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The Koda Kumi Rate PART II: WE'RE DONE, for now

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by evilsin, Mar 20, 2018.


So what's with all those introductions?

  1. Introduction to the second session

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  3. Introduction for Kingdom

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  1. Is it a water squirt machine gun? Oh yes it is! That looks fun...
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  2. Yes.
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  3. I'm sorry for my transgressions.



    Average: 8,05
    Highest score: 11x1 (@ThisIsRogue) 10x2 (@Squashua, @Eskiath) 9x2 (@vague, @RUNAWAY)
    Lowest score: 6x1 (@Remorque) 6,5x1 (@Osiris)
    My score: 8

    Things are heating up real quick up in herre, aren't they? TRICK says goodbye to one of it's promo tracks that received a music video and @ThisIsRogue to his 11. Produced by Greg Critchley and Matthew Gerrard and apparently Kumi, although the demo that resurfaced was exactly the same, avex, you lying binch and written by Kumi, the song is a happy little R'n'B ode to friendship and I'm 100% here for it. I appreciate how this is quite cute, and yet bops a bit. The strings are very distinguished and quirky, which I like a lot. The melodies in the chorus are so nice and smooth and I love how Kumi managed to write the Japanese lyrics to fit those to a tee. Through the lyrics Kumi expresses how she loves and admires her friend:

    This time I bawl over something small
    with my cell phone in one hand
    At times like that, the one who calls
    and comes to see me is you

    You shed tears together with me
    as if we have the same pain
    I calm down
    just by having you gently pat my shoulder

    I like you, thank you from my heart
    Today's failures are the next step
    I like you just the way you are
    I should just walk as myself
    (c) @otenkiame

    Being so happy and so bright, you pretty much love it and it showed in the commentary. @TABOO (7) once again describes the track in a great way, "Kuu paints a very relatable picture with her lyrics, and the production definitely adds to the themes of friendship and love conveyed." That's the thing! The message and the sound work so nicely here. @EachSmallStep (7,5) is... really freaking young, "The instrumental flourishes and chorus have me coming back. The MV made me want to hang with friends every time. Just reaching double digits me found this so uplifting." I'm gonna fucking key your car. It looks like @RUNAWAY was holding in this one for quite a while, "SO FUCKING CUTE!!" Agree. And so does @otenkiame (8), "A really nice string opening that then adds in some R&B elements for a laidback, cute track about friends. It works nicely just being what it is." Another testimony of a perfect fit of sound and meaning. @Weslicious (8) sees a bit of a pattern, "It sort of fits her usual cutesy song template, but has a bit of bite to it." Guess giving the productional reigns to the Western producers paid off. @yuuurei (8) shows her soft side with this one, "This is just super cute. I always love a song that's about friends!" It is very uplifting and relatable indeed. @vague appreciates the way Kumi sings here and the message behind it all, "oh my god, this is so cute and sweet!! build up my self esteem a bitsy, queen! the chorus is fantastic and she sounds great on this." This elimination is sponsored by the word "cute", no doubt.

    Segueing to our top scorers, @Eskiath cracks the code on liking a song, "This came on shuffle sometime last year whilst I was in a really good mood and I've loved it eversince. It's so happy." Glad the stars alinged so, hun. I bet @Squashua had some conniving plan to make me fall in love with him through his commentary, "The fiddle-esque strings really shouldn't work with this ultra-vibey r'n'b throwback but they really elevate those bordering-on-Barney&Friends-chorus-lyrics into something more sophisticated. I bet this is a perfect song for stomping around the boulevards by night feeling your slightly tipsy oats." His plan is working.

    Polishing off this reveal is @ThisIsRogue, who changed his mind and didn't give the 11 to Tsuki to Taiyou, "This is really good. I love the musical production with the violin sample repeating and the tinkling piano interspersed throughout the song." Any further insights on your 11's exit?

    Kumi performed this live during TRICK Tour.
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  4. True story: When I was in my calculus class at uni, someone's ringtone went off and played the instrumental part of "JUST THE WAY YOU ARE". I wasn't sure if the person liked Kumi or the song was originally a ringtone, but I never had the balls to find out.
  5. o-m-g I forgot about that - I had that ringtone too! But it wasn't listed under Kumi's name or anything, it was just a random melody. It actually took me a while to figure out why it was so familiar, and when I did I changed it to my main ringtone immediately www. /2009 memories

    Anyway it's definitely an adorable track, glad it made it to the top 30.
  6. Guess the stings are some kind of sample, that might have been used for the ringtone as well.
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  7. [​IMG]


    Lady Go!

