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The Koda Kumi Rate PART II: WE'RE DONE, for now

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So what's with all those introductions?

  1. Introduction to the second session

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  3. Introduction for Kingdom

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  1. See, people, silver lining!
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  2. D.D.D. thanks
    Run for Your Life needs to depart~
    Btw no worries on the slow pace sis, I love a rate that takes its time and I can actually check the write-ups at my own pace and so on
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  3. [​IMG]
    Run For Your Life

    Highest score: 10x1 (@me! you joyless heathens!) 9x3 (@mi|kshake, @RUNAWAY, @Empty Shoebox)
    Lowest score: 4x1 (@yuuurei) 6x1 (@vague)
    My score: lookie above

    So did anyone want another extra to go or what? Run For Your Life was produced by Phrased Differently, who we already met while eliminating MORE, in particular Hiten Bharadia, Philippe-Marc Anquetil and Christopher Lee-Joe, and written by Kumi. The song was part of the FREAKY single and despite receiving a music video and seeming an a-side didn't appear on Kingdom, well, it did, but only on the DVD, for some reason. Fun fact, the video was shot in the same location as the one for anytime, thus people believe that the latter could have been a part of FREAKY instead of a stand alone single. The track itself is a bouncy lively and quirky number brimming with life hehe. Quite novel to this part of Kumi's discography we have a bit of talk/speak singing or what most people erroneously, in my opinion, call "rapping". The chorus is a delight, but these parts just take the whole cake, not to mention the vocal production here overall is pure gold. Lyrically we have a self-empowering anthem that reassure you can get it if you really try:

    Hey, hey! Can you look at my honey? Look, look!

    Oh crap! Our eyes met again! I can't hold it back
    Oh, my baby! Other girls are no good!! Don't look at them
    'Cause I'm sure I'm the best

    Hold on!
    Don't make a gloomy face, hold your head high
    With a smile, yeah, cheese & cheese & smile!
    If you do it your own way, that'll be enough

    I want you all to myself more
    I'm the only one
    who can satisfy you more

    So run for your life!!
    Look at yourself in the mirror with positive thoughts
    So run for your life!!
    Yeah, I'll become a rose-colored me! Yeah, believe it!
    (c) @otenkiame

    This got a lot of 7s and 7,5s, and y'all weren't that talkative about it as well. Starting with @vague we have some points that were made, "i love the bridges with those gorgeous harmonies, but the rest of this song is way too much for me" Kumi‽ Tew much‽ Ru, never! The @Cutlery (7) hasn't been sharpened in a long time, it seems, "Serving me a bit of Joanne realness for some reason" Have you been smoking 'em all, hun? @EachSmallStep (7,5) shows her geek side, "Funky smooth! Like the sort of comic book MV." Funky smooth was my name in prison. @TABOO's (7,5) shtick in this rate has been providing sensible commentary with both pros and cons of a song, I noticed, ""Cheese and cheese and smile"! What a lot of fun Run For Your Lifeis! It has the ample amount of cute and sass to drive it home without becoming saccharine or tiresome." A lof of fun, indeed. @otenkiame (8) looks over the negative parts and sees a shining bop, "It's so quirky and fun! It does such a good job of giving a positive message while maintaining this funky summer vibe. It's also got the perfect amout of cute from Kuu." This does sound like one of those tracks that instantly feel like they were made specifically for Kumi, doesn't it? When it comes to @Weslicious (8), he's taste develops with time, "A track that’s grown on me as time goes by." So... should we repeat this ordeal in a couple of years so you could give this a 10?

    Concluding with a 9 giver @RUNAWAY, we are reassured that time does work wonders, "I really reconnected to this song and really fell back in love with it. I remember someone saying the video was just about being the one Asian girl at a white people party and I can’t stop laughing." Can we also talk about the cute guys, how good Kumi looked and how marvelously she snatched those beers?

    Kumi performed this a couple of times during her career, but we can't ignore the iconic one one from Dream Park Live, which gifted us with this majestic gif:
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  4. Love it.
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  5. WHA? I thought Run For Your Life would be a fan favourite! Top 20 material! POP INJUSTICE!!
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  6. Did someone say a TRICK album track?

    Hurry Up!

