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The Koda Kumi Rate PART II: WE'RE DONE, for now

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by evilsin, Mar 20, 2018.


So what's with all those introductions?

  1. Introduction to the second session

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  3. Introduction for Kingdom

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  1. Honestly Color the Cover was fantastic for the most part, so I wouldn’t mind the whole album being on the next rate. ETERNITY on the other hand...
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  2. Yeah, but I don't want to make the rate too bloated. I mean both Part I and Part 2 are over 70 songs already... and the first look calculation for Part III including all the extra tracks and some from both cover albums add up to 81. Jesus.
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  3. I figured as much, honestly. Well, if something has to go, of course covers from a cover album would be the obvious choice.
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  4. Ah, every time I can't log on a few days, I somehow lose a bunch of high scores in rates!! Farewell More & Winter Bell. You had a good run.
    Didn't care for Eternity at first. Suddenly, couple years later I really appreciated her creative choices & tone (Sweet Memories, Little Love Song!). Color the Cover is a blast from start to finish.
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  5. That's my judgement as well.
    I always appreciate the surge of likes from you when you come online, hun. And I agree about the cover albums.

    Oh yeah, today we lose a proper single, but which one?
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  6. So no one was... invested enough to even try and guess? Oh well.


    stay with me

    Highest score: 9x1 (@Eskiath) 8,5x1 (@me!)
    Lowest score: 5x1 (@Cutlery) 6x4 (@Osiris, @yuuurei, @soratami, @aaronhansome)
    My score: lookie above

    Hey, Winter Bell, come pick up your sister, it's time for her to go as well. stay with me bows down as our next single and another track from TRICK. Produced by Narumi Kazuto (a lot of Johnny's acts... which is a bit telling) and written by Kumi, the song is a wintery ballad about the regret of letting that special someone go. Honestly, this is a bizzare one for me. It has a basic premise, a basic sound, no memorable melodies or sounds to it and I'm supposed to hate this and yet... it all works quite nicely with Kumi's clean vocals. Truly unexplainable. Like... I don't really have anything else to say, other than that I love the artwork, the booklet and the music video, because she looks good in it. Coming back to the lyrics, @otenkiame, as always, provides:

    I'm alone on the platform I often travel on

    It snows today too, and my heart tightens
    I've been regretting the moment we parted
    I remember you with all your smiles
    Those days are so dear to me

    You always listened to me
    no matter the wish or whim
    My feelings there were the same as yours
    Never end

    Don't forget: I'm here
    There's still a memory's love song in my heart
    Even if the snow adorns the sky,
    my feelings are scattering, even now
    Stay with me

    This got whole eight 9s from y'all and not much vitriol at all. Read this from @Cutlery, "A by-the-numbers single without much replay value nor purpose in the album. Especially not when it comes right after the much more accomplished, and similar, Your Love" No hostility, the song just lullabyed her way out of hate. Some of you liked how it had a prominent wintery fell to it, like @Weslicious (8), "Another great winter ballad to add to an already fairly huge roster.", and our top scorer @Eskiath "A little basic but it really reminds me of winter so it did it's job." And a job well done it is. @otenkiame (7.5) goes a little bit in on this one, "Her standard winter ballad. It's all dramatic and full of pain and longing, so you know Kuu's over-singing it. Even so, I don't even dislike it. In fact, I find myself drawn to its familiarity." A weird one indeed. Specifying what he enjoys about it is @TABOO (8), "I like this one. The way that the background vocals come through during the chorus is phenomenal, and the composition itself is breath-taking." I wouldn't say "phenomenal" myself, but it is nice, yes. @EachSmallStep (7,5) actually got his songs all mixed-up, "Another song in the vein of anytime. She always sounds great in these, but they don’t always stand out." Hun, I know everybody has their own unique hearing, but... those 2 are not similar. And @vague (7.5) sums it all up nicely "it's a bit ballad-by-numbers for her, but it's not bad and she sounds pretty good." Thanks.

    For some reason there are next to none performances of this online, even though it had a bit of promo going.
  7. I actually hadn't clocked how Christmas-y it feels but it does now

    Probably why I wasn't a fan dd
  8. We been knew.
  9. Loving the results so far!
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  10. Yes, one of my favourite albums of hers.

    I do quite like a bit of Stay With Me - love the Wintery feels.
  11. Again, I find the average for "stay with me" to be fitting.

