The Koda Kumi Rate PART II: WE'RE DONE, for now

So what's with all those introductions?

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Never have I been so happy to see a song exit first!


A Whole New World - the one time it 's worth NOT getting the first press, wait that happened with Secret too!
This first elim was nooo surprise either, but from here on I really have no clue what y'all like and don't like compared to myself so ... this'll be fun~

I'm gonna go with...the ballads! (Although she does have a fair few good ones)

Ok but a certain other cover better do well because it's all sorts of iconique.

Damn right!
I high key erased the knowlage of his version of Sanctuary from my mind, good god.

I have never heard it and intend to keep it that way. (Bentley Jones' version on the other hand is great!)

Yes to your commentary along the way! The first Part was a bit dead at times with almost no one uttering a word between the elimination. Things are looking up for me and the rate.

Yeah, I'm really bad for not putting commentary as a lot of the time I don't know what to say without it getting to samey. Equally I might forget my thoughts by the time the results are posted. I just tend to see what pops into my head when the results come in.

KAMEN feat. Ishii Tatuya

Highest score: 7,5x2 (@vague, @me!)
Lowest score: 0x2 (@otenkiame, @yuuurei) 1x1 (@Empty Shoebox)
My score: lookie above
A 10th single in the "12 singles in 12 weeks" project is the first to leave us. KAMEN, meaning "mask", if you never watched Sailor Moon, was both written and produced by Ishii Tatuya himself. The guys is actually kind of a legend. He was originally in the band Kome Kome CLUB, which is most famous for their single Kimi ga Iru Dake de (meaning "Just by you being here"). This is a tremendous song actually, with a very prominent chorus melody. The song acquired a legendary status, was covered countless times and to this day is one of the most popular karaoke songs in Japan. Which, in turn, can't really be said about KAMEN. It did reach #3 on the Oricon charts selling 46,971 copies out of the limited 50,000 though.

Lyrically this little ditty is confusing. To me it looks like the mask is used as a metaphor for a forbidden love. As usual I'll let @otenkiame take it away from here:

There are still lies between the two of us, you say?

Show me your true face
You can't trust me?
Try making me trust you
I won't take of my clothes any further


The track is a classic ballad with a bit of a grandious feel to it. It has some nice parts, like the constant back and forth between the two singers and the two don't sound bad together at all. My personal admiration for the song didn't come for a long time after its initial release, but when it did, I appreciated what it was trying to do. The harmonies in the chorus are rich and the hushed ending is sublime. It's not Kumi's best, but it is quite a different take on a genre. Having said that, I get why people might not enjoy it at all.

The official cover for the single is obviously gorgeous as all of the 12 singles (let's call them 12-in-12 from now on for the brevity) and it is supposed to represent Hawaii.

You lot really didn't like the vocals of Mr. Ishii. One of our zero givers, @otenkiame, wasn't having any of that, "I really just can't with this song. I don't like the way their voices mesh AT ALL. I'm ready to hit the skip button the second I hear that first first note from Ishii Tatsuya." @RUNAWAY (5) shared my main sentiment, while still trashing the Tatuya guy, "the melody in this song is strong, and Kuu is solid, but her duet partner is a disaster. I can't believe I used to like this song. His voice is fucking horrible and was so fucking out of tune for EVERY ONE OF HIS LINES. It's actually painful to sit through it for this rate. The pre-chorus (listen to me, come close to me) is good, but that's the only part I can stand now." At the same time @Weslicious (7) was literally torn over this one, "I'm never too sure if I’m indifferent to this or if I love it. On day of scoring, it’s a solid 7." My favorite hot pants cover dancer @Squashua (4) was taking me places, "At an immediate disadvantage as I don't particularly love his voice and it reads very 90's adult contemporary soft-core porno soundtrack from those opening ad-libs alone. I didn't know how scarily accurate an image this was until I later watched the video..."​

Some of you couldn't muster much about this:
Like @yuuurei, "Ew, this is so creepy. No thank you."
Or @Empty Shoebox, "Duet? With a man? And a ballad? No thanks."
Or @Remorque (5,5), "All of these points are for Kumi... Those male vocals? Sis."

@TABOO (4), who had to be put into the comments file as "userTABOOuser" to not mistake 'em for the actual song, had this to say, "This one is a bore. I’ve never been able to get into it, nor do I find that the voices complement one another all that well." Did I already tell you you didn't like this? @EachSmallStep (5,5) provided commentary only for !2! tracks and for some bizzare reason this songs is one of them, "They sound fine together, but Kumi’s parts are prettier and would make a better solo song." Yeah, but this didn't explain why it deserved a comment over any other song. Surprisingly, this was @Eskiath's (3) first time! "I don't think I've ever made it through the whole song before this rate. The chorus is quite nice." Then why didn't you give it a higher score?

