The Koda Kumi Rate PART II: WE'RE DONE, for now

So what's with all those introductions?

  • Introduction to the second session

    Votes: 4 21.1%

    Votes: 1 5.3%
  • Introduction for Kingdom

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It seems like pretty much every song that leaves now is a Kumi classic!
True, this Top20 is iconic.
Poor "Black Cherry". I'm actually relieved to see that a bunch of you guys felt the same way I did; I thought there was something wrong with me for not outright loving it.
No, it's totally fine and okay. It's just that to live the very moment when you here that INTRODUCTION for the very first time followed by Get Up & Move!! and then to discover that they are putting a full version of that on the next album was such a freaking joy to experience as a fan. Yes, with time some songs are getting dulled out a little and Black Cherry most certainly suffered a bit, still what a fucking moment!
sou kono mama yo ga akeru made
sou kono mama yo ga akeru made
sou kono mama yo ga akeru made

...kono mama yo ga akeru made



Ima Sugu Hoshii

Average: 8,43
Highest score: 11x2 (@Cutlery, @Eskiath) 10x4 (@RUNAWAY, @aaronhansome, @Remorque, @me!) 9,5x1 (@Osiris, y'all with those 9s and halves, I swear)

Lowest score: 4x1 (@yuuurei, what you don't like sex as well?) 5x1 (@Empty Shoebox, prude!)
My score: lookie above

What a fucking classic! Leaving us with a bang (two fucking 11s!!) is the 9th single in 12-in-12. Being a cover of a 1997 song, the track was produced by the SUGAR SOUL's members DJ HASEBE and Machida Aiko and written by Aiko and ZEEBRA, who was featured on the original version, with additional credits to Jewels from Heartsdales for Kumi's version exclusive rap. Ooh, boy, is it just me or is it getting hot in herre? The song is obviously known for its quite explicit theme of wanting some tonight right here and right now. Kumi's version was even banned in South Korea for this content. It's actually hilarious how they decided to hose us down with KAMEN right after, whew, like a nice cold shower, indeed. Even if we put the lyrical prowess of the writers aside, which is quite honestly really hard to do, we will be left with one of the grooviest and vibiest numbers in Kumi's discography. I love it so much, it never fails to liven up the mood for me and I just want to jam to it all night long. It has this visceral 90s R'n'B quality to it, that is simply undeniable. I also appreciate that DJ HASEBE himself re-arranged this version for Kumi. And don't even make me start on that glorious music video! Coming back to words that were put into this sultry ditty, it's about the fact that everybody like some shagging from time to time:​

Ooh...there are nights when I don't care what happens

Hey...don't misunderstand, I don't mean I want to be cheap
Everyone has times when they wanna have sex
Close your eyes, and be quiet; I want to do it

Only for tonight is fine - I want to make you feel the hot life in me
Be free and throw everything away, I want your hot spray
(c) @otenkiame

The amazing single artwork was inspired by France:​
If somehow after listening to this you didn't realize what type of song Ima Sugu Hoshii is, @aaronhansome would gladly help you out, "Sultry bop." Nicely put. @yuuurei was trying to joke and she almost landed one, "Well this is straight-forward, I'll give it that! I'm not really feeling it though. /pretends to have a headache" Nuh-huh, hun, not with that score, you're not! @otenkiame (8) on the other hand isn't prone to sudden pangs of headache, "So here's Kuu yearning for the D. The lyrics get straight up graphic, but I'm no prude, so I live. Her rap bit, which she actually does well, is the song's high point for me." The rap is quit clearly a career highlight, to be honest. Some of you appreciated the music video, like @vague (8) over here, "oh, waow, voyeuristic queen. the video feels pretty risque for when it was released; too bad none of those guys are cute dddd" It was a moment since I've last seen the PV in full, but what about the guy who was flexing all by himself? No? Another music video afficionado is @Weslicious (9), who admires the gay representation, "Queen of gay allyship." She is, indeed, did you know Kumi herself basically confirmed she's pansexual in the past? @TABOO (8,5) is feeling the groove with me as we sway from side to side together, "Queen Kuuchie gives us that hot spray sexual anthem that we want and need! I’ve always appreciated how subtle this song is, while being so direct lyrically, especially with that rap verse. Admittedly, I did not know it was a cover." Blissful ignorance? I don't blame you, Kumi's doing too good of a job here to question the integrity of the track. The one who certainly knew, that the song was a cover was @RUNAWAY, "THIS SONG IS THE ICONIC SEX JAM. I love her take on this song and her rap deserves a 10 on its own!! YES YES YES!!"​
oku made motto oku made / It's S.E.X., come on! @Remorque went all backstreet boy on us and we are not ready, "Yath, give me that sekshual bop I crave seuax much!" Here it is, hun, reach out and take it!