    Actually, though, I remember it getting quite a bit of hate when it first released? I clearly remember it being called a bland and run-of-the-mill winter ballad.
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  12. All I remember is me stanning Winter Bell and salivating looking at Kumi.
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  13. Anybody ready to say their farewells to one of Kumi's sexiest songs tonight?
  14. feel(?)
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  15. Dang it.

    This is actually #40 due to my mistake.

    Average: 7,43
    Highest score: 10x1 (@otenkiame) 9x4 (@Cutlery, @soratami, @Remorque, @me!)
    Lowest score: 4x1 (@Empty Shoebox) 5x3 (@Osiris, @ThisIsRogue, @lalaclairi_)
    My score: lookie above

    12-in-12 keeps on losing songs slowly, but every elimination from it starts to hurt more and more. This time around it's the 6th single in the project, feel. Produced by Shimono Hitoshi (24, Boys ♥ Girls) and written by Kumi, it was the second single in the project after you to chart at #1. Sonically this is a sensual slice of acoustic guitar-driven R'n'B that envelops and caresses gently while Kumi seduces you with those buttery smooth vocals. This is also the second song done by Shimono Hitoshi to have a fully English chorus... with questionable results. I mean I love the song, but damn if that mangled English in the chorus doesn't take away a bit from the song. It reminds me how I couldn't get into Ayumi's Heartplace for the longest of times because of the English in the chorus sounding jarring to me. Other than that this is one of the best tracks in Kumi's discography, it's mature, it's sexy and it's slick. I wouldn't mind her having some more of these in the future. The lyrics... well, you've all heard and understood the chorus, but what lies in the verses?

    In the car, you softly

    stroked my hair
    The warmth of your hands
    is making my heart hot now
    In just our space
    the feeling that
    our secret time is quietly beginning to rush leaves me behind...

    Why, tell me why
    Anxiety attacks me no matter how many times I reread your e-mail
    Why, tell me why
    I can't convey my feelings for you with words
    (c) @otenkiame

    Okay, not as explicit as I would've imagined. Kinda like Hot Stuff all over again. The cover art for feel is supposed to be inspired by Spain:


    Looks like the song got y'all shy, because not much has been said about this one. Hey, @vague (6,5), did you know that everytime I type your nickname I type @vag first? "i can't believe this was a no. 1 single, 'cause this is the weakest of her 12 singles collection to me. it's not even, like, a bad song, but it just sort of plods along without anything really happening." I don't believe you like KAMEN over this. I just don't, and I'm saying this as one of those who like KAMEN. @RUNAWAY (8) on the other hand likes the way the song goes on all along, "love this song. Love the downtempo, lounge feel (haha) of the song." Now I need Kumi to sing this for me in the intimate atmosphere of a lounge bar. @yuuurei (8) clocked the chorus, "Hmm, this is quite groovy. The chorus makes pretty much no sense but I like it a lot, and the whole thing flows along very nicely." You're... not wrong. Everytime I believe I got the meaning of it, it slips away. Alternatively, @TABOO (8,5) found some line to relate to, "Sultry and sensual. “‘What should I do?’ / I’m bothering you again / In truth, it’s just an excuse”. How relatable these lyrics are! There is just something genuine about this song. I also love for her look in the PV." "Yes" yo all your points, hun. While we are all talking here, @Remorque is swaying sensually, "Kumi's performance here is effortless. She sounds so sexy and the production is immaculate. *sways sensually*" I agree, there is something in her voice here that is both endearing and earnest.

    And finishing up we have @otenkiame (10) who just puts the final touches to the general feel hehe of the song, "Yes, Kuu, give me that sensual and sultry R&B! She tells me it's "easy thing to get my feel", but honestly I'm not sure I get exactly what you're saying in the chorus. It's okay, girl, though, because I never tire of the flow anyway." Indeed.

    Looks like Kumi doesn't like it as much, as there are practically no performances of this. Still there is this footage from Best ~second session~ Release Party.
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  16. Oh wow my guessing skills were on point!

    The video is so sultry and sensual, she looks like a snack + I like how she's writing the song right after a nice sex session w/the guy. The hook is catchy af
  17. I thought I rated this one higher... Shame on me!
  18. Feel should have been Top 20!!
  19. I aim to please.
    Feel is such a sexy jam. Wish the average had at least been a little higher!
    Also, yay at being almost 1/2 way!
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  20. Wait... you did give this an 8! Oh god, don't tell me I've made a mistake and input the wrong score in the spreadsheet. Let's hope I just typed you in the lowest scorers in the post incorrectly.

    Ugh, gotta go and check the PMs with the scores now, as I don't have a spreadsheet with me at work. So sorry, @Osiris.
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