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The Koda Kumi Rate PART II: WE'RE DONE, for now

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by evilsin, Mar 20, 2018.


So what's with all those introductions?

  1. Introduction to the second session

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  3. Introduction for Kingdom

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  1. Amai Wana getting the appreciation it deserves!

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  3. Awwww, I'm so happy that one made the top 10! It's grown on me a lot more throughout the last months and I'd even dare to say I'd give it a ten if I were to rate it again.
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  5. [​IMG]

    Glad "Amai Wana" got some deserved pop justice! Too bad Kuu herself don't seem to love it much.
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  6. No shade, just genuine curiosity whether you came up with another translation for this part. And for Kumi's involvement with the tracks, perhaps it reminds her of the controversy, hence lack of performances for it?
  7. show girl kinda sticks out like sore thumb now doesn't it
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  8. As the best of the bunch, yes.
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  9. So, yeah, I've got a cold yet again, and I couldn't muster up enough strength to do an elimination yesterday. Apols. We're very close to finishing this and I'm both happy and a bit sad about this, as this part of Kumi's discography is definitely my favorite. Here's hoping I will be able to write at least half as much about the songs in the next parts, dddd.
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  10. I'm sorry for the delay, it was a rough couple of days.

    She's tipsy *hick*

    I fucking hate that you guessed it.

    show girl

    Average: 8,85
    Highest score: 10x7 (@Osiris, @Squashua, @Empty Shoebox, @EachSmallStep, @aaronhansome, @Remorque, @me!) 9,5x1 (@Love Deluxe)
    Lowest score: 6x1 (@ThisIsRogue) 7,5x3 (@vague, @mi|kshake, @lalaclairi_)
    My score: lookie above

    None of the remaining albums want to go out first! Produced by the aforementioned Tomokazu"T.O.M"Matsuzawa and KAMI KAORU (facking legend at least to me) and written by the latter and Kumi, the track is probably on of the funnest in Kumi's discography. The way the track manages to convey Kumi's spirit is almost unparalled at least at the time of the release and it sounds like a Kumi exclusive track that no one else would have been able to mirror. In the future Kumi will have a couple more of those tracks, but back then I was floored. This was premiered along with Driving on Kumi's radio program a couple of weeks before the album's release and I physically couldn't stop listening to the two rips. After that the glorious music video was released and it had the prolonged version of the song with an extra chorus in the end which ended me completely. The obesession was real. The burlesque inspired instrumental with those heavy synths is such a fucking highlight, honestly, and I never can get enough of the demonic sounding middle 8. If only Kumi worked with these people again, sigh. Lyrically Kumi expresses what a kind of show girl she is - rumoured, confident, skillful... to put it simply, she's the best:

    When we line up, the curtain rises

    Alcohol in one hand, it's fever time
    Fervent requests, I glance at your car key
    Who will I take home today?

    Lead me with your hand and take me away
    There are dramas like that, right?
    At an important moment, I'm like Cinderella
    I'm a skillful show girl

    I gaze at your unwavering eyes
    and use you as my captive
    They're all my rumored methods
    I'm a skillful show girl
    (c) @otenkiame

    So what kind of show girl are you? Take this quick quiz to find out.

    @otenkiame (8) is an elaborate show girl, "This has always been an interesting track for me: The verses have this edgy vibe about them, yet the choruses switch completely into this cuter and poppier vibe. I've always adored the ending trumpet solo ending, too. I like this playful side of Kuu." This is the best Kumi!

    @RUNAWAY (9) is a stanning show girl, "holy fuck this song is so good ohmygod" YAAAAS!

    @lalaclairi_ is a visual show girl, "I love everything about show girl's music video." Very entertaining indeed.

    @Weslicious (9) is a live-verison-is-better kind of show girl, "The TRICK tour performance made this. Like, listening to it on it’s own I’d have never guessed it could be a centrepiece for a live show, so kudos to the team who helped her become Queen Of Live!" The back cover of the DVD still kills me, with Kumi bending down with her boas all exposed!

    @Squashua is my favorite show girl, "This is crazy, eccentric, sassy and sultry and I love everything about it - it also helps that it feels like the most on brand with the album artwork concept. Anything that uses an Elephant trumpet alongside actual brass is getting straight 10s across the board from me. Christina is fuming she couldn't swipe this for the Back to Basics tracklist to be honest." Luv ya.

    @yuuurei (9) is a softy-at-heart kind of show girl, awww, "Fun! Sassy! Always liked this one. Kuu's "thank you~" at the end is so cute." Tatianna is quaking.

    @Empty Shoebox is a surprising show girl, "I'm not sure how well this will do, but I got up and danced with it, despite the naff sound effects, so it's a hit for me." I'm... really surprised you gave this a full score for some reason.

    @vague is a confused show girl, "the switch-up in the last 30 seconds of this song is the clear highlight for. i don't care for this too much beyond that" The ending used to irritate me back in the day, dddd.

    @TABOO (9) is a gushing show girl, "BOPPPP! show girl is such a campy, bubbly affair. She truly lives up to her namesake with all the production quirks and Kuu’s eccentric lyricism. Definitely a highlight from TRICK!" I'm so happy she chose this to promote the album.

