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The Koda Kumi Rate PART II: WE'RE DONE, for now

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by evilsin, Mar 20, 2018.


So what's with all those introductions?

  1. Introduction to the second session

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  3. Introduction for Kingdom

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  1. Good riddance to my only 0 x
    Yume no Uta can live if the audience is here for it I'm not but I hope not for too long oops
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  2. You forgot White Light and Nobody (likes this song)!

    I’m glad I didn’t mention the you-know-what, and instead saved it for the bigger track.
  3. I did like Yume no Uta better because I'm always a slut for a sad song, but I thought Futari de... was pretty nice too.
    How mysterious. I hope I don't find out what The Thing is for a long time in that case.
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  4. Good catch, totally slipped my mind!
    I do hope that you don't. It would be glorious!
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  5. Did Kingdom win yet?
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  6. That's not a song and that's not how this works, that not how this works at all.
    But I like your line of thinking.
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  7. I know, I know.

    I feel like it'll have the highest album average though.

    Seeing BUT live was an experience so that better win x
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  8. [​IMG]
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  9. [​IMG]
    Asu he...

    Average: 6,63
    Highest score: 10x1 (@Eskiath) 9x1 (@Cutlery), 8,5x2 (@RUNAWAY)
    Lowest score: 4x1 (@Empty Shoebox) 5x3 (@vague, @Love Deluxe, @soratami)
    My score: 7

    Look at the highs and lows for his one and then go back to Futari de... That zero certainly pushed it back. Were @Cutlery to give it around 6 or 7, Futari de... would've landed in Top60-ish. Anyway, we have to say goodbye to the only song from the weirdest compilation I've seen - BEST ~BOUNCE & LOVERS~. Like... who even came up with that concept? Yes, lets put Kumi's best ballads on the CD and her best dance PVs onto the DVD. Fucking bonkers, I'm telling you. It was pretty clear that avex just wanted to earn some more moola without much stress while Kumi was at her hottest. Asu he... was the only new track included on the CD portion of the compilation. It was produced by the legendary and still highly popular Tokunaga Hideaki and written by Kumi. Lately Hideaki has been releasing albums full of covers of the songs originally sung by female vocalist. He did Namie's CAN YOU CELEBRATE? and Hikki's First Love, for instance.

    Anyway, back to the track at hand. It's one of my least listened to tracks in Kuu's discography, mainly due to it's placement, still I actually really like it after a couple more listens dddd so I probably shoud've given it a bit of time to marinate, which would have resulted in a score one point higher. Oh well. The strings led song has a very classic big power ballad feel to it, I believe it's pretty great the way it is, although I would've liked to hear a biffed up version as well. The melodies are pretty memorable and the chorus is soaring, proclaiming the message of the song clear as a cloudless sky.

    I met you on that day

    when cherry blossoms bloomed
    We walked through the future
    turning over one page

    If you draw a map of the unknown
    and believe that you can go
    wherever you want to
    you can surely grab it

    Even if the journey is painful and rugged,
    you can do it

    Let's walk straight ahead
    Whenever we exchange words, we can become stronger
    Let's join, hand and hand, and let's show the way with friends
    to tomorrow
    (c) @otenkiame

    What did y'all had to say about this curious one? Well, to begin with, @Weslicious (6) wasn't mincing words, "A bit boring. Given it was the only new song on the compilation, it’s a bit sad that it’s the worst one aswell." Excuse me‽ Don't you remember how y'all massacred Your Song and come back in Part I? We can assume why @Empty Shoebox is actually empty after their score, "I think it's the language barrier again. The orchestra is lovely, but I just can't get on with the vocals." Whew, guys, we've survived 13 eliminations without the mentioning of the LB! Alas LB strikes again. Having awarded Futari de... with a zero @Cutlery made a full on 360 with this one, "I don't know how Kumi can so easily go from pile of trash ballads to genuinely great, simple ones that, while nothing that blows you out of the water lyrically, shine for the lyrics nonetheless being valuable, for their beautiful composition and her vocal performance in them" Ouch, stabby-stabby with that tongue, aren't ya? On the other hand @otenkiame (6) wasn't that thrilled with the Best exclusive track, "The opening orchestration is absolutely gorgeous. It sucks then that I don't care for the verses at all, and the choruses sound sappy and forced. Really nothing I'd miss were it never released." I would, so you better shut your mouth. @RUNAWAY would miss this as well, "really lovely ballad and great vocal performance from Kuu." You tell' em, deserter! I believe @yuuurei (8) surely would join us in our sorrow over this, were it not released "Aw, this is lovely, I like it a lot. Kuu's delivery on the vocals is very elegant." Atta girl!

    We finish with our 10 contributer, @Eskiath, who probably meant well, but unintentionally made me laugh out loud, when I read his commentary, "Beautiful. Always reminded me of funeral music." Ahaha, I'm sorry, I'm sorry *snorts*

    This, unsurprisingly, wasn't performed live even once.
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  10. Also, next we have to say goodbye to one of my all time favorite songs ever. Hint: it's an extra.
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  11. Shaken at there being 3 ties already! Was here for my lowest score being out (Milk Tea, yes!), but not for my 1st nostalgia 8! Bounce & Lovers was one of the first Kumi CDs I ever could get my hands on, so Asu he... has a place in my heart, especially for that instrumentation.
    Hopefully not Always.
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  12. Why's it funny?! At my funeral I want to be carried down the aisle to that song.
  13. Wh ... why Asu e...! There's nothing wrong with it! Idek what else to say. disappointed.gif
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  14. All this boring ballads won't be missed!

    Justice for Aishou!
  15. I'm sorry. It's just my sick mind playing games with me. I don't mean that funeral music isn't beautiful, I just probably imagine something different for it.
    That's how the rates are, hun. You win some, you lose some.
    So rough! Wait until Aishou is eliminated to call fo justice.
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  16. And I complain about some!
  17. Haha it's ok I was joking. It has always reminded me of funeral music though.
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  18. Hey, huns! Sorry for leaving you all hung up for two days, I've been out all day yesterday, watched Deadpool 2, which was pretty great, and today... I've done almost nothing apart from some minor things for my trip. I really don't want to eliminate the next song dddd you'll have the next reveal tomorrow, I guarantee.
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  19. I didn't even realize the last cut was on Friday rip
    Take your time king~
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  20. I don't even know if that's a good thing or a bad thing.
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