    Highest score: 10x4 (@soratami, @ThisIsRogue, @vague, @RUNAWAY) 9x2 (@Empty Shoebox, @Remorque)
    Lowest score: 5x1 (@yuuurei) 6,5x1 (@Osiris)
    My score: 8,5
    Whoosh, and thus the entirety of the MOON single is gone. Produced by the illustrious Morimoto Kousuke and written by Kumi, Lady Go! is a fun catchy summer thumper that makes you wanna dance. First of all, let's undress... I mean address the eliphant in the room - the intro is certainly an homage to Kylie's Wow, it's almost identical. Secondly, Kumi makes a statement! She knows how to tell apart a "lady" from "ready" in the right hands of a voice producer that is, dddd. Thirdly, this is like a little cosmic journey into the night starry skies and Kuu is our captain. Fourthly, the lyrics aren't really making much sense to me, guess it's kinda has a self-empowering vibe, no?

    Lady, ready, go

    Here we, here we go
    Well, it's summer, so it's possible, right?!
    Lady, ready, go
    Here we, here we go
    My friends are here too

    Lady, ready, go
    Here we, here we go
    If you have time to feel down
    Lady, ready, go
    Here we, here we go
    Then let's make our lives bloom
    (c) @otenkiame

    Only @Weslicious (7) clocked the inspiration behind the intro, although he believes that the whole thing is taking it from the Kylie single, "It’s OK. The instrumental was a bit too obviously inspired by Kylies Wow though (Just not as good a generi-bop)." It has a similar overall sound, I guess. @lalaclairi_ (7,5) showed their face to state a fact, "Would've enjoyed this more with less vocal effects." You know, I did have a bit of problem with this, when the song first came out, but I really just got used to it after a couple of listens. It's no PINK SPIDER in that regards, that's for sure. From the looks of it, @TABOO (7,5) had to give this a bit of time, "Like much of the MOON single, I’ve grown more fond of Lady Go! overtime. Out of the four, this is definitely the one which captivated the vibe of Summer best." Not when Once Again exists, hun. @EachSmallStep (8) got all caught up in the catchiness, "Her semi-cutesy, energetic tracks are very hit or miss for me. Here though, the refrain is just so fun and the lives invigorated the crowd, changing my mind." The chorus is repetitive, no denying that, still it manages not to be annoying. As with the most commentry in this rate @otenkiame (8) possesses the voice of reason, "Sort of like "girls", which means it's a peppy track to pump up the summer vibe with an explosion of sounds. Again, she adds cute vibes to her voice, but does it tastefully. A little longer than it needs to be, but a fun track nonetheless." The first chorus could actually go, yes. @Cutlery (8,5) wouldn't mind a version sang by Katy, I bet, "Serving me PRISM album track realness. That's not necessarily an insult though, cuz this piece of electropop mostly only takes the good things out of it (but it could be slightly less repetitive)" A queen inspiring a queen?

    The high rollers of this round adored the track, obviously. @RUNAWAY demands some justice, "this song is so incredible it’s crazy that it was overlooked as a single! It’s an absolute 10 from me and hopefully it will go far!" At least this still gets to be performed live from time to time. @ThisIsRogue loves intros, flights and hair, "Wow, that intro is spectacular. It makes you feel like you're about to take flight, and then Kuu's voice comes in and my wig's flown to Asia." Accurate. @vague's comment just makes me kinda happy, "oh, waow?? this is better than a good 90% of the TRICK album AND every other song on the single. i hope this is at least a tour staple 'cause it's soooo good!!! i'm def gonna have this on repeat for the rest of the night ddd" Once again Once Again is the best song on the single, but I get you. And yes, this is performed live, don't fret.

    As a great energetic summer track this gets some plays live, especially, well, during summers.
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  8. I won't miss those!

    The top 20 is going to be great!
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  9. Hi, hello, how are ya? This is @evilsin, reporting in.

    Average: 8,15
    Highest score: 11x1 (@me!) 10x3 (@Love Deluxe, @yuuurei, @otenkiame)
    Lowest score: 6x1 (@ThisIsRouge) 7x7 (@Osiris, @Weslicious, @Empty Shoebox, @Cutlery, @Eskiath, @soratami, @lalaclairi_)
    My score: IT'S MY FUCKING 11 LEAVING, has some fucking respect!

