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The Koda Kumi Rate PART I: The End. Onto the next part we go

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by evilsin, Oct 2, 2017.

  1. Queen!

    Both @KodaKumi and @evilsin for running such a great rate!
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    RUNAWAY Staff Member

    HOLY FUCK. I can’t believe it actually happened?!??!
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  5. Okay, now that I'm done with the whole statistics shenanigans, time to say a big warm thank you to every single one of you, guys.

    I actually did this, holy shit. My first rate.

    This was definitely an experience. Every day after work I knew I have something to come home to. I mean I always have something to do, but still this was like a second work, only ten times more fun. I hope I made you all at least giggle a couple of times and you had some nice time here, but more importantly, hope you discovered or rediscovered some bops from our queen Kumi. She is eternally my number one artist and I do hope from the bottom of my heart that I did her some justice with this rate, even if the writing could be better, ha!

    This rate did a lot more than you could probably know. During the initial phase of collecting votes I lost my father... and in the end this rate and this forum helped immensely coping with grief. So once again thank you all for taking your time to participate. This was no ordinary feat to score 75 tracks of a little known singer in this parts. SO THANK YOU SO FUCKING MUCH!

    Here's to the next part and a worthy winner. And to you guys!
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  6. I am shook am actually lowest scorer on the clear winner for her true fans on this forum.

    That said I loved many songs fromt his rate and even from following rates due to my messy scoring.

    You have been amazing @evilsin. If you want me for your next rate (looking at my scoring) I will be there!
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  7. Well done @evilsin, I really enjoyed the rate and we have a very worthy winner too.
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  8. That was beautiful and you did such an amazing job. Looking forward to part 2!
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  9. Jesus @evilsin , sorry to hear about your Dad. I'm glad the Rate helped with things.

    Thank you for hosting a fun Rate! It might sound kinda sad but I genuinely look forward to and enjoy these Rates so much. It's great posting with other JPop fans and seeing their opinions on different songs. I can't wait for the other parts of the Kumi Rate, along with Ayumi's one. And we also have Namie and BoA coming up soon! Almost all the JPop Queens!

    (I was pleasantly surprised to see the Namie Rate coming up so soon as I thought it would be a while off.)
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  10. Thank you everyone for the kind words. I'm so happy you had fun.

    So I've already been drafting and ruminating part two, and so far we're looking at a hefty 77 songs starting with Best ~second session~ and ending with TRICK. My question to you is should we consider Get It On a part of Best ~second session~ as it was basically released at that time, or as a part of extras? And similarly, should we count Black Cherry (the song) a part of Black Cherry (the album), or as a Kingdom bonus track?

    I would also like to know when you guys will be most feeling like having the rate, since I have pretty much a carte blanche on where to start and I was thinking of maybe February. Still with other rates (especially Namie's) you might have other suggestions. Thank you!
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  11. I think you should look at what is best for your schedule. For me everything is fine.

    Ready to rate songs that arenot in the rate! How messy would it be if I would rate songs again from the first time?!?

    Also is the phonedropping music video with that killer song in here?
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  12. I mean... what else do I have going? Apart from the Nelly Furtado and Amuro Namie rates...

    Ooh, I hope you do for that delicious commentary. There going to be a couple of songs with kanji in the titles, so here's hoping.
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  13. Nelly Furtado rate? Where, when?
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  14. I'd put Get It On in the extras and keep Black Cherry as a Kingdom bonus track whilst not having us rate the 'intro' versions personally. However, I'd keep the intro to TRICK, given Welcome To My World is a lyrically different song and will be in a separate rate.
    Whatever you decide will, I'm sure, be cool though.

    Will we be rating all three WON'T BE LONGs? If yes, Fab. If not, then the single with EXILE is a 10 so please don't exclude. Oly oly oly Oh!
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  15. Hmm... I'm not sure about INTRODUCTION FOR TRICK, because it's too short to be considered a full song unlike Step Into My World, which is a complete song. This is why I excluded something like Best Friend Of Mine from Part I.
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  16. Yeah I'm for Get It On as an extra and Black Cherry as part of Kingdom. And February sounds good (maybe later February if you're looking for something more specific) but I'm up for "anytime"!

    I also meant to post my thoughts on No Tricks, or rather, First Things! I didn't expect No Tricks to win so well done! First Things is so nostalgic for me. I remember waiting to leave for work one morning and then a package arriving. 2 CD + DVD, poster and photobook - I couldn't wait to get him to watch/listen to it.

    ^Comment of the thread!
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  17. This was a fun rate to look through! No Tricks is one of my fav tracks by her ever, so I'm glad to see it get some lovin'. Can't wait to participate in part 2.
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  18. Thank you, hun, feel free to go on a 'like' spree. Part II is coming soon, I'll make sure to let y'all know when it starts.
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  19. What an iconic rate, you guys!
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  20. well the fact that no tricks defeated my fave kumi song from this era obviously means i have to listen to it immediately. i doubt it will outdo selfish for me personally though. there are a lot of other songs in this part that i've never heard, so i'm going to head over to spotify right now and check them out.
    nice job with the rate @evilsin! can't wait to join in for part 2, i believe that will feature most of the kuu songs i'm most familiar with.
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