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The Koda Kumi Rate PART II: WE'RE DONE, for now

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by evilsin, Mar 20, 2018.


So what's with all those introductions?

  1. Introduction to the second session

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  3. Introduction for Kingdom

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  1. It can be hard to read tone over the internet sometimes and I didn't want you thinking we don't appreciate your efforts, that's all.
  2. It's okay, hun, you guys expressed your support quite a few times already, so I really appreciate you all.
  3. I'm glad I changed my 11! I must have been in a certain mood to really love this song and give it my 11 initially. It's still great, but listening to my actual 11, I'm glad I changed it.

    My 11 is a fucking jam, even though you said it was an unexpected choice. It'll probably be leaving before the top 20 30 40.
  4. This feels like the perfect score for this song. I'm not even mad.
  5. Can we stop getting songs from the Second Session era out plz and thanks
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  6. I mean the last one vacated 7 songs ago, but I'm not against this statement.
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  7. I'm sorry I have to postpone the reveals a bit again, my mom's B'Day is on Monday and we're going to our country house to celebrate. I will try to resume on Sunday.
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  8. Tsuki to Taiyou is one of the lovely gems of the Black Cherry album tracks. Sad it didn't make it to the 40s.
    Long live the queen that is Kingdom!
  9. Not our mothers sharing a birthday! Legends only!
  10. SAY WHAT
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  11. So, imgur is not cooperating with the forrem again, huh?

    Ai no Kotoba
    Average: 7,15
    Highest score: 10x1 (@Weslicious) 9x1 (@aaronhansome)
    Lowest score: 5x1 (@Osiris) 6x3 (@Empty Shoebox, @Cutlery, @Eskiath)
    My score: 8,5

    Jusr as TRICK caught a bit of a break as did I, the rate has to say its goodbyes to Ai no Kotoba. Produced by Morimoto Kosuke of the Ai no Uta fame and written by Kumi, the song is a piano-led ballad. I'm very pleased with Mr. Morimoto as he didn't try to recreate Ai no Uta with this one and actually went for something understated and simple. Having said that, I do believe that the simplicity of the track is both a blessing and a curse. Some people would find it too simple and want more from it while others would praise it for its bareness. I'm kinda both depending on the mood, although I do appreciate how great she sounds here. Lyrically, as you might imagine, Kumi is expressing her love for that special someone:

    There's no shape for our words of promise, but

    our connected hearts won't forget those words

    I'll sing the words of love
    for you, you who no one can beat
    Holding our dream in our hearts
    we'll go towards the shape of a big future

    Let's recite the words of love
    so that they'll reach the distance forever
    And we will go
    to a tomorrow overflowing with joy
    (c) @otenkiame

    Neither those of you who loved it nor those who disliked it had much to say about this lovely uta.

    Why don't we turn everything upside down for a change? @Weslicious is a true fan who knows his live performances, "I always loved this and thought it was destined to wind up forgotten after it didn’t make the TRICK tour. Then she did it justice at Dream Music Park and has respected it often since so, Queen of taste!" It was weird that she decided to leave it out from TRICK Tour as it was regarded as the ballad of the album. Moving on @otenkiame (6,5) was trying his best to find some way not to use the word 'boring', "I'm not a big fan of these sweet love songs of hers, especially because I don't find them to have anything that make me want to listen to them. Though, she does give her all and it has a pretty great crescendo." @vague (7) wasn't feeling this to the fullest and yet still managed to find something to enjoy about it, "sounds like a generic jpop ballad to me, but it's nice, i guess. her vocals aren't ott like she tends to do on ballads, so that's a point in its favor" @TABOO (7) once again tried to derail me from his commentary by using the kanji in his commentary, "Touching. The backing vocals of the chorus are reminiscent of stay with me, and I really like that." Aren't those similar to most ballads though? And ending this one with @EachSmallStep (8), we have a perfect apportunity to segue to the last part of the elimination, "Sometimes the shouty chorus isn’t what I need, but overall it’s such a happy ballad. That Premium Night performance with her rising from a mountain of roses is a must watch." YAAAS!