    Unfortunately, and with great sorrow we have to say goodbye to my beautiful angel, that is a b-side to TABOO, which actually makes it one of Kumi's best singles overall. Produced by Daisuke"D.I."Imai and written by Kumi, this marks the last proper time he ever created for her. Technically INTRODUCTION FOR TRICK is the last piece he contributed to Kuu's discography, although I can't really count it, as it was just an intro track the full live version doesn't count! Because it was abysmal.

    What can I say? This is without a doubt one of my most loved Kumi tracks and just one of the best songs my ears have ever been blessed to hear. Obviously you have your BUTs, your TABOOs and your other megabops, but to me this one just had to be the one. Ruminating about all this I came to a conclusion that only one other song that we're going to be rating in Part III is superior to Always and it's actually my ultimate Kumi song, still in this part Always just had to be my 11. It just had to.

    This goddamn song is just so full of warmth and love that I almost burst with happiness everytime I'm listening to this. Besides that it's just so smooth and silky, just the perfect example of this mid-tempo synthy R'n'B subgenre. It's still one of the song I wish I could do justice in recording. Such a joy to sing with all those gorgeous melodies throughout. And those futarira futariratata here and there, ugh, so freaking good! Have I mentioned that I love this song to death? Because I do, goddammit!

    Lyrically, this is a sweet love letter to a 1 year anniversary with your loved one. The time when you clearly know you love that person and you want to be with them, well, always.

    "Come here" I call you, and on the veranda

    I look up at the stars, saying, "They're beautiful, aren't they?"
    Have you noticed my feelings?
    Honestly, the fact that I can
    have your profile all to myself
    may be my only explanation for this happiness

    We line up our two glasses and get close
    You're the one who blushed
    (c) @otenkiame

    Only fucking 5 of you commented on this majestic piece, so let's hear what you had to say, hmm? @TABOO (8,5) keeps me on the verge of tears just like the song with his words, "This never fails to bring a tear to my eye. It makes me so happy! Kuu paints such an enchanting and harmonious depiction of romance through her lyrics, and this is only aided by her elegant vocals. Always is delicate and dazzling." Indeed, hun, indeed. Going down the memory lane is @vague (9), "fantastic lil midtempo bop. the melody of the chorus reminds me so much of another song, but i can't quite place it... or maybe i'm just remembering hearing this once or twice 10 years ago (jfc i feel old thinking about that). idk dddd but i love this so i guess it doesn't matter" Oh my god, it did come out 10 fucking years ago. @EachSmallStep (9,5) tells only the truth, "One of her top B-sides of all time. The delivery is so genuine and the lyrics are adorably about a supportive couple." What made you substract half a point though? Guys, do you think @otenkiame is obsessed? I think he's obsessed, "Obsession. I was obsessed with this song when it was first released. It does EVERYTHING right as far as cute R&B songs go. Those bell sounds really get to me, and her upper register is just heavenly. One of her very best b-sides, hands down." Hun, please, don't stop and keep on waxing lyrical. Considering the little amount of full scores @yuuurei gave, I'm so freaking ecstatic right now, "Very charming and twinkly and romantic, I adore it." YAAAAAAS, you came through in the end, hun! YAY!

    And the live performances? Gosh, the one from TRICK Tour with the ripping of the wedding dress into the black one to transition to This is not a love song was such a fucking moment.

    Now excuse me, while I go and cry myself to sleep.
    I hate spoilers ruining my pretty posts.
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  10. Okay, now this is a pop injustice.
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  11. Told you, binch.

    This is out too soon but I'm not surprised at all. The lack of respect for ballads in these forums is deplorable.
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  12. Always will always be a 7.

    Sorry evilsin!
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  13. YES.
    This is not really a ballad though.
    Eat glass.

    Speaking of, we have only 2 full on ballads left in the rate. Wonder which one will be the top rated one, hmm.

    Comment on my video I took 5 days to make, you heathens!
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  14. "Usually slow in tempo, ballads tend to have a lush musical arrangement which emphasize the song's melody and harmonies. Characteristically, ballads use acoustic instruments such as guitars, pianos, saxophones, and sometimes an orchestral set. Many modern mainstream ballads tend to feature synthesizers, drum machines and even, to some extent, a dance rhythm."

