The Koda Kumi Rate: Part III, COMPLETE. See you in Q1 2020

Which short track / interlude deserved a full version?

  • Prologue to Dejavu

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Interlude to Dejavu

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Introduction ~JAPONESQUE~

    Votes: 3 33.3%
  • Interlude ~JAPONESQUE~

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Introduction ~Bon Voyage~

    Votes: 1 11.1%
  • Let's show tonight

    Votes: 2 22.2%
  • Interlude ~Bon Voyage~

    Votes: 3 33.3%

  • Total voters
Also finally I’m not in the lowest voters category!
Listen to me boy, bad girl in the club wanna have fun!



Average: 7,75
Highest scorers: 10x2 (@Ana Raquel, @Remorque), 9x2 (@Weslicious and @me!)
Lowest scorers: 5x1 (@abael), 6x1 (@Eskiath)
My score: lookie above

5 voters: #44, 7,20 avg.
10 voters: #33, 7,55 avg.
15 voters: #40, 7,57 avg.
18 voters: #38, 7,75 avg.

I see y'all are really trying to eliminate all of the extra tracks, huh? Written by Kumi and produced by T-SK (Amuro Namie's "Love Story"), HIROMI Rainbow (Itano Tomomi's bops), Gabriele Guidi (who?) and Michela Lombardi (double who?), the track is a b-side to Kumi's 56th single "Dreaming Now!". Now this is a proper club banger, if I ever heard one. No, really, this will pop the fuck off in a club with that drop in the chorus. The first time I heard this, I was shocked, positively that is. I didn't expect to get something so bombastic as a b-side to an already energetic a-side. Funnily enough, this is the second song titled "XXX" in Kumi's discography after SOULHEAD's "X.X.X.", the answer track to "D.D.D.", on which she was featured. I believe it was @Squashua, who mistook one for the other, when he was rating the songs in Part II. Anyway, I love this, it's fun and suits Kumi quite a bit. The lyrics are about boys wanting bad girls, naturally:​

Instead of a such a normal love,

Isn't one high in excitement better?
So fine. Rather than romance and fair,
Gimme a grander and more mysterious night

(c) @otenkiame

So who's the bad girl among you?

Our lowest scorer, @abael (5), felt that this was undercooked, "Just sounds rough around the edges. More of a mock-up than the completed article."

Apparently the cringe was too much for @Eskiath (6), "Ugh, this should be iconic but it just comes across cringey."

And for @Yeziirl (6,5) as well, "I fucking love the introduction but then it turns into cringe, sad."

@Cutlery (7,5) felt that it was a bit of a change for Kuu, "Shows its age, but I want to say it holds up well. I do love a dubstep-lite club bop from time to time after all. She sounds so different here, and that's besides the distortion, autotune and filters dd"

It looks like @otenkiame (8) grew to like this one, despite the sound of the time it has, "A cute dance track about bad girls in the club. It's a lot of fun with some nice synth breaks and great sass and vocals from Kuu. Dubstep can be annoying for me, but this time around I enjoy the dubstep break and other influences it has. I'm always up to bopping to this when it comes on my shuffle."

@Music Is Life (8,5) isn't a bad girl, obviously, "Oof at this “bad-girl” bop. I want to love it, but it feels very “eh”. It’s a fun banger but not much."​

Kumi performed XXX in full during "Bon Voyage Tour" and it was one of those tracks, when they bring the fans to the stage for Kumi to devour, dddd. She also flipped off those in the audience to assert dominance.
Wait did I just say it out loud...
Damn I think I got too harsh on this one!
I'm wiener, wiener girl, wiener, wiener, wiener girl
Wiener, wiener girl, wiener, wiener, wiener girl, girl


Winner Girls

Average: 7,78
Highest scorers: 10x2 (@Ana Raquel and @me!), 9,5x1 (@Music Is Life)
Lowest scorers: 5x1 (@Eskiath), 5,5x1 (@Yeziirl)
My score: lookie above

5 voters: #18, 8,20 avg.
10 voters: #31, 7,65 avg.
15 voters: #31, 7,85 avg.
18 voters: #36, 7,78 avg.

Dddd, I can't at y'all not liking this at least Top20 gem of a song. Written by Kumi, Yuka Otsuki (EXO's "Exodus", Nishino Kana's "Shut Up") and Albi Albertsson (AFTERSCHOOL's "Ms.Independent", BoA's "Jazzclub") and produced by the latter, the song appeared on "Bon Voyage" as one of the newer album tracks. Kumi has some songs that are instantly associated with her, like some signature tracks, i.e. "Crazy 4 U" or "Cutie Honey". Those are iconic and timeless, still I believe that this one is the first of the tracks in Kuu's discography that sound 100% her. Maybe a bit of a stretch, but hear me out. It's an upbeat amalgam of genres starting with the synth and ending with the cowbell and that amazing middle 8. The sass and energy is off the charts as well. Not to mention the showgirl feel of it all, that is just so Kumi. It's the reason why "show girl" the song was such a good match for her as well. What I'm trying to say is that for some reason this combo of new and old sound-wise is what makes me think of Kumi. I feel like her true colors shine the brightest in this kind of environment as it brings out all the best in her. Guess I'm practically the only one who thinks that though, dddd. Seeing this going lower and lower wasn't fun at all. Lyrically this is about having the confidence to achieve what you went for:​

Say hello your smiling; carried by the wind,

my passing fragrance is also calculated
I'm moving I'm moving; mixed together,
fall in love through my calculated coincidence

(c) @otenkiame

Okay, right off the bat, these two can go:
@Eskiath (5), "Wicked Girls is better bye."
@Yeziirl (5,5), "I prefer wicked girls"

Why didn't I shred your ballots?

