The Koda Kumi Rate PART II: WE'RE DONE, for now

So what's with all those introductions?

  • Introduction to the second session

    Votes: 4 21.1%

    Votes: 1 5.3%
  • Introduction for Kingdom

    Votes: 4 21.1%

    Votes: 10 52.6%

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Oh I missed a lot. Wow Lady Go is such a nostalgy, I wasn't fan of Kumi back then but I remembered this song. Lady, ready, go
Here we, here we go.
So Iconic!

Wait there is full version of Trick introduction? Can you link it to me?
Aw, Someday is lovely, but it still hasn't left a lasting impression on me and it's making me think my 7 was actually overscoring it a bit. Still, it ranks a lot higher than I think it would.

Those low scores though, sistren...
Wait there is full version of Trick introduction? Can you link it to me?

It was just extended a bit to open the tour (which I'm sure was on youtube, but I can no longer find). The live recording was a bonus track on the Alive/Physical Thing single.

The instrumental was also re-used and became Welcome To My World from Universe.
Wait there is full version of Trick introduction? Can you link it to me?
She performed the full version as the opener for TRICK Tour and later included this live version as a CD Only First Press bonus track on Alive / Physical Thing single. It has a potential, but it feels very undercooked. The rules on this forrem forbid asking for links, just so you know, hun, still I'll get back at you with it later in the day.
think my 7 was actually overscoring it a bit
Those low scores though, sistren...
Sounds... contradicting.




LAST ANGEL feat. Koda Kumi

Highest score: 10x3 (@vague, @Empty Shoebox, @EachSmallStep) 9x4 (@mi|kshake, @Weslicious, @Squashua, @Cutlery)
Lowest score: 6x1 (@aaronhansome) 6,5x1 (@TABOO)
My score: 8,5

Did anybody want another single out? Cuz it's out now. For real. Produced by Negin, Ian-Paolo Lira, Hugo Lira and Thomas Gustafsson the track was written by Kumi and H.U.B. It features the behemoths that are Tohoshinki, who at the time were only starting to gain traction in the Japanese market, hence avex's decision to feature them on Kumi's single. To boost the exposure of the song, it was used as a promotional track for the japanese release of Resident Evil: Extinction. Sonically this is a futuristic bop and a half and its mere existence is a blessing, as I was beginning to get heavily into the boys' material at the time, so the announcement of the collaboration made me so freaking ecstatic. The back and forth singing between Kuu, Jaejoong, Junsu and Changmin is great and brings amazing dynamic to the table and it's also a lot of fun to sing along to. The mess of a rap part is still bothering me to this day though. They couldn't even bother making Yoochun and Yunho to enunciate their bit a little bit clearer or at least put the goddamn lyrics into the booklet! So irritating. Speaking of lyrics, they were definitely inspired by the movie:​

Can you hear me, everybody?

I'll stand up in my pain
even if it's endless I'm on my own way
When you open the door,
there'll be a new day called a dream
I'm sure the world will awake
and it will come; I pray
The light will be reborn

For eternity I'll save you baby; believe me and this love

Right now, come on tonight
We might make it now, break out alright
Believe, come on tonight
If I'm with you, I'll be alright
(c) @otenkiame

