The Koda Kumi Rate PART II: WE'RE DONE, for now

So what's with all those introductions?

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Seeing I've been mentioned multiple times here strikes fear in me like no other!

Seeing Ai no Uta not hit top 40 is surprising, but I thought I'll be there and Moon Crying were top 30 material!! The rest of the ballads gotta hold on for dear life!
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Sweet Kiss

Highest score: 10x2 (@Weslicious, @soratami) 9x3 (@aaronhansome, @Empty Shoebox, @Squashua)
Lowest score: 4x1 (@EachSmallStep) 5x1 (@Eskiath)
My score: 8

An extra has to go this round and it's the one coupled with you. Sweet Kiss was produced by Watanabe Tooru (Trust you, With Your Smile) and written by Kumi and Onishi Hirotake (literally only 1 another song no one cares about) the track is a cheery upbeat number that really gets you in a mood for a carnival. Seriously, I would never expect this kind of song to be put together on one single with a winter ballad. This is serving me some COME WITH ME realness and honestly the songs could be sisters. Kumi also sounds kinda nasal here, especially in the verse, perhaps she was a bit sick recording this? It's a great b-side overall and it's sad that people often forget about it. The song is all about being with your darling:​

Kiss me - from just that

flowers overflow on my face
Take me - I want to keep having
a sweet dream for a while by your side

Kiss me - stay like that
Stop and make it a time just for us
Take me - pressing cheeks together
I want to stay together, dyed pink
(c) @otenkiame

First things first, let's tackle @EachSmallStep to the ground, "An average B-side that occasionally comes up." Comes Up is Part III, hun. @Remorque (6) starts showing some signs of aging, "Enjoyable, but I'm failing to even know how this one goes after listening to it for about five times..." Let's check your hearing as well while we'r at it... ahem, khm... KISS ME! TADA SORE DAKE DE! At least @yuuurei (7) still sees color, "Pretty cute! Feels pink and sparkly." Spot on, are you still 20/20 though? Somewhere else @TABOO (7,5) is having a thorough examination of a song, "The fact that something like Sweet Kiss is left as an extra really shows the caliber of work that Kumi was producing during this period of her career. This really does hold its own against an album track. Bop!" This makes me notice that the track is a bit of its time, but at the same time the Japanese love this kind of a poppy songs, so it's kinda timeless. @otenkiame (8) hearing is not giving up on him yet, "This is summery/dance Kuu done right. It's pretty cute with its "Chase"-like elements of brass and some disco thrown in." This does have some cute similarities with Chase, yes. Not like we needed any proof, still @RUNAWAY (8.5) isn't loosing his mind anytime soon, "this song is so cute! I wouldn’t mind if it had made the album!" Hmm, I can see this replacing Birthday Eve or WIND. Physical activity is important as well, so @vague (8,5) is right on track with their morning exercise routine, "it's a pretty standard pop song, but the chorus is really nice n catchy and the production is interesting enough to keep me engaged." Gets your heart pumping a bit, doesn't it? When it comes to @aaronhansome, he decides to share his dietry secrets, "This is the kinda Jpop I fucking eat up." Oh, so... that simple? I should try and introduce this into mine. And going all in on suppliments is @Weslicious, "Yas. She sometimes gets the cute bops perfect. This is one of them. When she opened the TRICK tour encore with it, I imagine the Gods all announced ‘Yas bitch, yas bitch, yas bitch… ****’ and she then quoted them, as she's an equal, on W Face." Are you sure you bought the right stuff, hun?​

So the one time she performed this is not online, so... have this.
Oh Lord, I've had to be AWOL the past month and now have to catch up with where this is at.

I also have to catch up with @BEST FICTION Namie rate but my last forum activity was telling him I'd get commentary sent and I feel awful.

I look forward to handing out likes if my 10's remain!
I was wondering where you went, hun.

