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The Koda Kumi Rate PART II: WE'RE DONE, for now

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by evilsin, Mar 20, 2018.


So what's with all those introductions?

  1. Introduction to the second session

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  3. Introduction for Kingdom

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  1. Also, sorry for the slow pace, I'm going to try and make at least 2 a day as it was with Part I. Not gonna lie, each reveal takes me around an hour and it's a bit taxing mentally, because I try not to simply toss out your commentary. All of these songs, even the worst ones are my favorite, so I want all of them to have their little moment.
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  2. Your dedication is appreciated!

    Still not phased by those early eliminations.
  3. An 8.5? Oops. I may have overscored “Everybody”. Musta been in a good mood that day.

    Now “GO WAY”, on the other hand... There’s really nothing else for me to say that I didn’t already.

    An hour?! Your dedication is much appreciated! Keep up with the amazing write ups! I can definitely feel the love and respect for Kuu!
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  4. Take your time bb, don't stress.
  5. Take your time, we all appreciate the massive effort you make in these lovely write-ups
  6. And the graphics too!
  7. These things take a long time for me to write too and they are very taxing mentally, so I know you're pain. You're a far better host than I am, which is why I try and make an effort to participate because she is a niche artist and you deserve an audience for all of your effort.
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  8. As everyone else has said, the amount of work, time & effort you’re putting in to this rate is evident by how amazing the content has been so far (even with just the bottom ranking songs) so don’t worry/apologise at all. Honestly, go at your own pace and we’ll be right behind you - from personal experience I know how easy it is to burn yourself out mentally trying to keep to a high quality level but also produce it all so quickly but you’re well-being comes first so just enjoy the process and we will continue to as well.
  9. Oh my goodness, guys, thank you so much for the kind words! I will keep on keeping on then.
  10. [​IMG]
    JOY -meets Koda Kumi / TRF

    Average: 6,20
    Highest score: 8,5x1 (@Squashua) 8x2 (@mi|kshake, @me!)
    Lowest score: 3,5x1 (@TABOO) 4,5x1 (@EachSmallStep)
    My score: lookie above
    The extras can't catch a break! This time we lose JOY, which was originally performed by the Komuro Tetsuya produced group TRF in 1999. 7 years later the group would release their 10th album Lif-e-motions and include self-cover versions of their most known songs featuring other avex trax artists. Kumi, as we know, was chosen for JOY, while some other familiar faces like Ayumi and BoA were chosen for teens and survival dAnce ~no no cry more~ respectively. Additionally Kuu would put the song on her Out Works & Collaboration Best in 2009.

    I haven't listened to this for several years and almost forgot how it sounded. The rate, obviously, made me revisit this and, to be honest, this is a bit of hidden gem. Yes, the song is kinda a mish-mash of two different ones, still somehow the juxtoposition of more brooding verses and light joyous choruses works. Produced by the genius Hara Kazuhara mostly of Ayumi fame and written by the TRF vocalist YU-KI and their frequent lyricsist Kudou Junko, the track is a soaring ballad about the joy hehe of sex gasp! and eternal feelings of love. Take it away, @otenkiame.

    Joy for your love again, I'm right here
    So that the surrounding scenery always
    forever...forever reflects in your eyes
    Joy for two of us, I won't hesitate any more
    Let's go across the ocean where the sun rises

    Joy for you & me, I want to protect you
    until the morning comes, so that you'll
    never...never let go of my warm hands
    Joy for two again, crossing time
    let's return together to the window where the sun rises

    By the way, since there are some new people on the forrem who didn't participate in Part I, I should tell you the story of @otenkiame's arrival here. Basically, I was using his translations in the reveals with credits and accidentally summoned him. Oops. No, I mean

    Y'all really didn't have much to say about this, which is both a blessing and a curse to me, huh? Let's continue with @otenkiame (6,5), considering the shenanigans just above, "You know, I was into this song until the English bits of the chorus. It sounded really sweet, but then got a bit tedius." Ah, yes, the English can make or break a lot of JPop songs. We'll come back to this with a couple of other eliminations, I guess. @vague (5) made a horrifying conclusion, "well, one thing i've realized doing this and the Ayu rate is that i'm just not a fan of trf's output at all, and not even Kuu or Ayu can elevate that shit for me. i'll probably never listen to this again dddd." I've never really tried listening to them specifically myself, but I don't mind their bits on a-nation, for instance. The Komuro hits keep on holding on. @Cutlery (7) was less sharp eh? eh!? anyone? ahem, tough crowd with his comment, "Should've been trimmed a minute or so. I have no idea how this will fare but I can say I did kinda enjoy this expressive ballad" Glad no poignant stabbing I'll see myself out was involved this time. We are finishing off with @RUNAWAY (6,5), "this is not the tea. Next." Of course not, it's the song somebody stop me.

