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The Koda Kumi Rate PART II: WE'RE DONE, for now

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by evilsin, Mar 20, 2018.


So what's with all those introductions?

  1. Introduction to the second session

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    1 vote(s)
  3. Introduction for Kingdom

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  1. It definitely is! I wish Steven Lee worked with Kumi again at some point.
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  2. No, no, I'm not easy...
    No, no, I'm not about money...



    Highest score: 10x8! (@Osiris, @otenkiame, @vague, @soratami, @Weslicious, @Love Deluxe, @TABOO, @aaronhansome) 9x5 (@Cutlery, @EachSmallStep, @lalaclairi_, @Remorque, @me!)
    Lowest score: 4x1 (@yuuurei, you're in danger, girl) 5x1 (@Empty Shoebox)
    My score: lookie above
    Ooh, boy, this one will go down well. Produced by Daisuke"D.I"Imai and written by Kumi and Mr.Blistah, who we had on fabulous Teaser with his colleague Clench and who we would later have on amazing So Nice and their own Stands Up, Candy is probably one of Kumi's most well-known and loved tracks among the international fans and one of the best D.I's productions. The Middle East inspired song is definitely a highlight of Kuu's discography both in terms of just 12-in-12 or second session and overall with it's arabian flair and laid back yet punching pace and beat. At the same time Mr. Blistah's hushed whispery rapping adds to the mysterious vibe without going out of the way to impress. Besides Kuu's vocals exude sexiness bolstered by her confident delivery and in the end we have one of her ultimate songs. Yes, I did give this only a 9, but what can you do. Lyrics-wise we have a seductive tale of some really nice sexy time:

    I don't need a mirage-like impostor

    There's only one truth
    Things are flickering before my eyes
    I don't know what I should believe in

    No, no, I'm not easy
    No, no, I'm not easy
    What do you want to do with me?

    No, no, I'm not about money
    No, no, I'm not about money
    I'm different from those cheap girls

    I don't mean anything is okay
    I'm not the type to fuss over appearances
    So, this is what I want...
    A dreamlike time
    It's up to you & me to deliver it
    So give yourself to me
    (c) @otenkiame

    The artwork was supposed to represent Africa... take it how you will. I remember someone photoshopped Beyoncé's head to the cover art and people on thought it was real. When I burst their bubble with the real picture, they called Kumi ugly... Argh, people are so stupid.

    The commentary... was divisive about one thing. I think you already guessed it. For instance, @yuuurei, who by now I believe y'all know aren't a fan of rapping, once again prove her point, "I tend to say this a lot, but I'd like it better without the rapping dude. Kuu's parts are nice and sultry though." I'm so tired, I don't have a comeback for this yet again! Oh, look, @yuuurei, you're not alone, as @Remorque shows his ass as well, at least with a much higher score, "Well, this steadily grew on me. The rapper is one of the worst things to happen to her discography, but I'm living for the rest. Sexy bop." High score ass is allowed. Mostly. Average score ass @RUNAWAY (7) isn't that welcome in my books, "this song is just liek….fine. I still don’t understand why Mr.Blistah was ever a thing, and if this was just a solo Kumi song, I’d probably love this." I dread the next part of the rate now with y'all. Let's pile @Eskiath (6) with you lot, why don't we, "It's ok but sounds like a Amai Wana prototype to me." At least you do mention a superior song, both in my heart and in the rate, apparently.

    Thinking of other similar songs is @Weslicious, who goes across the ocean, "Being real, nothing will ever beat PCD’s ‘Buttons’ as a sexy, Eastern-style, sultry bop, but this is a strong attempt." Arguble, but I'm not agaist this statement entirely. For some reason @Cutlery finds this kind of songs hard to get into? "Eaux so this is that one obliged Middle-Eastern influenced song from the album huh? It's not that inaccessible sonically for what it's worth, and Kumi sounds as good and self-assured as ever, loves it" Glad this one managed to get a hook in you. A rare apperance by @lalaclairi_ reminds us to watch the PV, "The dance routine is one of her best." Quite.

