The Koda Kumi Rate PART I: The End. Onto the next part we go

Thank you everyone who have submitted the scores and especially commentary.
The first elimination is coming in 10 hours (she's going to bed), give or take, so you can still send in the results if you're almost done or want to add some more commentary.

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And so we begin...

18 hours later than we were supposed to...


75 It's a small world feat. Heartsdales
Average: 4,18

Highest score: 9x2 (@Sprockrooster, @Weslicious, really guys?)
Lowest score: 0x1 (@RUNAWAY)
My score: 4

And here we have our first blood in the form of a cover of a Disney song that was written for a ride at the Disneyland by Sherman Brothers. The song appears as a bonus track on the first press and special editions of secret.

Honestly I don't know why Kumi even recorded this. Apparently it was used in the soundtrack for the Japanese release of the film Around The World in 80 Days with Jackie Chan and Arnold Schwarzenegger. The song is just... it's a bit dull and even the inclusion of Heartsdales doesn't really help. This always looked like a troll move from Kumi, because it's on one of her most praised albums. I guess kids will love it, but I and most of you don't. It was at the bottom right from the beginning and hence we say goodbye to my lowest score in the whole rate.

Not suprisingly, taken aback by this weirdly gruesome track, you gave it a bit of a commentary. @GhettoPrincess (3) needed some assistance, "Erm…. help me", while @lalaclairi_ (1) was lmao'ing, "The sheer hilarity of Kumi having "It's a small world" in her discography is keeping me from giving this a 0." Some of you were very against this, like our bud @RUNAWAY, "NO. First out please."

Still a couple of you really came through for this poor ditty that was battered down like a cattle. @Sprockrooster said, "OH MY GOD. Such a bop." I honestly thought he might have mixed up the songs (a running theme for Sprocky here), when I received his ballot, but alas this is what we have. Another savior of the track, @Weslicious, was really into it and lets a bit of his stan out while also hinting at the fact that he doesn't really have a sweet tooth, "I don't care, I love this. I just about lost it when we got a live performance during the Kingdom tour (but don't expect high scores with the cute stuff during the later rounds. This is one of the only 'oh, it’s cute I love it' moments I have for her diabetes inducing, sickly sweet tracks)."​

There is even a "house" remix for this.
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74 The Theme Of Sister Jill ~LOVE & HONEY version~
Average: 5,46

Highest score: 7,5x1 (@send photo who entitled this one "The Theme of Sister Amniotic", you'll see it's a theme with him, because he's a binch)
Lowest score: 3x3 (@GhettoPrincess, @Eskiath, @lalaclairi_)
My score: 7

Next out is another odd one. The Theme of Sister Jill is a b-side on a LOVE & HONEY single (the full version titled ~LOVE & HONEY version~ is only on a CD version of the single) and was written by Kumi and Sachi Bennett specifically for the Cutie Honey movie that brought quite a bit of spotlight on our Kumi here. The song itself is a pretty standard ballad that starts pretty wierd, but once it gets to the Japanese part it opens up and one might even forget that Kumi sings about an eternal queen of darkness. What's interesting about this one is that Kumi soars high by the end of the track, it's weird how she decided to push herself vocally here, considering how little people would listen to it... or get to the end of it.

Your comments for the song reflect my sentiment. @RUNAWAY (7) lets us know that "it's a song from a movie. Nothing really revolutionary here. It's cute." and @Sprockrooster (7) agrees with me, "Not sure about that intro, but it really takes off after it." @GhettoPrincess wonders "What in the actual hell is this?" while @Weslicious (5) has a bit of a kii "I may occasionally playlist the short version for a lol."​

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73 Your Song
Average: 5,5

Highest score: 9x1 (@Sprockrooster )
Lowest score: 3x2 (@GhettoPrincess, @lalaclairi_)
My score: 7

Originally Your Song was a b-side for Kumi's debut single TAKE BACK that got promoted to an album track probably due to the fact that avex wanted to include another ballad on affection, but they didn't have time to record. Lyrically the song is, as you can guess, about a boy and how Kumi loves him and wants to be with him forever. I personally always had a soft spot for it, the melodies are gorgeous and there is something very endearing in Kuu's vocals here even though they are so raw and a bit rough, hence I understand why you guys didn't like it very much.