    Highest score: 10x2 (@Eskiath, @TABOO) 9x3 (@Cutlery, @soratami, @EachSmallStep)
    Lowest score: 5x1 (@yuuurei) 6x2 (@RUNAWAY, @ThisIsRogue)
    My score: 7,5

    Hurry up and say bye to Hurry Up! Produced, surprisingly, by Yamaki Ryuichiro (SUITE CHIC's Not This Time, Namie's Can You Feel This Love, lots and lots of work with LISA) and written by Kumi, the track is a high energy pop-rock number. Honestly, Kuu has a lot better rock inspired songs in her repertoire, still the rush of the chorus here is undeniable, so much so I want to slam or something to it. Also let's not forget that amazing performance on a suspended bike during the TRICK Tour. When it comes to lyrics, this has a bit of a reflective side on the guy Kumi used to see:
    Rather than playing hard to get
    you said you like me honest, right? Was that a lie?
    Your arms that were wrapped in happiness turned cold
    When did that happen? Are you an actor?

    My cell phone used to just ring
    but not now
    Da battle is on
    I haven't heard from you
    So our relationship
    was like that! Right!?

    Get away boy, get away boy
    I was only focused on you
    Not anymore, not anymore
    I mustn't get out of focus
    Get away boy, get away boy
    My efforts came to nothing
    Not anymore, not anymore
    Even if you cover your ears, my voice will resound, so tell me
    (c) @otenkiame

    Ah, @yuuurei (5), how's it going? How are you? What the tea? "This kind of stresses me out?! It's all right I guess, just kinda ... frantic." That's... the point of the song, hun. @otenkiame (7) got reminded, "I vividly remember my friend telling me one day, "Could you turn this off? It's annoying". I'll agree that the chorus can get a tad annoying after a while, but I like the aggressive route it takes with those guitars and the overall energy." I guess I got used to the chorus, but I agree, at first it felt a bit disjointed and didn't flow as nicely as it could have. @vague (8) decided to measure up, "not quite a rock song, but it's as close as she's come since ningyo-hime so i appreciate it. that short little bit at 2:15 or so is SO dang good! would've loved the whole middle 8 to be like that, oh man" Oh, that bit, that damn bit that I still don't know what she's singing and it's been almost 10 years, ugh. The actual middle 8 is great though. @Cutlery is a visual person, "After that horrible Fergie Ferg collab, my ears were cleansed by this electric guitar-packed action movie soundtrack jam. I can practically imagine a desert car chase to it, or something" Oh my, you're totally right, this does sound like it requires a high speed action scene. @EachSmallStep wanted me to in a state of a confusion, "Reminds me of some country rock songs I like, which are few." I AM CONFEWSHON... @EachSmallStep, EKSPRAIN!!!

    The overall atmosphere of a song made a prolonged impression on @TABOO "This assault of a song was amongst my favourites from this album since my initial listen, and I’m glad to say it still holds its own! It’s ferocious in its delivery, with the bridge being a personal highlight." Do you hurry up to the volume dial every time?

    Here is the aforementioned live from the TRICK Tour, the performance is at 2:45.
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  7. Just because it's the point of the song doesn't mean I have to like it, sweaty.
    She says "hurry up and love me" at that part ... I also wish more of the song had been like that part and the next bit - I particularly like how she says "dakedo sou da yo, sou dakedo" at the end of it.

    Oh also - for a while when I first heard this song back in the day, I thought in the chorus she was saying "cadillac" instead of "get away" ... it still kinda sounds like that to me www.
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  8. Hey, I know it's been hot and stuffy lately, still no need to call me out like that.
    I can hear it now, thanks.
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  9. Awww Hurry Up! was one of the better tracks on Trick.
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  10. So far so good. I'm just sad That Ain't Kuu and Simple & Lovely left so early. The top 30 is going to be great!
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  11. [​IMG]

    Anata ga Shite Kureta Koto

    Highest score: 10x3 (@Eskiath, @EachSmallStep, @me!) 8,5x3 (@Cutlery)
    Lowest score: 5x1 (@Weslicious) 6,5x1 (@mi|kshake)
    My score: lookie above