    Looping the PV on repeat is none other than @vague, "okay, she honestly looks sooo fuckin' good in the red outfit in the video; that's probably one of my favorite ~lewks~ she's ever served. the song is such a great sultry bop, too. she and Mr.Blistah always work so well together." Ugh, finally some appreciation for the mister that blisters. @TABOO has flooded the room with saliva, "Kumi and Middle Eastern beats have always resulted in some of her best work, and Candy is amid the best of the best. Kumi sounds fantastic. The production knocks. I enjoy what Mr.Blistah adds to the mix. I’m glad that Candy also paved the way for So Nice, resulting in a 1-2-Punch! Meanwhile, Rum playing the dragon in the PV is so cute!!" Breathe, hun, breathe! @otenkiame ends this write-up with another well-rounded opinion, "Arabian sounds and Kuu always make for the kind of sexy sound I want from her. This track oozes sex even if she's telling us she's not easy, and Mr.Blistah's addition adds a much appreciated rough aspect in comparison to Kumi's smooth delivery." Thank you for being the voice of reason!

    Probably due to the raunchier nature of the track it's not as often performed, still there are a couple of really nice ones out there.
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  4. Yesssss. /smites it from the top 10
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  5. Unfortunately, yes.
    Dddd, you're fishing for a dragging, I see.

    So, any guesses which song misses out in Top10?
  6. Why is there so much hatred with rappers on this thread? "Candy" is a blessing and I'll hear nothing else of the sort. I'm worried about "So Nice" next rate.
  7. Reminds me how I loathed rapping in my early years of listening to music. I always thought that the songs they were featured on would sound better without them. First came m-flo and VERBAL, who showed me that rapper can do that. And by that I mean being pleasant to the ear and witty with the amalgam of Japanese and English. Then some years ago something clicked for me, I don't even know what, but I stopped disliking rapping in general. Maybe it was Nicki's influence, maybe it was Kumi's hilarious attempts that always had most of her fans by the nickers, but something definitely changed. I still don't listen to rap artists on a regular basis, however here and there there are some albums that are really good. Long story short, I somehow learned to appreciate rapping for what it is and I hope those, who still hate it would someday experience the revelation similar to mine.
  8. Okay, but 'Yo, sexy Queen & Mr.Blistah! on & on & on & on - *final chorus*' is the pinnacle of Candy, so Blistah is essential and any points deducted because of him should be dismissed and Candy should be Top 10.
    Lemme pretend @evilsin made the official cover and the 07 was the songs placing, then all is right.
  9. I've said this before but I don't hate rap at all. But unfortunately Kumi (also Namie) seems to work with quite a few rappers who I find basically unlistenable.
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  10. Lover.

    And let me ask once again:
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  11. It would help if you gave us the list of the remaining songs.
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  12. No.

    RUNAWAY Staff Member

    I hope Taboo misses the top 10.

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  14. Okay.

    Yippy yippy yi yai yippy yi yo!
    Yippy yippy yi yai yippy yi yo!

    Part 2.


    D.D.D. feat. SOULHEAD

    Average: 8,70

    Highest score:
    10x10! Jesus! (@lalaclairi_, @vague, @otenkiame, @Squashua, @TABOO, @Weslicious, @RUNAWAY, @Cutlery, @aaronhansome, @Remorque) 9x3 (@Osiris, @Love Deluxe, @soratami)[​IMG]
    Lowest score: 4x1 (@Empty Shoebox) 5x1 (@yuuurei) you two just switched from the last elimination, dddd.
    My score: 8,5

    The prettier sister falls just before the Top10! As with XXX, the track was produced by SOULHEAD and OCTOPUSSY and written by the former. I mean, what else can I say about this one, when we already talked extensively about the superior merits of this song over its sibling way back at #32? Let's just recap, shall we? D.D.D. is better than XXX as we can clearly see by the results and your overwhelming love for it, bar a couple of people. I believe the main reason is that, beside the fact that Kumi is in the forefront here, the chorus melody is hips above the second song. It just flows so effortlessly and effectively at the same time that you just have to sing along. In the end this is a fun party track and an anthem to a bit of self-assurence lyrically. The major difference in that department is obviously the chorus:

    No one can stop my time no more

    I just wanna dance to my heart's content
    No one can get in my way
    I just do what I wanna do, I do what I wanna do
    (c) @otenkiame

    The artwork for the single is supposed to be inspired by the UK. Like what?

