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The Koda Kumi Rate PART II: WE'RE DONE, for now

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by evilsin, Mar 20, 2018.


So what's with all those introductions?

  1. Introduction to the second session

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  3. Introduction for Kingdom

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  1. @yuuurei should be banned from j-pop rates!
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  2. That's a bit harsh.
  3. Interesting opinion @Osiris! I'd suggest that people who don't use the full range of scores should be banned instead, but then there'd only be like 3 people in each rate so I guess that wouldn't work www. But at the very least I won't be joining the subsequent parts of the Kumi rate, so that's something for you, anyway.
  4. I didn't see Black Cherry (track) was still in here. Get ha OUT!!!
    On a more positive note, the Trick songs that made it till here are all fabulous~
  5. I can’t believe Get Up & Move was booted out before some other tracks. Just goes to show you can never predict what’ll happen in a rate.

    Aww... don’t leave because of one person. :(

    I think a major problem is that no one rates with a uniform rate guide. Everyone has their own idea of what a 7 means for example. It would probably help if we had a universal rate guide or something.
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  6. I'm not, don't worry! I decided several weeks ago that I wasn't going to join in for the rest of this rate for various reasons.
    I agree, the lack of even a general guide creates a huge imbalance of scores. It seems a lot of people feel bad about giving anything less than a 6 or 7, which I personally don't really understand, but it's all good! I was just kidding about banning people, y'all are free to score however you please.
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  7. I like this idea. If I ever host another rate, I will attempt to use complicated maths to get everyone's scores to use the full 0-10 range.

    I don't like this idea.
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  8. Calm down, I was kidding! Not being able to use smileys on this forum doesn't help... I was just being over dramatic because one of my faves was eliminated. You guys need to chill, it's just a j-pop rate on a pop music forum.

    I used the full range of scores on this rate (not the Namie ones, granted, but her back catalogue is much stronger).

    To be honest, I think it's good that you have often different tastes than the majority of us, otherwise the rate would be predictible and boring.
  9. OMG, I have never ever seen this performance. It is so damn epic, wow.
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  10. Not when you're one of the lower scorers along with her, hun.
    Awww, please reconsider. I do tease you a lot, but it's only due to your unconventional way of scoring and to the point, almost blant commentary. It wouldn't be as dynamic and fun without you.

    In the end I believe anyone can score as they please, because scoring a song in the first place isn't that easy. Like, I would probably never going to be able to give any song a 0, a 1 or a 2, as those scores indicate no or almost no redeeming qualities for the song, when in reality I tend to participate in the rates, where I appreciate the artist, hence my disposition of seeing positive sides in any song. Granted, I would probably never listen to the songs I give 5 and less, but that doesn't mean that these songs deserve a lesser score. Anf then again, for someone else just this one thing, the realization that they won't be listening to this song again, makes them go and put a 0 or something for it. AND it's totally fine and okay to do that, but I hope these people realize that they scores might provoke others, especially those, who feel really passionate about this particular rated artist. Also, please do not forget that in a small rate like this every single score counts its weight in gold.

    I love Kumi to death and you all know it, so obviously it is hard to see some great, in my opinion, songs dragged down by low or average scores, still I try to take my stan glasses off and consider all the possible outcomes. I wish this people would at least provide reasoning for those scores, as not everyone do and not for all of their low scores.

    A scoring system would be nice, although there is no one to monitor it and no guarantee that everyone would abide by it.
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  11. I am calm, everything's chill here! I know you were kidding.
    That's nice of you to say, hon. Your teasing isn't the reason I'm not joining in for the rest though, no worries. I'll stick around to see how this part shakes out, but that's it.
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  12. Get It On for top 10 pleathe
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  13. I'm sorry I fell off the face of the earth for so long, the weekend was wild and crazy, but I'm more than ready to finish this bad boy.
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  14. [​IMG]


    Average: 8,33
    Highest score: 11x1 (@RUNAWAY) 10x4 (@otenkiame, @Love Deluxe, @TABOO, @me!) 9,5x1 (@EachSmallStep)
    Lowest score: 6x1 (@Empty Shoebox) 6,5x1 (@Remorque)
    My score: lookie above

    Right into my heart, ugh! This round we lose my first proper Kumi song that made me go and listen to her discography technically my first one was Cutie Honey, but I hated it at first listen and ignored it at the time, dddd. Produced by Kuzuya Yoko and written by her and Kumi, you is a winter ballad that happened to become Kuu's first #1 on Oricon. It is a historic song and has been a fan favorite ever since the release. This song is significant to me as well and not just because it was the one to get my attention, but because it was a ballad. When I was at that tender age of 16 I didn't care about music let alone ballads that automatically made me snooze. I'm so forever grateful to both her and Ayu, who came a little over 4 months before Kumi, for teaching me the ways of loving all kinds of music and especially nurturing my appreciation for slower songs be those power ballads or lively mid-tempos. Honestly, I believe you remains one of Kumi's best ballads and I never get tired of it. The magic of gorgeous strings and R'n'B arrangement lift the song above the others and I'm so happy that Kuzuya Yoko still works with Kumi. The lovely Aenaku Naru Kurai Nara on the freshly released DNA is one of her creations. Moreover Kumi's ability to emote is at its peak here as I still get shivers down my spine everytime she gets to the last chorus. What a moment! Relistening to this for the rate made me realize that the mastering is kinda funky here, Kumi sounds a bit flat, especially in the verses. I would also add that the melody is ironically filled with both warmth or, perhaps, hope and pain, which is perfectly translated into lyrics:

    At that time, I thought so much

    that this was the only place I was happy
    Can everyone forget the person they loved,
    and fall in love with someone else?