Now, our two often lowest scorers found this track and each other in this world full of chaos and just ran with it into the sunset. My appreciation for @Eskiath is only growing now that I know he knows this beauty by heart, "I really love the beat for this and how smooth and seductive Kumi sounds. It's one of the few Japanese songs that I've memorised the lyrics for and the rap is very fun to do." Just rolls off your tongue, right? The melody in the chorus is sooo pleasant to sing along to, tew smooth. It's a happy ending for @Cutlery for sure, "Possibly the most seductive song across the entire rate. Despite being a cover, this sultry R&B jam has Kumi’s own, unmistakable imprint all over it. The rap part, itself pretty explicit, coming right after those faded moans really takes the cake in this masterpiece! Suddenly I'm straight" I mean, Kuu is one hell of a woman, many would simply melt.

Considering the meaning behind the song, it's not a live staple, although it was performed during Best ~second session~ Tour where it was presented in a burlesque-lite arrangement and a fellatio inspired dancing routine. That's so Kumi.
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atashi wa otogibanashi noooooooooooooooo






Highest score: 10x6 (@Squashua, @Weslicious, @Cutlery, @Eskiath, @TABOO, @aaronhansome) 9,5x1 (@vague)
Lowest score: 6x2 (@ThisIsRogue, @Empty Shoebox)
My score: 9

Whew, wig, or should I say... tail? The second rock-influenced heavier track to be released by Kumi and our third elimination from 4 hot wave was produced by Watanabe Miki, who also produced the first rockier offering that was Selfish, and written by Kumi is honestly something else. At least at the time of the release, that is. I believe at first I liked the song only because it was so different and showed another side to Kumi, especially when comparing to Selfish, which still had a bit of a poppy sound to it. In time I started appreciating the gritty dirty soundscape of the track as well as Kuu's brattier and wider, but still quite controlled delivery. Perhaps the vocal effects are a little over the top or the last chorus isn't as impactful as it could have been, and yet there is something very natural and raw about the whole shindig. I also just have to mention how good she looks in the music video, mama, it's damn near sinful. The lyrics are about getting disappointed with men, figures. Also, the way Kumi sings "tired" made me hear it as "заяц" or "zayats", which means hare in Russian:​

I wanted to believe

that you were my prince
We made sure of each other with love so much, but
now my feelings are drowning in a sea of sorrow
I'm a fairy-tale...

I have no aim
Swaying like a mermaid
I haven't decided a destination, what should I do?
You promised, right!??
Isn't this my happy end?
I'm a mermaid princess
who can't be bound to you, tired
(c) @otenkiame

Since @aaronhansome didn't bother categorizing his 10 this turn unlike the previous one, we have @Eskiath who does the honors, "Amazing rock anthem." It is, well said. @Remorque (7,5) is trying to go a little bit deeper, "I love the rocky vibe she's giving us here." But just the tip, not too deep. I guess we can always go to @otenkiame (9) for more clarification, "Okay, so this is just some straight up rock Kuu, and she nailed it. It's heavy and dark sounding, and Kuu gives lots of angry attitude." Yis. We can all learn from our mistakes and @RUNAWAY (9) gives us some fuel to this thought, "this is way better than I remember it being. Little baby RUNAWAY didn’t like rock music so I guess I was biased towards hating this song for some reason. I’ll admit this, I was wrong about this song. It’s a JAM." Spread it on toast, crunch. @yuuurei (9) totally loves how Kumi sounds here, "Absolutely love this, Kuu's voice really suits this rockish sound! A new fave for sure." Woo-hoo, love when you guys do discoveries. @vague is gushing from their orifices, "oh, waow, i forgot how great this is. like, i would never expect a song called "mermaid princess" to sound like this, but it works. the lyrics are quite dark, too; she's pissed dddd. i wish she had more songs in this vein, tbh!" Speaking of dark, that guy in the PV did his work, because he crept me out for the longest time. A Kumi fan extraordinaire @Weslicious weighs in, "She’d flirted with pop/rock a bit prior to this, but as her first full on Rock song it’s exceptional." Funnily enough... I somehow can here Ayu singing this, being a more rock-oriented of the two. @Squashua's imaginas runs wild and so is mine now, "If I were a sassy WWE diva, i'd want this to be my ring entrance music complete with gothic LEDs and enough smoke to start a hellfire." I would be the president of your fan club. @TABOO loves some a-sound assonance, "Abrasive, aggressive, and arrogant! This is probably my favourite of all of Kumi’s rock tracks because of how in-your-face it is. The composition comes together impeccably with her vocals." It really does work so very nicely. Just as Kumi in the song @Cutlery goes in, "Sis really went IN and was constantly at the verge of name-dropping The Little Mermaid, she did that. This classic rock jam she delivered has her spitting out distressed and fed up lines about some ‘prince’ idiot who she's probably too good for anyway. The small guitar solo in the bridge is so fucking good" Preach.​

This doesn't get much play nowadays in the live environment, but we still can marvel at Kumi's hair in this FANTASIA performance.
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Gotta, gotta let you know...