    I have to say this - @yuuurei is one lil sneaky low scorer, "Decent but Doesn't really Do much for me." At least you've tried with the pun. Is this even a pun? Anyway, @Eskiath (6,5) definitely feels the flow of time, "Used to really enjoy it but I don't think it's aged too well." Nah, hun, you're tripping. And now to all the 10s we go.

    I knew that the good sis @lalaclairi_ would show her head for this one, "I've always loved this one! Nothing but fun." Agreed. @Cutlery notices the exquisitely played guitars in the instrumentation, "The guitars and rapping alone make it THAT super bop to kick off things right for this Best. YIPPEE YIPPEE YAY YIPPIE YI YAY YO" Yes, this works wonders as an opener. @Weslicious nails the pun this time, "Who would have known that it would take three women to serve the best D ever. A total bop." HA! Good one. Some of you heard a bit of Lady Marmelade in this one, like @otenkiame, who found it to be a spiritual successor, "An anthem! Girl power to the max. There's absolutely nothing I can find fault with. It's got it all: Delicious dance/R&B, delicious rap, delicious vocals. I think it's safe to say this is Japan's version of "Lady Marmalade"." This does encompass a lot in itself. Or, for instance, @Squashua, who actually hears the Labelle's hit in the music, "Such an early 00's throwback, the melody reminds me a lot of Lady Marmalade. The pre-chorus/chorus really shimmer in the mix, as do the vocal harmonies (is Soulhead a group? There definitely feels like there's more than 2 voices going at it)." SOULHEAD is 2 sisters and you would know about that have you read my elimination for XXX! Unlike @Squashua, @Remorque hears elements of another decade in the song, "This one has grown on me immensely these past few weeks. It has some great 80s flourishes in the background and Kumi fucking kills it. She's so outrageous in the video too and it's a joy watching her work the house down. Poor everyone else in the video." She does looks exceptional in the PV, yes. As we came to anticipate, @TABOO provides a nice rundown of the track, "Bombastic bussy-popping bop! D.D.D. is one of my favourite Kumi tracks of all time, and it’s easy to see why. Kumi and SOULHEAD mesh together. This iteration goes just a little harder than its counterpart, XXX. Life-affirming, by all counts!" I couldn't have said better. @RUNAWAY is the one gushing this round, "this fucking iconic song… does things to me. This is a huge contender for my 11. It’s just such a HUGE song. It’s just unapologetically sexual, bombastic, raunchy, sleazy, and such a fucking HOT JAM." YAAAS.

    We'll end this elimination with @vague, who honestly made me very happy with the sheer amount of words put into the commentary for Kumi's songs, "i know it was the "ero-kakkoii" image that led to her breakthrough, but, to me, a lot of that image was so over the top that it felt more like a parody than actual sexiness dddd. this song+video, however, feels very effortlessly cool AND sexy without her having to try so hard. Kumi's voice works so well on this track, and SOULHEAD's vocals add just the right amount of smoothness that contrasts with Kumi's rougher vocal tone brilliantly." You know, later in Kuu's discography I would notice some songs and think about them "This is such a Kumi track sound wise", and you know? I guess D.D.D. was the first track that I can call that. It's seriously and thuthfully very Kumi.

    When it comes to the live performances there are not that many, especially as of late, still the ones we have from back when are a lot of fun.
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  15. Now, yes!

    YOUR TOP10


    Cherry Girl

    Amai Wana






    show girl


    50% of Top10 being from Kingdom warms my heart. Its_what_she_deserves.gif
    Honesly a bit surprised that second session didn't manage to be in here, unlike the extra tracks, although they definitely tried.​
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  16. Pretty good top 10. I think Cherry Girl could leave next though. She's been here long enough.
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  17. Aishou is in the Top 10 where she belongs.
    And I agree. Sorry Cherry Girl, but you are the weakest link.
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    RUNAWAY Staff Member

    I fucking hate you all. DDD deserves to be top 5 and you all know it!
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  19. I'm pleasantly surprised Amai Wana made it this far.
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  20. You're gonna have to wait and see.
    Alas... it's not.
    I'm not.

    Today I will try to post the averages for Extras and second session, although my spreadsheet is being a little prick and doesn't process fomulas properly.
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