    Two people like us, unsuited at first,
    became one, but
    we weren't able to make the slightest effort
    to meet each other halfway

    As long as I have this scenery
    I see with you, then I don't need anything
    This scenery I see without you
    is a world stopped in the snow

    I want to see you, I want to see you
    I won't be able to forget you even after this
    I'm holding these fleeting feelings
    that have scattered with this snow in my heart
    (c) @otenkiame

    The amazing artwork was supposed to be inspired by Alaska or Russia...

    Well, sometimes things just have to be said, @Remorque, and I'm saying that you're incorrect, "I've listened to this one a lot, but it kinda fails to really make an impact on me? She gives us a great performance, as usual, but it sounds a lot like one of her earlier ballads and there's just not a lot to grab onto for me..." I don't know how that amazing combo of strings, melody and Kumi's voice can't grab you at least in the final moments of the song. @Squashua (7,5) sadly is incorrect as well, "The strings are gorgeous but arguably more interesting than the melody is." Excuse me? That is one of her most memorable ballad melodies. A fellow downtime crooner @yuuurei (8) hears imperfections, "Seems like a perfect karaoke song. It's pretty and I like how Kuu's voice cracks on some notes, it adds a more emotional feeling." Glad you find this to your liking, hun. @vague (8) try to explain themselves, "i'm not the biggest fan of Kumi's ballads, tbh; i think she tends to over sing them, and i just think her vocal tone works better on the [REDACTED] anthems and the straight-forward pop'n'B bops than on slower tracks (or cutesy shit, but that's a whole other discussion dddd). i do quite enjoy this one, tho; it has a lovely melody and Kuu keeps her vocals in check enough for me" Again with the [REDACTED] stuff, y'all better stop. Other than that I would agree that Kumi's ballads tend to be more on the standard and innovative side if we compare with the likes of
    Ayu and Hikki. So there's that. @Weslicious (9) was trying to find dumb reasons to give this less than a 10, "A nice Kumi winter ballad. She’s had a few better since, so not top marks, but worthy of being her first Number 1." ...Okay, I guess. @Eskiath (9) find Kumi's control on the vocals in this one pleasing too, "One of the few Kumi ballads that really moves me. I love how in control of her emotions she sounds in the chorus and the wintery video is perfect." YAS! Let the queen move you.

    Going further, our resident translator @otenkiame knows what's up, "One of Kuu's iconic winter ballads. How can you be a Kuu fan and not give credit where credit is due? This track started her whole winter ballad every year trend (or was it "hands"?) Truly magical with all those dramatic strings and Kuu doing her signature oversinging." YEAH FOR YOUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU~~~ Clearly seeing and hearinf it all @TABOO isn't afraid of big claims, "you has everything that one could possibly want from a ballad; a lush, wintry arrangement, powerful imagery, and emotive vocal delivery. The themes of longing for and of mourning a broken relationship are articulately depicted and so relatable. The final iteration of the chorus is particularly spectacular in how Kuu asserts, “I want to see you, I want to see you / I won’t be able to forget you even after this”. I would go as far as to say that this is Kumi’s very best ballad!" Bold statement indeed, hun!

    The sacred 11 this time is courtesy of @RUNAWAY, who loves Kumi a lot, "I can’t decide between this, D.D.D. or JUICY for my 11, but even if I don’t pick this, this song will always be one of my favorite songs of hers. It’s tied for her best ballad with Suki De x3 for me and never gets old. Her voice is flawless, and the way she emotes the lyrics of this song never fails to make me cry. Listening to this in the car really was a bad idea...the tears won’t stop falling. Edit - I have to follow my heart, and give this my 11. I don’t know how well it will do in the rate, but I have so much love for this song I can’t give the 11 to anything else." Thank you so much for loving Kumi and this song so much. Truly!

    Being one of her most recognized songs, this was thoroughly performed.
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    RUNAWAY Staff Member

    This is a travesty.
  16. I agree, although this is a ballad and we all know how they fare in rates. Still quite a turn out. And we are still left with one ballad.
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  17. [​IMG]
  18. #PrayForAishou #ImaSuguHoshiiIsntABallad
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  19. All of you will pay if "Aishou" isn't Top 10.
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  20. Not sure why I didn't give you a 10
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