This one provoked quite a few thoughts in you. @aaronhansome says... something, "This always sounded like they thought it was bigger than it actually was, never my thing." What does that even mean? On the one hand, @TABOO remembers the good old days, "This one never really resonated with me. The collaboration ends up feeling a little flat and limp, which is a shame considering the caliber both parties had in 2007." Tohoshinki's next single after this one, Purple Line, charted at #1 on Oricon. Makes you think. @yuuurei (7), on the other hand, can't recall a certain something, "This reminds me of another song but I can't figure out which one it is. Anyway, it's kinda cool, I like it. For once I don't mind the featured vocalists either." What about the rap part though? @RUNAWAY (7.5) is not really a fan, "this was a cool collaboration for her, but the song is not one of my favorites." Still, what a huge collab! @Eskiath (7) notices that Tohoshinki are Korean, "She looks really small next to those guys." And yes, she's really petit, I've seen with my own eyes cries for 34 years. Looks like once again @otenkiame (8) shares my main thoughts on the track, "A track I never really cared for back in the day. It's grown on me a lot since then. I like the gritty approach, though there's always been something that seems unfinished about it?" Maybe the rap part? @Weslicious wasn't wasting any time and appreciated the eye candy, "Serving late 90’s US boyband realness in 2007. Brilliant." Some weird co-ed variation of one, although if you squint hard enough you can mistake Kuu for a Johnny's boy. @Squashua enjoys the juxtoposition of sounds, I've noticed, "The height of melodrama, I do really enjoy on this list of songs when KoKu plays around with the menacing rock vs epic strings combo." KoKu?​

I believe @Cutlery loves this one, "A dramatic opener, complete with a feature, strings, guitars and breaking the routine/thinking outside of the box lyrics. The only, minor letdown for me are the couple of ugly-filtered rap verses that break the flow a bit in the bridge" Ha, and here I was ready to ask "but what about the rap part?".

All of our top scorers provided commentary. Hurrah! @EachSmallStep makes a shocking confession, "Deep down, I’m TVXQ trash. I remember going crazy when I realized two of my favs collaborated. Still quite the jam." No need to be shy about it, hun, I was over the moon myself at the news. @Empty Shoebox is preaching, "Would be a lot better without the men, but I think I can forgive this once because the rest of the song is pretty fun." Wouldn't most things, hmm? Lastly, @vague sums up nicely the tracks pros, "oh, waow, the guy who wrote Loreen's Euphoria co-wrote this, too?? anyway, i remember when the single cover for this came out expecting something really poppy n fun, and being kinda disappointed when the actual song came out dddd but i've grown to love it over the years, and it's one of my faves from her now. it's a bop, but feels very lowkey, too. i love it." Ooh, didn't know one of those guys worked on Euphoria.​

Speaking of solo version, Tohoshinki did release theirs on the T album, and Kumi performed hers during Kingdom Tour.
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What about the rap part though?
Been a while since I heard the song for the rating so I had to take a quick listen. The short rap is certainly not a highlight of the track but it doesn't stand out in an annoying way to me either, and the guys' voices don't make me cringe like certain other rappers she's collaborated with, so I mean, it could be worse.
Also I still don't know what other song this one reminds me of and now it's going to bug me for a bit again.
So which song misses on Top20?



Koi no Tsubomi

Highest score: 10x3 (@Squashua, @aaronhansome, @me!) 9,5x2 (@EachSmallStep, @vague)
Lowest score: 6x2 (@mi|kshake, @yuuurei) 7x4 (@lalaclairi_, @Weslicious, @Empty Shoebox, @Eskiath)
My score: lookie above!

And a good one it is! Produced by Kato Yusuke (prolific, but nothing noteworthy) and written by Kumi in her native kansai dialect, the single was the first to be released after Kumi's hugely successful Best ~second session~ and was bound to sell like hot cakes. Which it did and made the song a staple on tours for years to come. I love this, because it has the perfect balance of Kuu's cute side that doesn't go overboard. The vocals are stunning, with Kumi soaring higher than usual, which elevate the track, while surprisingly long outro gives room to breathe and enjoy the atmosphere. I can't remember the time this was released for some reason, probably due to me going down from the high of the second best, still every single release that was machine gunned at me at the time was like a little holiday all on its own. As the title suggests the song is about falling head over heels for someone and Kumi naturally goes all cutesy even in lyrics providing emojis:​

I'm crazy in love with you!!!