Sooo... I had a little break from everything this past weekend and then I had a bit of stress regarding my phone dying and buying a new one. Next up we have a 3 track tie and at least one of the them leaves today.




Average: 7,63
Highest score: 10x1 (@Remorque) 9x2 (@EachSmallStep, @me!)
Lowest score: 4x1 (@yuuurei) 6x2 (@Eskiath, @lalaclairi_)
My score: lookie above

Hi, hello, how are ya? I'm good, thanks for asking, although we do say goodbye to the anytime single. Bounce was as a b-side for it and was produced by Anthony Anderson, Steve Smith, Chin Injeti and written by Kumi and those guys. Considering the authors of this piece, no wonder an English version by Rosette (誰?) exists. Her version has some random rapping and some janky flow, which doesn't really sit with me, or perhaps I got too used to Kumi's version. Anyhow, the song is a quirky party anthem and it kinda reminds me of Let's Party only less classy. I've always liked this as its contrast to anytime only lets both songs shine even more. Lyrics wise this is about, hold on to your hats, partying, hanging out with your girls and trying to guess how to get laid:​

Bounce, ladies, bounce

B-b-b baby let's get down
Our smiles and bodies start getting excited
Bounce, ladies, bounce
Sh-sh-sh shake everything you got
Shake, shake with this music

What's wrong? Why are you making such a face?
I'll stand by you, so won't you tell me?
Hey, Mr. DJ, won't you tell us
what's in a man's heart???

DJ, how can I make
baby, his feelings mine?

Bounce, ladies, bounce
B-b-b baby let's get down
Teasing them on purpose is okay, right?
Bounce, ladies, bounce
Sh-sh-sh shake everything you got
Pretend to be drunk on the strong cocktails
(c) @otenkiame

So only those who liked the track had anything to say about this, still @Weslicious (7) was having a bad day apparently, "A fun B-Side." That's... it? Not even an attempt at a pun? Awright. @TABOO (7,5) found this one more to his liking in comparison to the a-side, "Aptly titled because this does, in fact, bounce! I don’t revisit this song as often as I probably should, because it is a banger. Lowkey, it outshines the single itself." It does bounce, I agree. The way they managed to tune out that main bass is superb. At the same time though, @vague (8) would've liked something even bouncier, "a lil bit more subdued sounding than i was expecting from the title, but it's one of her best b-sides from this era. i love the outro; wish it were longer tbh!" Yes, the outro is nice, that flop English version doesn't even have it. Beware, @otenkiame (8.5) is going on a squeezing rampage after hearing this one, "Those squeaky sounds! I don't know what they are, but I adore them. I just really find myself drawn to this as a whole. It's so fun and peppy without even seeming to try to amp up the BPM. I dunno if that makes sense, but what a great b-side." I get you, hun, this is surprisingly laid back when you strip off the production. I wouldn't suggest being near @Cutlery (8.5) when he's bouncing, either, "Charli XCX found trying to learn Japanese (again). This nice little extra is boppy and well-produced enough to be catchy and have me moving" Ouch, my eye!

Polishing off this ebonite rod why did I remember my physics classes all of a sudden? is @EachSmallStep, "She has such an alluring tone and her head voice is utilized so well. One of her top covers hands down. Such a bop." Fun fact, somehow I didn't know about the Rosette version until someone I'm sorry, I don't remember who posted it on this very forrem.​

Speaking of Rosette, you can find her version below, but first let's watch a live performance for Bounce from one of Kumi's best shows, the Dirty Ballroom, which was uploaded to YouTube by avex themselves.
Dddd, at those visual effect.

Also how many B-sides/extras are left?
Hun, we had a sum-up just on the previous page. 6 extra songs are left.

Get It On
Sweet Kiss
XXX feat. Koda Kumi / SOULHEAD
Run For Your Life
Lady Go!

Phew, finally caught up with this rate.

@evilsin you're doing amazing sweetie (aside from my 10s that got eliminated).
Thank you!

With an exception of the snail like pace, right?