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The Koda Kumi Rate PART II: WE'RE DONE, for now

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by evilsin, Mar 20, 2018.


So what's with all those introductions?

  1. Introduction to the second session

    4 vote(s)

    1 vote(s)
  3. Introduction for Kingdom

    4 vote(s)

    10 vote(s)
  1. [​IMG]

    The next studio album along with the singles that followed both Best ~first things~ and Best ~second session~ were bound to be successful and they were, Kumi's commercial peak actually. Not only Black Cherry is her best selling album and the only one that managed to sell more than 1 million copies, all of the singles were huge sellers as well, with 4 hot wave becoming her best selling single ever with almost 400,000 copies sold. Funnily enough it never topped the Oricon charts only comfortably setting on #2.

    Despite the commercial prowess of this era, Black Cherry remains a debatable body of work among fans music wise. As I mentioned in the thread already, personally I find the singles from this era to be the strongest overall, while most of the album tracks are too weak and filler in comparison to their magnificence. Besides, the album feels unneccesarily bloated boasting 18 tracks in it's fullest form.

    I'm so glad that I grew into somewhat reasonable human being and can understand that nothing is perfect, but it was not the case in the past. This was the first studio album that was released after I started listening to Kumi and, boy, did I stan it like there was no tomorrow. This was on constant rotation for what fills like forever, certainly until the release of Kingdom. The song on loop changed from one to another, but I just couldn't stop myself. The behaviour that I exhibited was stan-like, the stan jumped out.

    Speaking of presentation, I should say that Black Cherry's photoshoot is one of Kumi's best, and I was obsessed with everything, starting from artwork and ending with music videos. This was truly the time Kumi transformed into her final form.
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  2. Okay, some voting tea so far now that we have 7 voters:

    - Looks like this part is plagued with ties as well. We'll see if the additional voters manage to break those up, but so far we have 20, with one of them being a 5 track tie and 2 being in Top10. One of those is at #2, so get voting people!
    - The gap between the 77th place and 76 place is 2 points. Y'all really don't like that last place song.
    - The 7 point average arrives at #56 and the 8 point average at #28. Having said that only 6 tracks managed to go over 9 point average.
    - I'm really surprised some of these songs are in the Top10.
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  8. So how's it going everybody?

    This is your 6 day notice to vote, because I forgot that yesterday was 7 days.
    The voting ends on May 1st, 11PM Moscow time.

    @Slice of Life
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  9. 21 / 77 scored.
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  10. I need to listen to Trick + Kingdom but I'm confident I'll get it in before the deadline
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  11. YES thanks for the reminder I'll get em in
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    RUNAWAY Staff Member

  13. I believe in you! YOU CAN DO IT kanarazu / YOU CAN MAKE IT tsukamitoreru yo / TAKE YOUR CHANCES mayowazu / kimi wo shinjite iru yo!
    I see you left the best for last.
    I do hope you make it this time, hun.
  14. That gif has a very familiar shot of a music video including a telephone dropping on the floor and Kumi serving an iconic hat. I need to make it! Let me really find the time to do the final part!
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  15. That's from you 11 contender, if the memory serves me right.
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  16. Yes. I still listen to that one a lot, also because youtube keeps on reminding to be honest.
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  17. Bless the YouTube algorithms.
  18. I finally finished! Kingdom and Trick are still so great, the only album I could leave or take is Black Cherry. I hadn't heard songs like Driving, Moon Crying, etc. in a while so those were cool re-discoveries.
  19. So glad you've joined us.
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  20. I was thinking my averages weren't looking that great...but then I looked at this thread!



    Best Second Session 7.57
    Black Cherry 7.06 (<- higher than I expected!)
    Kingdom 6.86 (<- lower than I expected!)
    Trick 6.79
    Extras 7.21

    Getting me ready for that BoA rate!
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