    Tell me how Always isn't a ballad or stop f*cking arguing with me and learn that I'm always right.
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  15. Well, I've always hehe put mid-tempos such as Always into it's own catergory. For me ballads are slower than this. I realize it has become a much broader term with time, still I can't for the live of me call Always a ballad.
  16. Aishou is her best ballad.
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  17. One of, totally.
  18. [​IMG]


    Highest score: 11x1 (@mi|kshake) 10x4 (@soratami, @aaronhansome, @RUNAWAY, @me!) 9,5x1 (@EachSmallStep)
    Lowest score: 4x1 (@Eskiath, how?) 5x1 (@yuuurei, dead to me)
    My score: lookie above

    The closer to Top20, the more 11s are starting to fall. Produced by Egami Kotarou (Nishino Kana, CHEMISTRY, SOLIDEMO) and written by Kumi, Someday is one of the most bright and gentle songs Kuu put her name to. Being the closer to the 12-in-12 project in the order of the singles, on the album and in the story of the PVs is quite a fit and the song is perfect for it. The R'n'B-lite track merges piano, strings and occasional blip and warble here and there with finesse that provides an overwhelming feeling of warmth and sunshine, which makes it ideal for repeated listening. I fucking adore how she single the Anata ni deaete hontou ni ureshiku omou line, such an earworm! And that middle 8 almost ripped out of a track of different disposition is something else. All-in-all I always had a soft spot for this. Lyrics are cute and carry the message of appriciation for you ex:

    You said my nose dyed red was cute

    I'm really glad that I got to meet you
    All of the albums of photos with you and the e-mails
    are my precious treasures...

    The time we spent wasn't that long
    but I can't measure our depth
    I can't make them memories
    that will just pass away
    I can't change the time I spent with you into anything else

    If we try to meet again
    someday, somewhere
    I hope we can talk with smiles
    I want you to fall in a great love
    and someday see the new me
    (c) @otenkiame

    The artwork for this single was inspired by Japan and here it is in all it's glory:


    Despite being the undeniable piece of happiness, some of you managed to find it only fine. @Weslicious' (7) commentary doesn't really make sense to me, "A bit middle of the road, nothing too special. But it rounded off an amazing era, so…" So you gave this a bit more... just because it was the last of the 12-in-12? Interesting. @Remorque (7) digged deeper, "Enjoyable, if a bit unremarkable though." Me after a first date. Contrary to the song's sunny attitude, @otenkiame (8.5) decided to throw some shade, "This track really makes me feel just warm and happy inside. It's so bright and full of positive feelings. J-pop done right. Take some notes, AKB."
    TI-CHA- TI-CHA NAZE!!! NIGEGOSHI DE! @Squashua (8.5) was left a bit cold by the heartwarming ditty, "Again, it's the strings that are seducing me into this one but ultimately, whilst good (especially the jazzy speak-breakdown), it's nothing extraordinary." Gotta learn to play some strings real quick. @Cutlery (8.5) gave the same score as @Squashua, but somehow it feels that much more appreciated this round, "Great use of strings to create a very lounge and laidback feel for this track. I appreciate the personal and mundane lyrics in the choruses, because it makes Kumi’s love honest and relatable. The quieter bridge is also a nice addition" You definitely described everything I enjoy about the song. It took some time for @TABOO (9), "I only connected with this song recently, but I adore it! The nostalgia of a relationship which has come to an end is beautifully depicted through Kuu’s lyrics and imagery. The bridge gets me every time!" Yes, the middle 8 is a clear highlight. @vague (9) might be onto something, "oh, waow, i like it a lot!! it's really sweet-sounding, and these sweet n simple pop tracks are something i think Kumi really does well - maybe even more so than the thottery she's known for dddd. also: the single cover? absolutely stunning. definitely the best cover of the 12 singles project and p'raps her best overall." Ah, I see you're a sis of culture as well.

    Our 11 apponter @mi|kshake couldn't provide any commentary, so we might look at @RUNAWAY for inspiration, "This was the perfect closer to this era and this album. Absolutely one of her best singles, and it makes me feel hopeful. It’s such a good song and video. What? This isn’t the closer to this album? What? A whole new world? What’s that?" I have no idea what you're talking about, hun.

    Someday has been performed live quite a bit and the fan love it as you can see with this FEVER LIVE IN HALL video. The whole live orchestra, though? Wig.
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  19. Don't remind me!

    Goodbye Someday, you fared well! This song is just so happy go lucky, I love it.
  20. I adore how it talks about the topic of separation in such positive light, it's an uncommon theme in the songs.
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