I don't want to hand this over to anyone
I'm prepared now
to shoot my arrow of love at you
But my heart's pounding is
getting in the way again \T0T/

I'm crazy in love with you!!!
On Monday and Tuesday too
I won't be defeated by anyone...
When should I tell you what my heart's shouting???
And just from our eyes meeting
I can't win against my heart's pounding... (*_*)
(c) @otenkiame

We'll begin with our local grump, @yuuurei "Sappily cute, a bit too much so for me, but it's not bad. I like the little kaomoji in the lyrics." Yes, yes, gramma, let's go, it's time for your procedures. @Weslicious (7) uncharacteristically ptovides a lengthy tirade on why this isn't as good, "I hated this after Second Session. Like, she’d just had one of the most insane era’s/concepts in Pop History, then goes and releases one her dime a dozen cute bops. It’s grown on me over the years, but is possibly one of my least fave lead singles by her." Look, I can see where you're oming from, but at the time she didn't have that many cute songs and the Japanese loves this kind of songs, so avex played it safe. Sharing the same sentiment of is @RUNAWAY (8.5), who knows that cute can be good too, "this song is cute. It was such a weird choice to release as the follow up to 12 singles, but it’s good." Perfect choice to get some moola, though. Meanwhile @otenkiame (8) peeps into the future, "I totally loathe her later cute songs, but I find this one so infectious and fun. The chorus has a great melody, and the ending instrumental break is really sweet and happy." I have one that I might give something lower than a 4 my lowest Kumi score yet myself. @Remorque (8) contemplates, "This sounds like something that should have been on Best ~second session~ and I'm kinda loving it." I can see this be interchanged with Birthday Eve or WIND, but I'm not seeing those two being as big as Koi no Tsubomi managed to be. Reading @TABOO's (8,5) commentary you would think it's a 10, "This one is truly fantastical, isn’t it? As soon as it begins, you know you’re in for a real treat. All of this comes to fruition when that undeniable chorus drops. Yes!" Well, hun, it's a 10. Being all edgy and stuff, @Cutlery (9) opts for a full analysis, "Quite an inspired and finely-produced R&B track that makes the most out of it's beautiful orchestra strings and mix of small beats and keyboards, as Kumi sings about the way her heart pounds out of her chest and some other forms of saccharine affection for her man" Do I have anything to add? No. Having just had the conversation with @otenkiame, I wonder how @ThisIsRogue's (9) taste will fare in next Parts of the rate, "Yas I love a cute bop. The music production makes it sound like it the soundtrack of a magical girl anime." If only Kumi performed a transformation in the PV... Oh wait! Showing their JPop knowledge @vague mentions someone I heard of, "now, this is the kinda cutesy track i can enjoy from her. the chorus is so sweet and catchy. i really love the backing track, too; something about makes me think of Abe Natsumi's "koi no hana", and i love that song, too (this is better, tho)" Love the amendment in the end, hun.

Winding down this round we have @Squashua, who wasn't as talkative as usual, "This feels much more J-Pop than most of the output on these albums and I love the magical anime galaxy ride vibes of it all." This does have a clear standard JPop sound to it, yes.​

Kumi performed this one to death and continues to do so even now. I remember one of the first TV lives for this had her in this weird hairstyle with all of her hair in the back put together in a tight unseen bun with her bangs covering the sides of her face which made it look like she drastically cut her hair. I was in a full on freak out mode over that. Who knew she would go and do the haircut thingie for real in a year.
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Your well deserved Top20!