    @Cutlery (9) is an observant show girl, "Love the magic show feel of this track! It has a good share of trumpets and a mashup feeling, which Kumi finally sells both with the catchy chorus and the outro" Why have I never made the connection of this song with the overall theme of the album? Mess.

    Lastly @EachSmallStep is a promoting show girl, "I got two people who didn’t care for Asian music to stan Kumi with me from this colorful MV. I’m always here for sexy, fun, over the top Kumi." Yes, turn those infidels!

    Think yew.

    Obviously the TRICK Tour performance is a career highlight, still this Premium Night ~Love & Songs~ one deserves our attention as well.
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  11. I guess I'm fine with this placement considering what's left, but still, it feels wrong! show girl is so good. Maybe should've given it a 10, but despite my love for it, it's not one of my ultimate faves, so ... it is what it is.
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  12. Yaaaaas show girl you did so well!!!

    I actually didn't expect this to go top 10 at all, but I'm fucking ecstatic it eventually did!
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  13. D.D.D. the surviving songs all have one-word titles
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  14. BOP alert.
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  15. Sorry, comes with the participation in this shindig, hun.
    Same, glad this is loved.
    You should let it go already.
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  16. I'm so sorry for stalling this, as I really want to finish the rate, but this week has been killing me. The situation at work became quite unbearable, hence me deciding on changing it. Hopefully I'll be able to complete this o the weekend.
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  17. Take your time, sis. We're not going anywhere.

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  18. Get sexy on you, baby!
    Get crazy on me, Kumi!



    Highest score: 10x8 (@otenkiame, @yuuurei, @soratami, @EachSmallStep, @aaronhansome, @Remorque, @Weslicious, @TABOO) 9,5x1 (@Cutlery)
    Lowest score: 7x2 (@lalaclairi_, @Eskiath) 7,5x4 (@vague, @Squashua, @Love Deluxe, @ThisIsRogue)
    My score: 9

    Well, well, well. Now this was a surprise to me. Produced by Tommy Henriksen (BUT, Work It Out, Crank Tha Bass) who is most know for being a guitarist for Alice Cooper and written by Kumi, the track is a boombastic number full of energy. Having created BUT before this, the hype was real for me, when I discovered that Tommy would return for another track. The end product remains a weird and fascinating amalgamation of genres in Kumi's discography and we all know she loves this to death, being the omnivorous chameleon that she is. I'm actually not afraid to say that the middle 8 in this is one of the best, if not the best, among Kuu's, as she insatiably growls the lines as the violin strings come through the heavy bass and raise the epic levels of the song to the new heights. Despite loving this, I didn't expect it to do as good as it did in the rate, well done, guys. The message of the song is that of finding you own way in this world:

    Give up! Stop it! But no one will help me

    Give up! Stop it! I'll open my own path on my own
    Give up! Stop it! There must be someone who understands
    This is my style, yeah
    With it, I'll face on

    Get freaky, I sink my nails in and struggle
    Get freaky, until I discover another path...
    Get freaky, my heart got snatched away
    Get freaky, by the darkness
    Don't stop!!
    (c) @otenkiame

    Not many had something to say about this, despite the warm reception. Being the lowerst scorer of those who commented @vague is the first to go, "i was hoping for a real monster of a thot bop from the title, but it's just a noisy mess to these ears." Weird, how this "noisy mess" still managed to get a 7 and a half out of you. Kumi, ha power. @RUNAWAY (9) apprecites the diversity, "really great still after all these years. I love that Kuu’s annual summer tracks were all different and I love how rock-tinged this one is." Queen of summer after all these years, yes! You could say that @Cutlery loves how sharp I'll never tire of these Kumi is in this, "Quite a rebellious bop, carried by Kumi who's here to make herself clear: she won't stop in this journey even if no one else is there by her side" And in the music video she showed that she'll punch and kick anyone standing in her way as well.

    Next up are the 10 points awarders. @yuuurei isn't afraid to reveal yet another secret of hers, "Fuck it up Kuu! I think this is what one might call a "banger". how-do-you-do-fellow-kids.jpg" Get-off-my-lawn crew is wilding, I see. As we started to expect from @Weslicious, we get some Kumi trivia, "The different stuff she’s done for performances over the years during the ‘Give up, stop that’ part are awesome. Love this." The capoeira jumped out! @otenkiame shows that it takes time to grow spiritually and mentally in order to appreciate finer things in life, "I was super disappointed with this track at first, but it's become a favorite of mine. Great energy and attitude, and Kuu really goes all out with her belting ad libs. Also dig the dark atmosphere with the rock vibe." YEAAAAH TATARARARA TATARARARA TATATARA YEAH YEAH! Live it to @TABOO to sum up all good there is in a track, right? "Get FREAKY! An absolute classic within Kuu’s discography! Right from the very beginning, you know she’s going in, and boy, does she! FREAKY has aggression and attitude aplenty, and Kuu makes no secret of this through her confident lyricism, multiple vocal runs, and hard-hitting delivery. Sensational!" Preach a bitsy, sis.

    Over the years Kumi performed this a lot, bet she just loves this. Here the one from Kingdom Tour.
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  19. [​IMG]
    Reusing the artwork from the previous Part in hopes of no one noticing.


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  20. OMG that Top 5 is so perfect it's criminal. I honestly wouldn't mind if any of these came out on top.
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