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The Koda Kumi Rate PART II: WE'RE DONE, for now

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by evilsin, Mar 20, 2018.


So what's with all those introductions?

  1. Introduction to the second session

    4 vote(s)

    1 vote(s)
  3. Introduction for Kingdom

    4 vote(s)

    10 vote(s)

    RUNAWAY Staff Member

    Ahhhh thanks guys but I meant the huge pink case that they’re all housed in. It was marked as a rare case, so I wanted to know if anyone knew what that was all about!
  2. RUDE!
    I believe it was sold at the time of the project to store all your 12 singles.
  3. Okay, I knew I should've checked all your ballots thoroughly after you've submitted
    Fucking 4 of you sent in incomplete ballots!

    Thank fuck, y'all came through this instant and amended your mistakes and the rate was saved.

    Having said that...

    The voting period is finally officially closed.

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  4. RIP
    and I thought me somehow missing stay with me in the PM was messy
  5. I missed GO WAY!! Only managed to find that one on some random Brazilian music site now.
  6. This was a lie, @Eskiath is missing 2 freaking scores! And I need those to start, because they can change quite a lot.

    BUT I'M SO HAPPY THERE ARE 20 OF US HERE, OH MY GOD! 5 more than participated in Part I. WOO-HOO!
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  8. @Eskiath's latest activity was at 7:38 PM my time... I don't think they are going to be available today...

    Am I gonna have to postpone the reveals until tomorrow yet again‽ I'm gonna cry.
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  9. [​IMG]
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  10. What a disaster. 2 songs I completely forgot existed, I didn't skip them on purpose! Sorry for the delay!
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  11. If one of those was A Whole New World we understand sis
  12. After all of this chaos and piss REFERENCE...

    And blood, and sweat, and tears another REFERENCE...

    20 voters...

    77 songs...

    50 pages of commentary...

    The worst song of this Part is...

    Get FREAKY!

    I'm joking, I'm joking, we all know what it is.
    The artwork I made beforehand is freezing for some reason, lemme whip out my Filmora just this last time, it's only 1:30 in the morning, no biggie!

    A Whole New World feat. Peabo Bryson

    Average: 3,20 ddd
    Highest score: 7x1 (@EachSmallStep )
    Lowest score: 0x1 (@RUNAWAY) 1x2 (@Love Deluxe, @Eskiath)
    My score: 4

    The amount of pure vitriol this poor cover received... It was very entertaining to witness, huns, thank you. The song, originally a famous one from Disney's Aladdin, was written by Tim Rice and produced by Alan Menken and happened to be a bonus track on the first press editions of Kumi's second best album, Best ~second session~. During the scene in the film it was sang by Brad Kane and Lea Salonga, while later in the year it was recorded by none other than Peabo Bryson himself and Regina Belle and released as a single. Funnily enough, it was the song that managed to push Whitney's 'I Will Always Love You' from #1 after 14 weeks. Why Kumi decided to record her own version is a mystery, still I can imagine avex got hold of Peabo somehow and saw an opportunity to make some dough on this, considering how the Japanese love Disney.

    Now, some of you were questioning Kumi's partner in crime. Like @yuuurei (2), for instance, "Too much "Peabo" (who even is this), not enough Kuu. I think she did a decent job though so I can spare it a couple points." Yes, spare her some of that change, hun. @Weslicious (4) wasn't aware as well "PB! PB! Who’s Peabo Bryson" and provided an apt Nicki gif:

    Still most of y'all, like myself, were just questioning the mere existance of this particular version. Did anyone actually like it though? Maybe @Empty Shoebox (3)? "I'm sorry but no version of this can ever live up to the original. Kumi's pronunciation is off here and that just makes it worse" No... Maybe @vague (4)? "like... why? who wanted this, honestly?" Nope... Maybe @ThisIsRogue (3)? "Sorry but this just doesn't need to exist in the world. Kuu does her best, but she doesn't have the range." Not the range! Maybe @Remorque (3)? "Yeah, uhm... No." No, indeed... Maybe @Cutlery (3)? "Scrihming what is this" Нет... Maybe @otenkiame (2)? "Erm...what? Orchestration is pretty, but Kuu, really girl, you're off-key sometimes and just do not sound good next to Peabo. Hard pass from me." Nada... Oh, oh, oh, maybe @RUNAWAY‽ He wrote a lot more than others after all, "this cover is fucking TRAGIC. Peabo Bryson ruins everything, and I will never forgive him for the disaster that was his cover of Sanctuary. His voice is out of tune from the moment he starts singing on this song, and it is just UNFORGIVABLE." いいえ... I high key erased the knowlage of his version of Sanctuary from my mind, good god.

    Well, when it comes to me, I don't listen to this. I don't even like the original that much, but this version... is kinda diabolical. Still couldn't give it less than a 4, because the music itself is pretty.

    Now lets hear this majestic creature's last cries while it's dying in agony.

    And now I'm fucking finally going to fucking bed, it's fucking 2AM and I have fucking work tomorrow!
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  13. I knew I'd be the highest scorer for this endearing mess! Originally was only giving a 5, but then that Disney nostalgia kicked in and she sounded so happy...
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  14. Yayyy it's starting
    I think that's the only thing I liked about it, she seemed into it and I mean, I get that since I love singing Disney songs too.

    So that's who this Peabo fellow is, huh? I am not surprised I didn't know him, the only animated movie theme-turned-single I've ever really bothered to listen to is Mariah and Whitney's version of When You Believe.

    This first elim was nooo surprise either, but from here on I really have no clue what y'all like and don't like compared to myself so ... this'll be fun~
  15. It's what it deserves. I said Kuu doesn't sound good next to Peabo Bryson, but, actually, I failed to mention that I don't even like Peabo Bryson's voice much either. Too biased with nostalgia over the movie version.
  16. fffff not a 3.2 average, we did that
  17. Yes to your commentary along the way! The first Part was a bit dead at times with almost no one uttering a word between the eliminations. Things are looking up for me and the rate.
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  18. [​IMG]
  19. So big.
  20. I might not ramble as much as I did in the Ayu rate since I actually submitted commentary with my votes this time, but I'm sure I'll have things to say regardless, knowing me.
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