalaclairi_ @RUNAWAY @Remorque - well done everybody!)

Lowest score: 6 x 2 (@Ceir @Sprockrooster)

@evilsin 's score: 7.5 (Really?)

Butterfly finally makes its exit and I got to admit I was expecting a Top 5 placing here. Released on 22 June 2005 and selling 45,303 copies in its first week to reach number 2, Butterfly was released to promote Best ~First Things~.

Avex knew what they were doing here. After the success of her cover of Yoko Maekawa's Cutie Honey Kumi needed her own version, thus Butterfly was born and for me this is the superior song. Butterfly was composed by Miki Watanabe who also wrote the amazing Selfish amongst other songs for Kumi such as Into You Heart. (He also composed Ayumi's Is This Love? so we're in good hands here).

Butterfly, to me, is Kumi in a song! The dance scene in the school halls with her as a teacher is one of my favourite Kumi dance moments. I love the way the verses build towards the bridge and that euphoric chorus and the choreography is fantastic. Between the video and the song, I think this release sums up Kumi quite well. (Although the effects on those butterfly wings leave a bit to be desired in the PV!)

There was one obvious candidate for my 11 from the off in Part 1 of this rate but let's see what the rest of you thought:

Ghetto Princess was happy with the Britney influence "Yes serve me choreography and a Baby One More Time inspired music video". Monkey0 ain't wrong with "Iconic classic, like Cutie Honey on ecstasy". Sprockrooster hits the nail on the head regarding the PV "That butterfly concept in the video should have been worked out so much better. Also, Mariah Carey is shook." Indeed she should be!

RUNAWAY largely agrees with me "I ADORE this song. This is was my runner up for my 11 and it totally holds up in 2017, even though it's her own self-written ripoff of Cutie Honey. S.L.A.Y. KUMI." and is *almost* forgiven for that Heat debacle. A bit shocked at your score evilsin but you justify it well "I understand the significance of this song loud and clear, but I just couldn't give this more. I quite like it, but for some reason it usually drags for me for a bit, maybe it's due to the fact that it was a overplayed at the time of release."

Lyrics, courtesy of @otenkiame, which seem to talk about grabbing the future by the balls all with freshly painted nails or something but, hey, lyrics interpretation ain't my thing.

Now, I'll grasp the future I want to believe in
In my hands
It's still too early to give up
My burning heart becomes beautiful
I can shine more and more, butterfly

I want to change the boring every day
With new gloss for my nails, for your sake and for mine

If it's up to me to reach you, I'll prove I can do it
Even if I rise and fall over and over

You're not my "everything"
But without you "everything" fails, so
When something's changed, I want to make you notice right away

Now, I'll grasp the future I want to believe in
In my hands
It's still too early to give up
My burning heart becomes beautiful
I can shine more and more, butterfly

Your smile's reflecting in the bubbles at bath time
And I ask, what are you doing now?

Miracles happen over and over, it's true
Just like the seasons that come again and again
Isn't it a wonderful thing? I want to believe

I reel in my small memories, and embrace them
Closely as I sleep
When I wake up, I noticed these feelings
I can't see anything but you
Make me shine more and more, butterfly

Now, I'll grasp the future I want to believe in
In my hands
It's still too early to give up
My burning heart becomes beautiful
I can shine more and more, butterfly

Here's the PV in all it's glory (Avex haven't uploaded the full version to their own channel yet so thankfully a full version exists on YouTube which hasn't been taken down, although the quality isn't the greatest):

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@evilsin Thank you - I wasn't entirely sure where I was gonna go with it but managed to pull it together in the end!
I actually was offering the chance to eliminate something to the most active patrons of this rate, except @send photo, of course. Considering I'm fairly new to writing myself and this is my first rate, I wasn't going to demand some flawless presentations from y'all, but I'm still so pleasantly surprised that you all came through and made me happy with your eliminations. Certainly something to see in Part II, hmmm?
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^That's what I love about this rate. I start to become a bit disappointed that it's almost over and then I release there's another 2 or 3 parts to go!
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Oh yeah, guess I missed the opportunity to say that all songs except one starting with #8 received at least one 11.

So who's going to lose their 11 next?

It's @GhettoPrincess!



6 Crazy 4 U
Average: 8,68

Highest score: 11x1 (@lalaclairi_), 10x4 (@Monkey0, @RUNAWAY, @Remorque, @me!)
Lowest score: 7x2 (@GhettoPrincess, @Sprockrooster)
My score: look a bit above

And so we're saying a nice and warm farewell to an iconic single and a great album. Crazy 4 U was produced and written by the genius mind of Watanabe Miki and remains one of the most recognized Kumi songs. Released as a lead-in single for feel my mind, the song was used as an opening for the anime Gulgamesh and was the first full throttle balls to the wall ero-kakkoi styled release. Bless. Ah, yes, even the cover made a bit of a controversy among the fans, because even after all these years no one knows for sure what Kumi has in her mouth. Is it a spoon? Weird shape. Is it a gum? Why is it clear then? Is it saliva? Too thick. In the end we just might never know. Sigh. When it comes to the sound, the track delivers a retro infused bop, that has a weird sounding quacking bass and synthy strings that merge together and create something akin of modernized disco, which is pretty wild. And don't even get me started on that darada darada darada dadadada hook which is just the catchiest thing ever. Lyrically the song is about love, what else, right? More likely the one night stand kind of love, but with the hint of a hotter future at the same time.​

Crazy for your love
A violent trap, like I'm breaking in your hands
Only for you
Embracing each other as we collapse
It's love game

The night sky continues faraway without limit
Before long, the irreplaceable morning will come

(c) @otenkiame

He's back! @send photo (7,5) brands this "Crazy 4 Amniotic Fluids". @Monkey0 feels the significance of the song and hence comments, "Perfect song to announce arrival of sex goddess Kumiko!" True, true. @Eskiath (9) agrees as well, "This is like essential Koda Kumi." It's is, yes. @RUNAWAY frustrates, "this was really her first ICONIC BOP, and it still goes hard in 2017. It’s absolutely criminal that this missed the top 10 though." Yeah, people were not ready for this massive and explicit bop, that's for sure. Shame on you, the Japanese! Let's wrap it up with the 11 giver @lalaclairi_, "One of her best singles.. I'll always love its video." Cute outfits and hot dance scenes, what else do you need, right?​

Kumi always delivers the best performances for this!
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