Get It On

Average: 8,48
Highest score: 11x1 (@vague) 10x5 (@Osiris, @Cutlery, @Eskiath, @TABOO, @me!) 9x3 (@Weslicious, @yuuurei, @RUNAWAY)
Lowest score: 5x1 (@Remorque) 6x1 (@Empty Shoebox)
My score: lookie above

The 11s are falling like flies! That's Top15 for ya! Produced and written by Daisuke"D.I"Imai, Get It On was released as a special limited download for those, who brought all singles of 12-in-12 and effectively was Kumi's first digital single. For most people the song wasn't made widely available until 2009's Out Works & Collaborations and was only found in the shortned state as an introduction to second session, although Kuu did bless us with a live performance as the opening for the second session Tour. The Arabian themed bop of massive proportions continued SHAKE IT's and Candy's legacy and due to its placement in Kumi's discography remained a bit of a hidden gem. I like pretty much everything about this, especially the unconventional structure and the heavenly ad-libs. As much as I adore everything Kumi does genre wise in her repertoire, this kind of sultry R'n'B/Middle Eastern hybrids are among those that are so Kumi that they are almost her signature. Lyrically this is an enticing ode directed at seducing the victim:​

Party up, attracting all; eyes fixated on me

Tonight they're only on me (all eyes on me)
A captivating, secret spot no one can reach
Tonight only for you (I will show you)

Shining star must go on, crossing over the night
there's no goal we're in pursuit of
Once again it's on. Now I'll shower you
with an endlessly overflowing passion

It's time to get it on
Come with me
By my lead, shake your body now
So we gonna movin' on, it's not logical,
so I'll show you with my body, and all is hypnotized
(c) @otenkiame

Suprisingly, Get It On even got its own artwork marking the zero week of the 12-in-12:​
What I didn't expect from this rate is that we would discover, that @Remorque is deaf, "Okay, this is fine and all and another example of her incorporating eastern influences in her music, but... Where's the tune, sis?" No, the question is where is your hearing, hun? @EachSmallStep (8) is definitely enjoying this one, "The Middle Eastern instrumentals bursting in gives me chills every time. The layering and wide array of tones are at their best." Yes, everything sounds very organic here. @otenkiame (8) isn't gonna turn this one down either, "Gimme that Arabian sound, Kuu. So glad she made a full version of her "second session" interlude. It's pretty sultry and sexy. Not super bombastic, but love those adlibs towards the end of the song." It's perfect in its measured pace, if you ask me.

Welp, all the other comments are from our highest scorers. @RUNAWAY raises a question, "I wasn’t around when this album was coming out but when I became a fan, I loved the intro and wished it was a full song. Little did I know…..she really does love her fans huh?" Yes, she does. She definitely does. @Weslicious once again boasts his Kumi's live tours knowledge, "Worked as an amazing opener for the Second Session tour" And what a great opening it was! Kinda reminds me how she did something similar for the JAPONESQUE Tour. @TABOO is such a fucking fan, I can't, "Introduction to the second session was iconic all on its own, but the full imagining as Get It On is where it really takes off. The hook is still the highlight, but the verses and chorus contribute in making this the whole experience. As a side note, I love that she shot a cover for this when it was released as a digital single, thereby solidifying it was a bonus to the 12 Singles Collection." Take my job, hun, take it! Ugh, I still remember how amazing it felt to listen to this for the very first time and instead of silence after the hook to hear the first verse. Pure heaven. @Cutlery is stanning, "It's beautiful to see the slayful Introduction to the Second Session being released in full! It’s that booty-shaking Arabic-influenced and synth bop that really feels part of the album, despite not being completely included in it" Well, it was first released in full and than trimmed, but still! YES! Lastly before our 11 giver, @Eskiath agrees with my opinion on Kumi's best, "I love that she does these kinds of Arabian(?) style songs and this is one of the best." I'm not sure I would rank it the best among these, but it is close to the top position.