Candy feat.Mr.Blistah
Shake It Up
Love goes like...
No Regret
Birthday Eve

Ima Sugu Hoshii
KAMEN feat.Ishii Tatuya
A Whole New World / Koda Kumi & Peabo Bryson


Get Up & Move!!
Yume no Uta
Tsuki to Taiyou
Koi no Tsubomi

Candle Light
Cherry Girl
I'll be there
With your smile
Milk Tea


LAST ANGEL feat.Tohoshinki
Amai Wana
Ai no Uta

Koi no Mahou
Anata ga Shite Kureta Koto

Black Cherry​


show girl
Your Love
stay with me

This is not a love song
Bling Bling Bling feat. AK-69
That Ain't Cool feat. Fergie
Hurry Up!
Moon Crying
Ai no Kotoba


Get It On
Sweet Kiss
Boys ♥ Girls
XXX feat. Koda Kumi / SOULHEAD
JOY -meets Koda Kumi / TRF
Everybody feat. Koda Kumi / Katori Shingo from SMAP
Futari de...
Asu he
Simple & Lovely / m-flo loves Koda Kumi
Run For Your Life
Come Over
Dear Family
Once Again
Lady Go!
Winter Bell
You got me really horney~



Get Up & Move!!

Average: 8,28
Highest score: 10x5 (@Osiris, @TABOO, @Weslicious, @otenkiame, @vague) 9,5x1 (@Love Deluxe)
Lowest score: 5x1 (@yuuurei) 6x1 (@Remorque)
My score: 9

This Top20 will be so painful, ugh. Produced and written by Daisuke"D.I"Imai the opening track for Black Cherry coupled with the INTRODUCTION was something entirely else and hit me like a truck at full speed when I started listening to the album for the first time. To this day this and our Part I winner, NO TRICKS, are probably D.I's best straight-up bangers he created for Kumi. I would say that Heat is also one of them, but it might trigger some people *cough*@RUNAWAY*cough*. At the time of the release the song was definitely one of Kuu's most known album tracks, which was only boosted by the music video that was put on Best ~BOUNCE & LOVERS~ (what a concept!). There was also an instructional video to learn how to dance to this. Wild. I adore Kumi's sultry delivery here and how crisp her vocals sound. I still love this, although over the years the shine has dimmed a bit due to Kumi churning out a lot more intriguing and bombastic tracks. Lyrically, Kumi is egging the guy on to go full force:​

Smooth & gentle, you're casanova

It's a trap just for tonight, but that's OK
The moment I give the signal
I want you to make me scream, oh ow oh ow oh

So get up & move your body, shake up yourself it's party
Step forward quickly, cause things could change
So get up & move your body, shake up yourself it's party
Stop your half-hearted "just a little bit"
It doesn't matter what happens
(c) @otenkiame

Looking at the commentary, it like half of you were beside yourselves for this, while others found this... not worthy of getting up and moving to. @RUNAWAY (7,5) heard some similarities with another D.I production, "this song is giving me a lot of Get It On pt.2 generic opening track realness, but this is definitely not as good." I don't hear any genericness, but werk. @Remorque was expecting a lot more, "WaiT at me not exactly liking this a lot as I thought I would? The introduction done set me up, gurls." Guess we'll see how you've liked Black Cherry soon, hmm? Appreciating the lyrical content is @Cutlery (7.5), "A banger with inspiring lyrics like “You've got me really horny”. It's a bit not over-the-top enough and too over-the-place, but it's nonetheless a solid opener." I can agree that this is a bit constrained, but over-the-place? No, baby, no.​
Moving on to the heavy-lifters we give floor to @otenkiame first, "Some urban dance Kuu to get me up and moving. Perfect amount of sex for this club banger, too. It does exactly what it's supposed to: make you want to get up and move!" Good catch. Next up is @Weslicious, who proclaimed, "Queen of cardio." Indeed. @vague was all gyrating and vibrating and shaking and stuff, "oh, waow!! megabop. i forgot how great this is. probably her most relatable lyrics, as well... like, yath queen, i get really hornay, too." Relatability is one of Kumi's main selling point after all. Finishing up, @TABOO mirrors my sentiment of a perfect duo,​
"INTRODUCTION and Get Up & Move!! make a truly fantastic combination in opening Black Cherry. Club banger!" NATION! Oop, wrong artist.

Kumi performed Get Up & Move!! during Black Cherry Tour and later mimicking it for her Taiwan concert in 2009.
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