The Koda Kumi Rate PART II: WE'RE DONE, for now

So what's with all those introductions?

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Everybody feat. Koda Kumi / Katori Shingo

Average: 6,03
Highest score: 8,5x1 (@otenkiame) 8x3 (@Squashua, @EachSmallStep, @me!)
Lowest score: 0x1 (@Empty Shoebox)
My score: lookie above

Our first extra track to leave is none other than Everybody. It was written and produced by the guys from MONKEY MAJIK, which is pretty unexpected as I always thought that this was one of the Daisuke "D.I." Imai's productions. He did work on the arrangement though, so that's why this might sound like one of his. The song appeared on SMAP's album Pop Up! SMAP as a solo track for Shingo.

I truly like this, it's fun and hopeful even with questionable always 3 times processed vocals of Shingo's. The traditional Japanese motives are memorable and the beat goes hard. It was one of the elusive tracks at the time when I started to listen to Kumi and tried to chase down every single song where she was featured.

From the point of the lyrics this is pretty simple. Basically the song is about the sense of togetherness and that no one can do everything alone and it's okay to ask for help if you need to.

Let's start with our lowest scorer this time, @Empty Shoebox, "Something has to be my least favuorite in this rate, and it falls to this. Maybe it's because our only link here was to a live performance, or maybe it's because it's really shouty and just generally noisy, but I just don't like it." Well, I'm sorry Spotify doesn't have it, you could've always asked me for a link. Maybe @Remorque (7) liked it? "This would have been such a bop if it had been recorded in the studio..." Oh, c'mon! I'm telling you I could've sent the link! I'm sure @RUNAWAY (6) knows what's up, "that dodgy live recording was…..something." Dddd, y'all are killing me.

I'll look to @TABOO (6,5) for affirmation this time, "I don’t usually seek this one out, but I’m glad that the rate made me revisit this one. Kumi’s dance break, wig!" I knew I chose the right part for the artwork. @vague (7,5) wishes for a solo version "oh, jeez, this guy is a terrible rapper or w/e he's trying to do, but the chorus is really catchy, Kuu's bits are fantastic, and Daisuke "D.I" Imai's production is quite nice, but then again, he always delivers. honestly, if this was just a Kuu solo (with better verses ddd), it would be an easy 10." You know what, yeah, that would've been quite nice indeed.

Ending with the highest scorer, @otenkiame made a discovery "I unexpectedly found myself really liking this. Who would've thought a SMAP member would make something so hip-hop sounding? Big fan of the beat and the rapping verses." Johnny's acts in general are very patchy to me, but there is always a song or two worth checking out. SMAP is not one of those acts for me though.​

Yeah, everybody (hehe) already watched the available live on YouTube, so let go for the one on DailyMotion.
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Average: 6,05
Highest score:
10x1 (@Squashua), 8x1 (@Remorque)
Lowest score: 2x1 (@otenkiame) 3x1 (@Cutlery)
My score: 7

Black Cherry just keeps on losing tracks, at lease it's another bonus one. This one was produced by Komatsu Hiroshi, about whom I can't find any worthwhile information, and written by Kumi. Released not long before the release of Black Cherry, the song was used as a theme song for a full feature Crayon Shin-chan film, and despite not having seen it, to me the song sounds perfect for a soundtrack. Later in 2011 Kuu would do another song for this animated series and that would be Hey baby!, which we'll get to score in Part III.

Sonically I like this, although it has a weird quality about it chorus wise that requires some getting used to, alas, it's cute and nice. The lyrics as you might imagine are all about chasing your dreams while thanking your loved one for the encouragement.​

While looking at the same sky like this,

I quietly think about someone who's in a different place
I probably feel the same as you...
These feelings are too painful, but that's all right

<When I woke up in the morning, I was already in love>
The future spreads out with your words

Go way!!
I'd thought
I'd still keep chasing
the dreams you gave me
So fly!!
Let's flap our wings
Believing in the courage you gave me
I can go anywhere
Go my way!!
(c) @otenkiame

Speaking of @otenkiame, let's give him the floor, "Okay, get some Brazilian music in your discography, girl. And, I dunno, just add some really annoying lines into the chorus. Seriously, those "go way~" and "so fly~" parts infuriate me." I kinda agree that those stick out like a sore thumb. @RUNAWAY (6,5) continues his attempts at provoking a cognitive dissonance in me with his combo of score and commentary from Part I, "wow this album really took a nose-dive at the end. This song is so bland." Okay, I got! I think. @vague (7,5) appreciates the song, "this sounds very... busy, but it's also cute and v catchy, so i'm feelin' it. it's definitely one of her better first press bonus tracks, for sure" Well, according to you lot it's at least better than Twinkle. A great segue to @TABOO's commentary, "This one doesn’t truly do enough for me, but the production is interesting, which is a step up from Twinkle." Awww, but I liked Twinkle more... At least it's not as savage as @Cutlery (3), who managed to offend another favorite of mine, "A shoddy and uneventful closer with nearly no production nor replay value. Besides, it heavily reminds me of Sunrise ~LOVE is ALL~ which can never ever be a good thing" Please clean your ears, hun, they are similar only in the overall mood. Sunrise is a superior song though, but we're not doing this again.

Let's end with @Squashua who loses his first 10, I'm sorry, hun, but this is how the coockie crumbles, "Cheesy sure but those carnival whistles, drum'n'bass meets samba undertones, post-chorus high school guitars and the sugary chorus just caught me by the scalp and got me spinning like a tropical bird of paradise mascot in mating season. I really hope I got the right song otherwise this commentary will weird very strangely." Dddd, me too now that I've noticed that you described a far better song.​

Kumi performed this during Black Cherry Tour, sadly there are no videos online.
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