Now I leave y'all with what @vague said about his favorite song from this Part, "i'm reading on wikipedia that this apparently came out as a digital single before BEST ~second session~ did like wtf?? idk where i was 'cause i didn't hear this until way tf after that. i wore the shit out of that intro 'cause i loved it so much, and finding out she turned it into a full song... oh, man, i was ecstatic. even after i lost interest in jpop as a whole for quite a few years in my teens i still used this, and when i got my first car, i burned a cd with just this song on it and i used to crank that shit so loud. man, this song is just everything great about Kuu condensed into one sexy megabop; i love it so much." No, I love you so much for this commentary!​

Ironically, I already posted the live performance on this very page, as it was paired with Ima Sugu Hoshii's.
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Ningyo-hime is the song I mentioned a while back that I was pleasantly surprised was still in the rate. I didn't think y'all would appreciate the rock sound so much, so I'm glad it made it this far tbh.

On the other fin, I can't believe Get It On is out this early, I thought it would be top 10 for sure. Mess.
Ningyo-hime is the song I mentioned a while back that I was pleasantly surprised was still in the rate. I didn't think y'all would appreciate the rock sound so much, so I'm glad it made it this far tbh.

On the other fin, I can't believe Get It On is out this early, I thought it would be top 10 for sure. Mess.
Once again proves that every single score counts when it comes to small rates. Were someone to give Get It On a point higher, it might have arrived at Top10.
Your artwork is always great! By the way, what program do you use to make them?
Thank you! I was using Wondershare Filmora for the most of them until it bailed out on me and now I'm using Movavi. It's has very little overlay templates in comparison, thankfully it's still enough to finish the rate. Gonna have to re-evaluate this situation for Part III.
Don't sing along because it's not a love song.



This is not a love song

Average: 8,53
Highest score: 10x4 (@otenkiame, @yuuurei, @Remorque, @me!) 9,5x1 (@Love Deluxe)
Lowest score: 6x1 (@lalaclairi_) 7,5x2 (@mi|kshake, @ThisIsRogue)
My score: lookie above

It's been awhile since TRICK lost any tracks... so here we go. Produced by Steven Lee (a lot of amazing song both in JPop and KPop, for instance, Namie's Neonlight Lipstick and Supernatural Love) and written by him and Kumi, the track was originally released in 2007 by a bulgarian singer Nevena Tsoneva as Za Tebe Pesen Niamam (meaning For You There Are No Songs). Looking at this, I'm getting the Mirotic / Under My Skin situation of TVXQ and Sarah Connor when the song is sold to two different parties under the pretext of not releasing it in the market of the opposing party. The track itself is exceptional and worth fighting over, as the sinister synths sound luscious and delicious and the gloomy atmosphere envelops while the superb vocal delivery shines through as the last vestige of hope. I've spoken about dark sounding tracks in Part I, when NO TRICKS won, so this one is up this very alley as well. Shivers. My only gripe is that the official lyrics say "This is not a love song" when in reality Kumi quite clearly sings "This ain't no love song". Segueing to the lyrics, looks like Kumi got dirtied by foul men and seeks cleansing in a holy song:​

Though the likelihood
of the guy I like conveniently liking me
was slim, I believed
that there was meaning in us meeting...

Ah, Maria
Ah, show me a dream

I need love song, a blessing...
But I can't heal yet
Dirtied blood runs about me
No matter how much I sing,
This is not a love song

I want love song, let me hear one
I'll get to where I can say
that there are other good men out there
No matter how much I wait,
This is not a love song
(c) @otenkiame


Not much has been said about this one, when it came to y'all. Although not sure in their comparison, I believe @vague (8) nails it, "that dark, clubby backing track is giving me idk, like, Blackout b-side vibes. i dig it a lot." Oh, it totally gives a bit of that vibe, hun. @TABOO (8,5) is digging this one, "Queen of aptly titled songs - this is indeed not a love song! The rhythm of Kuu’s delivery is incredibly fun to emulate when singing along. Her laugh at the conclusion of the second verse is adorable!" I wouldn't call that laugh adorable, but werk. Not seeing any connection until now, I was surprised by @Cutlery (8,5) shade, "M found abandoned at the altar. This anti-love song comes back to TRICK's great flavor of electropop after a couple slower songs. I dig the piano bridge leading to the final, slightly sharper chorus!" It is aptly put after love songs, yes. @EachSmallStep (9) wants us to pay attention wo the wokals, "Her head voice is so buttery here." Kuu does sound very crisp here, I agree.

Moving on to our top scorers, @yuuurei makes me so happy with her commentary, "Omg, I forgot about this song but I love it. There's a lot going on here but it all comes together to make an awesome track. I love Kuu's cackling before the second chorus! I'm so glad I found this again thanks to this rate." This is the best feeling, when you guys make discoveries along the way for the long run. YAY! And lastly @otenkiame is living, while Kumi was dying, "This is what I'm talking about. Dark and ominous, Kuu is just done with love and men in general. Love that kinda breaking sound that announces the chorus, and how the bridge gets a piano added in it." Indeed.​

With talked about this live already when you massacred my lovely Always, so here it is again.

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