    Kindgom keeps on losing tracks and me 10s. Anata ga Shite Kureta Koto was produced by Inoue Daisuke (not the inventor of karaoke machine and not the one that worked on anime OSTs, the one that composed Aoyama Thema's KEEP ON) and written by Kumi, we have a heave beat / soft guitar kind of affair here. I adore this to bits. The choppy verses, the languishing chorus, the hopeful middle 8, everything works really harmoniously together. This is so fun to sing along to, I wonder why Kumi never performed this live. Perhaps a lot of overlapping parts made her opt out of this one, who knows? The music video is supposed to connect the other 3 "story driven" videos, which are Koi no Mahou, Himitsu and Amai Wana. The PV is okay, at least she's pretty. Lyrically this is about remembring your ex and having a bit of a longing for them still:

    When we separated,

    we became utter strangers
    I wonder if we could have continued
    as friends forever...
    I'm always regretting like that
    I didn't know
    about the true you
    So I don't have any right to stop you

    I can't erase all
    the things you did for me
    Even if I erased my memory
    they'd remain in my heart

    You taught me
    that I spoilt myself
    with your kindness
    Can't I turn back time now?
    (c) @otenkiame

    Only 6 of you had anything to say about this really really nice song and, honetsly, this is homophobic. Guess most of you felt like @Weslicious about this one, "Not remotely memorable." Excuse me, and who remembers you? Okay, I do, but only because of Kumi user icon. I catch @otenkiame (7) by the hood of his hoodies as he tries to go his merry way, "Okay, so I enjoy this track on some levels, but it just gets really repetitive after a while. I hate that I feel like that, because I really want to like it more." I don't think it's that repeptitive, but I see what you're saying. The whole sombre mood with the never chaning R'n'B beat can make one feel so. Elsewhere @vague (8) shows of their memory muscle, "something about this rly reminds me of, like, late '90s urban-tinged jpop. the chorus is a total earworm" Flex, hun, flex! This is very catchy, I agree. One of those that can spring on me any second out of the blue. @TABOO (8) appreciates the finer things in life, "The production plays a big part in why I like this track as much as I do. The guitar adds a gorgeous flair that blends well with Kumi’s rhythm and flow. A really good album track!" Indeed, it's not overburdened at the same time. I mean I love busy tracks, but sometimes less is more. @Cutlery did his homework and looked up the lyrics, "Kumi is unable to let go, as she falls in delusion by convincing herself she wants/needs to meet her ex, don't do it sis! Thankfully, by the end of the track she seems to have accepted it and moved on a bit" You can command one's heart after all, be it someone else's or your own. Looks like the long battle finished in @Eskiath's defeat, "I didn't really like this for ages, but eventually it clicked with me and now it's one of my favourites on Kingdom." I mean... didn't you win in the end by learning to love this?

    As I meantioned earlier no live performances of this exist, unfortunately, so we will have to deal with the PV.
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  12. Hey, everyone! I'm new here, hehe. I posted a post, but it looks like I forgot to post introduction first so it wasn't seen. I discovered this forum very recently for some reason and I'm happy that I can discuss Kumi with someone because no one of my friends listens to her, lol. Anyway, that's really great thread, those round ups are amazing and funny, keep it up!
    Also wanted to ask, around what time part 3 will happen and what albums it will include?
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  13. Oh, hey, I believe you're the same guy that found my Kumi post on Instagram. Glad that you're finding this to your liking and happy to have you with us.

    As for Part III, we've discussed it a bit earlier and it will happen sometime after Part II is finished I do need some time to relax, mind you and it will have the songs from UNIVERSE and up to Bon Voyage.
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  14. Yeah, that was me! That's great, so all my favorite eras of Kumi will be in the Part 4!
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  15. Sounds... triggering.
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  16. Unpopular opinion incoming: EX TAPE actually got me into Kumi and I still think it's her best song out of the whole discography and she looked the best during it.
    Now kill me!
  17. No, this opinion I can get behind.
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  18. [​IMG]

    Bling Bling Bling feat. AK-69

    Highest score: 10x3 (@RUNAWAY, @Eskiath, @TABOO) 9x4 (@Weslicious, @Cutlery, @lalaclairi_, @me!)
    Lowest score: 4,5x1 (@Squashua) 5,5x1 (@vague)
    My score: lookie above

