The Koda Kumi Rate PART II: WE'RE DONE, for now

So what's with all those introductions?

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Milk Tea

Average: 6,33
Highest score: 10x1 (@Eskiath, ouch) 8x2 (@Empty Shoebox, @aaronhansome)
Lowest score: 2,5x1 (@EachSmallStep), 4x2 (@yuuurei, @Weslicious)
My score: 6,5
Dddd, leave it to you lot to eliminate Kumi's first and only? self-composed song at 69. She would be proud... probably. Having said that, Black Cherry takes yet another hit. The track is a cute little laid back ditty about Kumi living her dream life in a castle with her darling drinking milk tea every day. What else did you think it was about?​

Right here is your and my castle

It's not really a big room, but
every day when we can be together is so fun

When I wake up a little late in the morning,
you're up just slightly earlier
"I wanna drink delicious milk tea"
Will you listen to my pestering for me??
Good boy

I want us to embrace each other
Kiss on my forehead and promise me
I want us to embrace each other more
When I take a nap with you,
we talk about the future in our sleep
Smile, okay?

Right here is your and my castle
After this, we'll be a rich milk tea couple
(c) @otenkiame

I enjoy this in a scale of an album as a nice closer, especially the lalala yeah yeah chorus. People say that she told somewhere that she really enjoyed composing this and you can hear in her voice how content she is with the result. I wonder why she hasn't really ventured into the production since. Apart from this I don't really have much to say about the song, sadly. Maybe you had some thoughts worth sharing about it?

Let's begin with @Weslicious who had me hollering at his comment, "So cute of her to compose this and let us mere mortals know that Goddesses can’t do everything well." B I C T H. The majority of you were going on about the self-production of the track. Like @otenkiame (6), for instance, "Girl, I'll give you props for your first composition. It's pretty simple and cute, but I need her to turn off the cutsey voice. At least it's short." Dddd, the shortness of the track was such a positive quality for y'all. @vague (5) shared this sentiment to a tee, "apparently this is the first song she composed, so i feel a little bad for rating it so low, but it just ain't doin' it for me. her voice really doesn't work on tracks like this. its only saving grace is how short it is tbh!!" I will be in class the next time you're writing an exam together. @ThisIsRogue (6) was trying to be cute and pun his way to my heart, "Cute but as bland as unsweetened milk tea." I'll take it. @Remorque (7,5) agreed with me on a closing characteristics of the song, "A nice little closer" Indeed. @TABOO (7) was almost gushing, "Definitely a special little track, especially knowing that it is one of the handful that Kumi composed herself. The imagery described within the lyrics are endearing; the delivery is genuine." Scrap that, that's some strong gushing right there. Funnily enough, @Cutlery (7,5) gave it a half a point more and a less glowing review, "An inoffensive but well-produced dream of living in a castle and going on with the domestic, morning daily life next to your man. A concept" I can certainly relate. Unlike you, huns, @aaronhansome didn't do his homework, "This was notable because it was like her first composition wasn’t it? I am too lazy to check credits." How about an hour in detention? What kind of teacher fantasy am I creating here?

This round we end with poor @Eskiath, who lost two 10s in two eliminations, "I love how delicate this is, it's so sweet and relaxing too." I love how diverse your tastes are, guys, and how diverse Kuu's discography is as well so everyone can find something they would love.

Okay, now all together! SEEE-NOOO-!

Sorry, there is no linkable videos of the live performance during the Black Cherry Tour, so we're gona have to go with this.

And with that I'll have to leave you huns until Sunday, because I'm going to our country house to visit my mum. I'm feeling kinda bad about this again considering the pacing of the rate, but I'll try not too. Next up the rate is losing another pair of songs! But which ones tied this time? Will Black Cherry stop losing track left and right? Please tune in on Sunday to find out!​
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I flopped hard with my original ballot, much to @evilsin ’s bemusement, by thinking Milk Tea was this after the katakana threw me off:

Thanks Spotify for highlighting my doofus-ery. I like it better than the actual Milk Tea though dddd.

I did the same thing......
Why the fuck do I bother making a playlist and offer my time to upload any song for y'all?


Your Love

Average: 6,45
Highest score: 8x1 (@yuuurei) 7,5x5 (@RUNAWAY, @Cutlery, @ThisIsRogue, @Remorque, me!)
Lowest score: 4x1 (@Eskiath)
My score: lookie above
Finally something from other than Black Cherry falls! Alas it's a cute one produced by HIRO from (TABOO, Amai Wana, UNIVERSE, Okay) and written by him and Kumi. HIRO is seriously one of my all time favorite music producer of all time and it pains me that this is so... flaccid. He does excel at electropop/r'n'b bops, but he can also deliver a mean mid-tempo with hard beat, which arguably is the best type of tempos for me. This track tried, and I appreciate the effort, but it was just not enough for a higher score. Kumi sounds lovely though and the lyrics are standard yet endearing:

One day I started to forget

I was always abused by those around me
but you reminded me
of the important feelings I'd lost

I wonder why?
It's like something burst open
When I'm in front of you
my tears overflow so much
I don't know why

Baby, thank you for your love
No matter what, you wrap me up with your selfless love
Baby, nobody but you
I love you, so can you stay with me?
(c) @otenkiame

You were so mean to the poor song, oh my god. @Eskiath bruskly retorted, "Honestly forgot this song exists." It's not that forgettable! I wanna be angry at @TABOO (5), "This RnB-lite number is delicate if not a little boring, especially considering its placement after two incredibly strong tracks. Definitely the weakest offering off of TRICK." C'mon, there are at least Joyful and Venus as contenders! @vague (6) uttered the b-word again, "cute lil r&b-esque midtempo, but the chorus is pretty weak and the whole thing's just a tad too boring for me to wanna revisit too often" It has a bit of a charm though, isn't it? @otenkiame (7) enjoyed the song, but he still found something to hate about it, "I hate that opening synth melody. I cannot explain why, but it irritates me to death. That aside, this is your standard, inoffensive R&B track with cute touches added on. Easily lost among her others." And I love it for some reason, it sets the mood! @Weslicious (7) was trying to be cute again, "Nothing special, nothing awful." And we finish with @yuuurei who likes to talk in riddles, "Nostalgia factor on this one ... it's not the type of song I usually love but it's pretty good and I have nice memories of listening to it." What happened, boo? You can spill some tea for us.​

The song was performed live during TRICK Tour, alas no one uploaded ot online, so we'll have to deal with the Spotify link.
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@yuuurei who likes to talk in riddles
scream! No, it's nothing that deep, I just really loved the whole album when it came out and listened to it on repeat for a long while so I heard Your Love like ... a LOT, and I have nostalgic fondness for it despite it not really being that great. It doesn't deserve to be out this early though ... it's a sweet song despite its blandness.
WOAH I just saw this and what?
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