Let's end on a high note with my fellow highest scorer @vague, "i would like this a lot more if it were a solo track, i think; Ishii Tatsuya's vocals are just not my cup of tea. that said, this is still a pretty solid song. i like the backing track a lot."

All you complaining about Tatuya's vocals should play the "with your honey version" and sing his parts with Kumi.

The song wasn't perfomed live, so I won't torture you with another look at the video.
I will provide a link to Kimi ga Iru Dake de though.
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I'm sooo glad that song is out, I'm sorry to those of you who like it but even if I'd liked anything else about it (I didn't), the lyrics creeped me out so much I would have given it a 0 anyway. I didn't watch the video and I'm glad. Good riddance!

My fellow 0 scorer. Taste.

I am so glad that song is gone. I’ve tried since its release to like the song but still hate it to this very day, hence the 0. I will admit that the outro bit isn’t so bad though until Mr. Ishii gives one final ad lib. Ugh.

In any case, the first two eliminations were my lowest for second session, and the reason my average for it was so low.
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Oh good I’m glad we pretty much all agree about this one. What a strange song and, even though the Hawaii Hula girl cover is super pretty i'm still confused how it relates to the song in any way shape or form. Although I guess it's better than more Venetian horror foreplay a la the video.
I hope other albums *cough*BLACK CHERRY*cough* start getting some elims next


Twinkle ~Japanese Version~ / ~English Version~ / feat. SHOW

Average: 5,83
Highest score: 8x3 (@Empty Shoebox , @aaronhansome, @me!)
Lowest score: 3x2 (@Weslicious, @Eskiath)
My score: lookie above
And thus Black Cherry sustains its first injury in Twinkle. The track was produced by the wonderful (hehe) h-wonder and written by Kumi and Sachi Bennett, who helped with the English lyrics. Originally the song appeared as a part of Amazing Nuts! (yes), an anime anthology by Studio 4°C consisting of four 10 minute shorts all with their individual theme songs:​

Kumi's Twinkle - Kung Fu Love [
m-flo's she love the CREAM with DOPING PANDA - Global Astroliner [PV]
RAM RIDER's Smile Again - GLASS EYE [PV]
mink's Here by my side - Joe and Marylin [PV]

This cute and unusual little release trying to bring anime and JPop together wasn't Studio 4°C's first venture into the music scene. Before that they worked on Ayu's Connected [PV] and Hikki's Passion [PV] and later they would work with m-flo again on their song Love To Live By with Chara [PV].

The song is what you would expect from an opening for an anime. It's cute, bubbly, cheerful and catchy. Twinkle, twinkle, can't you see? / Need you, need you, but let you go. And yes, no one can forget the first time they heard "Come on, twinkle, why don't you crap your hands". Moving on to the commentary I'm glad that we agree that the solo Japanese verson is a superior one. I love Show Luo, he's a cutie and has a handful of bops, but his presence on the track doesn't add much, even though it was done for his own album. They should have opted for a different song all together for a Kumi collab.

In the end the majority of you found this cute, but inoffensive. @TABOO (5) sees right to the core, "Not much of a fan of this one. Cute, yes, but bland. I don’t feel it really goes anywhere. It feels like it was added as a bonus track purely and simply for the sake of it being there." Yeah, it was a bonus track for the first press edition of the album after all. @Eskiath is harsh in his words of wisdom, "Filler trash. My friend loves the 'crap your hands' line." That was a classic, that was a classic. I'm always happy when @otenkiame (5) and I share a common sense, but this time around I like the song, "Erm...what? I try not to judge pronunciation too much, but the English version is a mess. The Japanese version is better, but sounds like too many words got shoved in the chorus. Overall, just rather bland and lifeless." Meanwhile @RUNAWAY (6,5) asks questions, "um why does this exist? It’s cute but just WHY." I'VE JUST EXPLAINED. And @yuuurei (5) watched the PV, "Kind of a cool video, the song's a bit boring though." Bu which one did you watch? There are 3 of them after all. @vague (6) was the first voter to submit commentary for every single song in two Parts of the rate bless and had this to say, "the solo japanese version is cute, but nothing special. the english version, tho?"
Dddd, same actually, my final score was for the Japanese version. And with that, let's end with my lovely back-up host @Weslicious, "Nope."​

Twinkle was performed live a couple of times and even with Show.

Kii at her forgetting to remove a price tag from the bag. That's so Kumi.
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