    This is kinda starting to look like a Kingdom/TRICK cull, no? Bling Bling Bling was produced by Steve Lee, Tina Harris, Pete Martin and written by them and Kumi and was used as one of a promotional tracks along with Joyful during TRICK's promo cycle. The urban track sees Kumi collaborating with AK-69, a rapper, the first collab of a sort since Candy with Mr.Blistah, or Simple & Lovely with m-flo if we count extra tracks. I know people are very polorized about this little ditty, still I really appreciated it right from the start. Sure it's not as instant as some of her other urban tracks and it leans more towards usual generic ground a la That Ain't Cool, but at the same time it is a bit unique in terms of her discography. Besides there are quite a few amazing melodies sprinkled throughout and Kumi actually sounds like she possesses some appropriate swagger to carry the track and doesn't try sounding childing or whiny as she would love to do in later tracks. Moreover the title is funny in Russian as it sounds like she's saying "Crap Crap Crap". The message of the song? Get his coin, girls!

    You know what you gotta do

    Are you really trying to test me?
    Show me the black card quickly, and stop irritating me
    I want you to satisfy me
    More and more give me give me
    It's not enough
    All that money money money just make it out to cash

    Boy you've got no time
    There's still a waiting list
    after you, so I'm going on to the next guy. Is that okay?
    I'll wait until your cigarette
    is finished, so decide your answer now
    All that money money money just make it out to cash
    (c) @otenkiame

    Didn't I tell you this one is divisive AF or what? @yuuurei (6) once again shows her rap-hating a... I mean tush, "This is silly but fun, I'd like it way more without the rapping dude though." I've had it with you over VERBAL already, AK-69 is totally adequate and is actually one of the better rappers. @vague goes in harshly on Kumi's vocals, "hm, this is very one-note and Kuu's super nasal, almost bratty vocals... yikes. not a fan of this at all." I'm surprised you still gave it more than our lowest scorer, @Squashua, who isn't a fan of the delivery as well, "I sense this will be a love it / hate it kind of track and I sadly fall on the latter side. It's delivered a bit too much like a pre-teen playground chant for me to really get into it." Okay, I can see now how some rappers aren't @yuuurei's cup of a tea I still haven't seen a song with one she likes though! Somewhere else @otenkiame (6) hatefully succumbs to the dark side, "I'm being generous with my rating, because, let's be honest, this song can be just plain annoying. It's messy as fuck with Kuu trying to be hood by throwing in as many slang words as she can. Plus, it sounds like a Fergie left over. But, sometimes I live for trash, so..." You know, I used to get hung up on this as well, because time and again I thought she didn't even know what she was singing about... We're gonna have a field day on the subject of modern slang in Part IV, aren't we?

    Moving on to the praise, we have @EachSmallStep (8,5), who nails it 100%, "The precursor to MONEY IN MY BAG. The verses take unexpected directions that keep me listening, despite that refrain being a bit too much." Oh my, not only the sound is similar, but the theme as well! Good eye... or ear. @Weslicious knows what's up, "So bad it’s good. That rock version she did the other year emphasized this." Yes, the live arrangement works really nicely. @Eskiath digs the live performances as well, "I love when she goes crazy with this live." You know, after actually seeing her live, she sells all of her songs live, hah. Despite having some doubts @TABOO came around to this one in the end, "A standout from TRICK! The lyrics are incredibly humorous, but in some manner, I can’t help but relate! The flow of the verses and the tone of her delivery are definitely amongst my favourite parts of this track as a whole. AK-69 does detract a little, but I can forgive that given the final iteration of the pre-chorus right at the conclusion. I love it!" Thank you! And last, but not least is @RUNAWAY who just loves this one, "this song is fucking awesome. Seriously, AMAZING." No, hun, you're amazing! Apart from that one time in Part I whe-...

    Kumi performes this from time to time, sometimes even with AK-69, still I need you to see this one from MNET MAMA Awards from 2011, where Kumi show KPop acts how it's really done (cue Minzy singing along to Ai no Uta in the audience):
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  19. I think Bling Bling Bling is one of the first Kumi's "Very cringey but I freaking love it" songs (oh, god she has a lot of those isn't she?). It's also one of those songs that you kinda listen, then forget and start singing randomly and then you fall in love with it and it can't get out of your head, well at least that was for me.

    Also, I don't know japanese, but this song seems like about Kumi being golddigger or something lol
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