    For better or worse, this wasn't performed live by Kumi, so have a look at the original PV.
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  11. Awe 'twas cute
    Ddd at all the puns, we stan
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  12. You could say the puns were... a JOY.
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  13. Logged in to see I was mentioned too many times for comfort! Thankfully it was for low scores... except an 8 already.
    Your time & effort for everything is appreciated! The quips and puns have me floored.
    I'm an enigma even to myself.
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  14. I'm so happy you find my silly sense of humor to your liking, guys. I probably won't be able to make a reveal tonight, because we're going to finally see the new Avengers. YAY!

    Still I can tease you by saying that next up we have the first tie of the rate and both songs are from the same album! Will this part be plagued with ties as well?
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  15. The curse of songs titled Joy continues.

    Still not bothered!
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  16. I was hoping this was going to be one of the first ones out, because instead of growing on me, it's doing the opposite...
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  17. Looks like we all agree that it's certainly a weird one. I wonder how I would have reacted to it if I was into music at the time of it's release and not 9 years old.
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  18. [​IMG] we love a pun!

    I rather liked JOY, I gave it a 7 and I think that's my highest score to go so far. I thought the two voices meshed pretty well but it did drag on a bit too long iirc. I've never listened to TRF either (and I probably never will lol) but I do like this and Ayu's take on teens. /shrug
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  19. Avengers: Infinity War was so fucking good, you guys!


    Average: 6,28
    Highest score: 9x2 (@Empty Shoebox, @Remorque) 8,5x1 (@Cutlery)
    Lowest score: 0x1 (@yuuurei) 5x4 (@Osiris, @Squashua, @EachSmallStep, @lalaclairi_)
    My score: 6,5

    Oh, hey, look, Black Cherry is that polarizing album I was talking about earlier in the rate. Just look at the highs and the lows! Bonkers. The album exclusive track was produced by the several-times-praised-as-genius-in-Part-I Watanabe Miki (Selfish, Crazy 4 U) and written by Kumi. People were almost livid with the lyrics even when this was just out. Funnily enough, everything simmers down quite nicely when you learn that this song is about her doggies! It's kinda from doggies' point of view as well. We'll have to consult @otenkiame for the details though:

    Sometimes even I have times when I want to rely on you

    I want to curl up my body and sleep on your lap

    I just love you, because I feel so good
    Like how you pet my fur
    I just love you, because I feel so good
    I want you to do things that make me feel good
    But I'll have to wait a little longer, right?

    You say, "Babe, babe, my sweet heart"
    Master, I want to make you say:
    "Come here. If you're not here,
    then it's just no good, no good, no good"...
    Just a bit more?
    I can't read, but
    always cherish me

    It's all cute, y'all. Miki's musical prowess shines through even on a cuter sounding track and I really like the arrangement and the middle 8, but overall it's just not enough for me to put it up there with the best. I do listen to this occasionally, but then again I listen to everything Kumi releases occasionally.

    Shall we get the naysayers out of the way first? Lowest scorer @yuuurei didn't get the memo, "It sounds cute but the lyrics are just too creepy, I didn't even want to listen to it." Neither did @vague (6), "these lyrics are weird" At least it looks like you liked it somewhat. Where is @otenkiame (5,5) when you need him? Ah, there he is. Please enlighten us, good sir, "Okay, it's about her dog. I generally dislike people, so I definitely relate to wanting to make a song about your dog. But let's be honest: It's filler. Cute and poppy, but shoulda been a b-side at most." Hope that settles the score with the lyrics for good. @RUNAWAY (6,5) shared the score with me and chose his words carefully, "this song is just um a little weird, and not my style. It totally sticks out like a sore thumb on this album." That's right, you don't want to poke the puppy.

    My lovely back-up host @Weslicious (6) appreciates my user icon and artwork for the elimination, "Okay, using her dogs as inspiration was cute in the Second Session photobook, but this song is a bit of a no." True, but only a bit. @TABOO (7) and @Remorque found themselves enjoying the production, "Quirky! The metaphor of the narrator being the title character is certainly striking, yet endearing nonetheless. I like the instrumental breakdown." / "I love the production on this one." Meanwhile @Eskiath remembered the good old days that were greener, "I played this way too much when I first heard it but now I don't think too much of it." We will let our own silver set of @Cutlery wrap it up today, "Sit! Stay! Wait! Down! found rotting (in amniotic fluids). This electronic-tinged, unrestrained furry anthem sees Kumi wanting to please her master and acting like a spoilt puppy around him, and honestly it's kind of Birthday Eve all over again" Except Sit! Stay! Wait! Down! is a better song, but we will have Namie's rate to see how it averages.

    The track was perfromed during the
    Black Cherry Tour , but it's not up anywhere accessible, so we'll have to opt for this drum cover that has the video of the perfromance in the back. Kii.
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  20. I love puppies but that song... Just no.
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