    What a way to start a show!
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  12. [​IMG]
    i don't have a single kumi eye-rolling gif

    A perfectly good ballad out so early, typical.
  13. I might be reaching here, but I don't remember any instances of Kumi eyerolling. Looks like it's just not one of her go to reactions.
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  14. Yes I meant to post that one but the champaign throwing always gets me!
  15. Even if I find a Kumi ballad average, she always manages to change my mind with her grand/emotional live performances. Starting from Trick on, there's almost no ballads I'd give below an 8. Now I'm wondering how Ai no Uta will place as I've heard too many complaints about it over the years for comfort!
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  16. People love Yume no Uta, but this is where it's really at! The decade long mistery will finally end when we learn Ai no Uta's placement.
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  17. Welp, imgur is still being an ass...


    Average: 7,18
    Highest score: 9x1 (@Love Deluxe) 8,5x1 (@me!) 8x3 (@otenkiame, @RUNAWAY, @Cutlery)
    Lowest score: 6x4 (@Osiris, @yuuurei, @Eskiath, @Remorque)
    My score: lookie above

    It's the beginning of the end! RUN FOR YOUR LIVES! hehe Kingdom sustains a hit in a form of a lead-in single, anytime. Produced by Nakazaki Hideya (most notably Ann Lewis and Imai Miki among many others) and written by Kumi, the track is the sweetest confession of love and it shows in everything, starting with lyrics and ending with 2 version of the music video. Kumi always gave me an impression of a very loving person and you can feel it in this kind of songs in her repertoire. Personally anytime was always sort of there for me after the initial impact of a single release, but I do love how happy she sounds here. The song still manages to make me feel better after listening to it with its printanier production. And the music video? Just look at the artwork for the elimination. I think I died of cuteness the first time I watched the album version of the PV. The lyrics are straight-forward, but there is some very tangible warmth to them:

    One day, one time
    Every second, every second together
    is ticking on the clock
    One day, one time
    Saying, "I'll always be by your side"
    on the other side of the receiver
    Always be gentle like this
    only for me

    Light shines in on rainy days

    Any day, anytime
    You taught me
    the importance of the feelings of love
    Any day, anytime
    The kind angels make a rainbow
    and start to guide us
    I'm very shy
    and contradictory, but
    I love you
    (c) @otenkiame

    Moving on to your commetary and scores, I was pleasantly surprised how there were no truly abysmal scores. No truly high ones either, dddd.

    Hey, @otenkiame, do you perhaps share my views on the track in question? "Just all around really sweet and infectious. You can really tell that Kuu is in love with whomever she's singing about. I find myself feeling happy just from listening to it." Oh, you do, so glad we're both happier now after this. @Cutlery goes into technicalities, "A sweet little R&B track with enough emotion and honesty to keep me interested for the most part, not to mention the pretty background strings" Yes, the music sounds very well-knit for the occasion. The song didn't provoke much thought in @vague (7,5), but it did provoke enough, "this is so nice n mellow without being boring; i'm really feelin' it" It is a nice relaxing track in preparation for Under to punch us all in the gut, yes.

    A couple of you did find the PV to be integral to enjoying this to the fullest, like @Weslicious (7), "A bit of a non event as a single. The drunken rabbit PV whatever was oddly endearing though, but did such a song and concept need two versions of the video?" The more, the better! Speaking of, I wonder who has the most PVs behind their back, cuz Kuu has a fucking lot! @TABOO (7) most certainly secretly wants to be Kuu's BF, "The PV is what truly made me fall in love with this song; how beautiful it was to view Kumi from the perspective of her significant other. Unfortunately without the visual, the song falters for me." It's okay, I'm sure most of us here wouldn't turn her down as well.

    Winding down, @Squashua (6,5) expected more from the chorus, "This promises a whole lot in some lovely unfurling verses but the chorus is a bit on the non-event side." The melodies are still pretty though, no? And @yuuurei once again decided to withhold her elaborate thoughts, "This doesn't do much to wake me up after Ai no Uta, but it's cute enough I suppose." I guess after this elimination we can say that anytime is most definitely 'cute'.

    This is performed frm time to time, but it had its biggest surge of lives during its release week obviously.
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  18. Sorry, not sorry!
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