One of our lowest scorers, @GhettoPrincess, finds the song "Very dull." and @RUNAWAY (5) tries his best to like this one, "......the dripping water sound is the best part of this song. And this is coming from me, queen of ballad worship. I honestly don't like this one." On the other hand my fellow Kumi-icon-wearer @Weslicious musters up enough strength to give this a 6, "Cute, I guess", he says. I'm forever apologizing to @Remorque (5,5), because I didn't tag him, but he still voted last minute and managed to comment a bit, although he was somewhat apprehensive about Your Song, "God, they were really pushing her into a sort of On the 6 -direction, weren't they? Well, just as some of the slow songs on that one, this drags on just a smidge."​

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So happy to see It's A Small World out first!

Theme if Sister Jill on the other hand is a little harsh. It's nowhere near her best but cute enough.
Uhm. What kind of tragic start is this.
Sorry, boo, it's just how it is... Reminds me how all my 9s got out first in the Solange rate.
Ended up missing this one (@evilsin didn't even tag me, the binch), but I'll definitely vote on part 2. Is it coming right after part 1 is finished?
I... didn't think you wanted to take part? I don't know why, I got that impression. The Part II will a be a bit later, I guess, I'm getting in the queue right after I finish with Part I.
So happy to see It's A Small World out first!
Out of all her songs in Part I it had to be the first, right?
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72 Every-After-Party / RATHER UNIQUE feat. Koda Kumi
Average: 5,93

Highest score: 7x4 (@send photo who called this one Every-Amniotic-Party..., @Ceir, @BoomBoX, @ThisIsRogue and @me!)
Lowest score: 3x1 (@GhettoPrincess)
My score: look a little above

Next up an extra track and our first collaboration. RATHER UNIQUE was a 5 member male group that existed for mere 2 years from 2004 to 2006. Most members were eventually absorbed by EXILE, one of the best selling boybands in Japan and in the world at the moment. The song in question was recorded for an omnibus (various artists) album titled 99% Radio Show that was designed to showcase the state of rhythm zone's (avex's subsidiary that houses Kumi) artists at the time. Kumi's TAKE BACK and real Emotion were included as well, while she also provided some intro harmonies for the song Be Mine (99% Radio Allstars). Her part in it was so minuscule, so I decided to exlude it from our list of songs.

Coming back to Every-After-Party, it's a pleasant R'n'B number that doesn't really go anywhere even with 2 rap verses. I believe most of us would want more Kumi on this though.

And @GhettoPrincess certainly agrees with me, "Not enough Koda Kumi for me." @RUNAWAY (6) ruminates about Kumi's future release, "okay I can see why this wasn't included in Out Works & Collaboration Best....cause it isn't her best." Ouch. @Sprockrooster (6) wants more from this, "This sounds alright, but takes way too long to finish. A bit of a party pooper."​

Unfortunately there are no links for this one, but ya'll heard it already.
And Be Mine only has a karaoke cover of low quality by some random guy...
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71 come back
Average: 6,00

Highest score: 10x1 (@Sprockrooster)
Lowest score: 2x1 (@lalaclairi_)
My score: 7

Looks like affection can't really catch a break losing another album track. Produced by Watanabe Miki (one of the frequent Kumi collaborator, e.g. Crazy 4 U and many others) the track is a vast spacious ballad telling a story of lovers who are for some reason apart, but are still longing for each other. The gentle intro and outro with those haa's always get me and I really appreciate that Kumi performs it from time to time. Perhaps this is why I can look past her adolescent vocals on the album version, considering how beautifully she usually sings it live.

The track was actually received quite well by you all, still that 2 did sink it in the end to #71.

@send photo gave it a 6 and renamed the track "come back amniotic fluids"... and @Weslicious (5) asked it to "Go away". Our affection appreciater @Remorque (5,5) gives come back half a point more, "Bit heavy on the drama, neaux?" Perhaps 'dramatic' is Kumi's middle name? We'll never know. The Japanese don't really have middle names. @RUNAWAY likes that Kumi sings her heart out here, "pretty good ballad actually. she actually emotes really nicely in this song."

And 5 songs in someone (and the rate) loses his first 10. It's not a good start of the rate for @Sprockrooster, who even provided a visual representation of how come back made him feel, "I can feel the emotion coming in. A woman scorned and you hear it through the cracks in her voice."​

(I made the artwork using another performance, but this one has the full song.)

Hurrah! We've crossed the 6 point average! Although we'll be here for quite a while.
Later today we have a 3 track tie that needs some sorting out.
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