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The Koda Kumi Rate PART II: WE'RE DONE, for now

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by evilsin, Mar 20, 2018.


So what's with all those introductions?

  1. Introduction to the second session

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    1 vote(s)
  3. Introduction for Kingdom

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  1. BEST ~second session~ - 7.46
    Black Cherry - 7.5
    Kingdom - 7.96
    TRICK - 7.13
    Extras - 8.02

    I'm really surprised that the extras ended up with the highest average
  2. The feels from feel though.
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  3. I didn't say I agree with them though.
    Wait, who are you and why are you coming in here so nicely and offering your votes? Doesn't matter, please do! You do have 2.5 days still.
    'Am I sekshual?' teas.
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  4. [​IMG]

    This is it. This is the pinnacle of what Kumi is as an artist to a tee.
    And if you took part in the Ultimate AlbumJustice then you know it's my favorite album of all time.
    Haters beware.

    Kumi was riding the waves of her success with Best albums and Black Cherry and it translated into continued interest in her persona and music. Kingdom was bound to repeat the commercial triumph of its predecessor and in a hindsight it did. It might have even surpassed it, alas Kumi and her big mouth just had to intervene. When she was promoting the album on a radio show All Night Nippon she was asked what were her thoughts on her manager recently getting married, to which she answered that she hoped that she would get pregnant soon as women's amniotic fluids get rotten after 35, which could lead to difficulties at birth. Even though Kumi was correct from the biological point of view, the listeners didn't take her remark lightly. Kumi had to pull all of the promotion for the new album and despite the sincere apology on a national TV she lost some of her most lucrative endorsements, such as GemCerey, KOSÉ "Visée" and Coca-Cola. The album managed to get a second week at #1 on the Oricon charts, but the sales plummeted from 421,000 copies the first week to only 84,000 the second.

    Kumi herself reminisced about the accident in her autobiographical book KODA REKI: "I must not pretend like it never happened... The moment I thought, "My dream has finally come true," I destroyed everything with my own words... I realized how immature and unprofessional I was. I stand and speak in front of so many people. I hadn’t thought about the responsibility and power that came with my position." She further elaborated that she had to cancel several rehearsals for the looming Kingdom Tour due to anxiety. She imagined that she would go on stage to only be welcomed by an empty arena. Kumi also expressed that it was the first time she noticed how juvenile and unprofessional she could be, which made her more aware of the fact that people actually listen to her and she should be more cautious with her words.

    Musically this is a perfect Koda Kumi record. All of the iconic and trademark features are here and they are better than ever before. We have Middle Eastern influences, we have hard, straight to your face bawps, we have sexy downplayed ditties, we have big ballads, we have cute, but reserved songs and we have rockier sounding ones. Simply put - this is everything.

    Moreover, Kumi showed she is the king of her Kingdom and she wouldn't hear otherwise with the visual representation of the album. Probably inspired by Beyoncé's B'Day Anthology Video Album every song on the album received a video, even the intro and the bonus Black Cherry song, although in the form of a live video. Not even the biggest girls in the showbiz dared something like this. I'll be honest here though, I've never been this thrilled about a music release, still I admit that most of the videos were subpar. Perhaps avex didn't see the benefit, so they cut the funds, we'll never know, but the fact remains. Kumi would later repeat the ordeal with JAPONESQUE to a much better result.
    Seriously though, y'all better watch out with your scores for this.
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  5. Actually, she wasn't; older women are more at risk of an amniotic fluid embolism, but I've never read anything about "rotting" or decay of amniotic fluid in relation to a woman's age. I think Kumi was just misinformed and didn't really mean any harm with her statement, but regardless, she wasn't correct.

    Aside from that, nice write-up! I don't know much about Kumi's career so this is mostly all new info to me.

    RUNAWAY Staff Member

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  8. Averages, because why not:

    Second Session - 8.14
    Black Cherry - 7.37
    Kingdom - 7.78
    TRICK - 8.5
    Extras - 7.15

    Taking A Whole New World out bumps Second Sessions average up a fair bit, but it's still just beaten by TRICK.
  9. @yuuurei, @RUNAWAY
    I believe she might have said it from her point of view as to stress that something bad happens to the amniotic fluids and used a harsh word? Perhaps the translation doesn't do it justice.

    It is a serious issue for Japan, so she probably should've just worded her thoughts more cautiously.
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  10. Yes, I agree that the word choice was the problem. From what I remember at the time, in general people weren't actually offended at the suggestion that it can be more difficult for women over a certain age to have children; that's something that most people are aware of. It was more the implication that something about older women has "gone bad" that upset people, and that she seemed to be making a poorly-informed joke rather than speaking out of concern.
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  11. Not only that, there is a big stigma with motherhood in Japan. Basically you can't do anything else if you have a child, and modern Japanese women aren't having any of that, because they want to build careers, hence the lack of children in their 30s. As far as I know it's still a touchy subject, because overall the birth rate in Japan is declining, although it might have changed a bit in recent years.
  12. just Trick left to rate, let me Hurry Up!.mp3
    So far Kingdom has been the most consistent album imo
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  13. [​IMG]
    Hope it doesn't mean a 7 point average score for it on your part...
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  14. Rood
    It's 8+
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  15. Best.Day.Ever!

    Definitely in my Top 5 favourite Kumi albums. Colour the Cover is also a great album! I really need to rewatch all the Japonesque PVs - I remember having so much fun watching them all when I first got the album.

    I think that would help everyone's averages out! If it doesn't leave first I'll riot!
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  16. Am I okay only commenting on my top 5 and bottom 5? I don't have time for much more.
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  17. Disaster averted.
    Yes, you can send more commentary later when the reveals start.
  18. My average score? 6.90.
  19. Kumi would approve.

    I'm on the other hand on a fence about this.
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