@RUNAWAY (7) is walking on the edge, "the winner winner girls part gets really repetitive really quickly. also this is kind of….filler-ish for track 3(!?)" Shut up.

@Cutlery (7) managed to decipher a secret message, "I love a song about Ayu, Namie, Hikki and Kuu" Ah, the good old days.

@otenkiame (8) is a bit of a fan of this one even years after, "A bit of this song's shine has been lost over the years, but I still get down to the "winner, winner girl" parts. Kuu's vocals sound strong and in control here, giving her usual sass and fun emotions. Plus, I'm a big fan of the cowbell that's used throughout. It's a fun song overall."

Somehow this became a mark of quality for @abael (8) and I'm all here for it, "This track more or less acts as the barometer on KKs great tracks. It's nondescript, but performed to the level to just make the cut. Essentially, to get an 8 from me the track must be Winner Girls or better."​

Please feast your eyes on this superb live performance from "Bon Voyage Tour". The live band arrangement with the sax is something else as well.

Got To Be Real

Average: 7,78
Highest scorers: 11x1 (@abael), 10x1 (@soratami), 9,5x1 (@Music Is Life)
Lowest scorers: 6x5 (@Coming Century, @mi|kshake, @lalaclairi_, @Love Deluxe, @Cutlery), 7x1 (@Weslicious)
My score: 8

5 voters: #18, 8,20 avg.
10 voters: #22, 7,85 avg.
15 voters: #26, 7,93 avg.
18 voters: #36, 7,78 avg.

And I oop- The last of the extras from the "Dejavu" era and the second 11 of the rate falls. Written by Cheryl Lynn, David Foster (you know the guy) and David Paich (of the band Toto) and produced by the latter and his father Marty Paich, the track was originally released in 1978 by Cheryl Lynn. Kumi recorded her rendition as one of the b-sides for her summer single "Gossip Candy". It was used in "PEPSI NEX" commercials, in which Kumi also starred. Unlike most of Kumi covers, this one didn't really get much of a reworking, as it's practically the same as the original. I would say that the only obvious change is Kumi's delivery compared to Cheryl's, whose was a lot gentler, while Kumi's is more robust. The original also had a longer instrumental bridge in the middle. This disco banger is pretty great. Despite the repetitive nature of the lyrics, the song itself brings new elements here and there, which don't let it get boring. I honestly never really listened to this after my initial listen, but it packs a bit of a punch, especially coupled with its key change.​

Were you real rating this?

Somehow @Cutlery (6) managed to liken this to "Birthday Eve" of all songs, "This is a bit Birthday Eve but without much of the whacky fun. The higher octave does not work well. Not super stoked about this cover" You're mad.

@Weslicious (7) is a proponent of the original, "Mainly points just for the original track. This version seems to lack something."

@Yeziirl (8) found what I couldn't find for this write-up, "I only found a performance version and I wasn't disappointed" Care to share the link with the others if it's a readily available streamable video?

It's not an elimination if someone doesn't say something controversial or blasphemous... or both at the same time. It's @otenkiame's (8) turn to do so, "I wasn't expecting this cover at all, but I live! Kuu just goes all out with this one, and she does so well with it too. Like, for a period of time, I liked this song more than the a-side, "Lollipop". Congrats to Kuu for making this just as likable as the original." I'm... The Lord is testing me.

Looks like it was to @Eskiath's (9) liking, "Yaaaaaaaaaas brilliant cover."

And lastly here is @abael (11), whose choice for the 11 surprised me quite a bit, "I stumbled upon this cover right in the middle of a 70’s dance kick. Given a Cheryl Lynn rate is unlikely to be on the cards, I’ll use KKs cover to express my opinion on this cracker of a track (especially because she more or less keeps it all intact)."​

There was a great performance during "UNIVERSE Tour", where Kuu was suspended on a giant discoball, but it's not online, so we'll have to opt for a little piece of it from the tour's trailer:

And here is the original.
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Forgot I wanted to post Top40, so have Top35 instead.



Step Into My World
Can We Go Back
You're So Beautiful
Lick me♥
Work It Out!
No Way
Comes Up

Physical thing
It's all Love! / Koda Kumi x misono



Passing By

Hey baby!
Choi Tashi Life
Anata Dake ga
Suki de, Suki de, Suki de.
I Don't Love You !??


So Nice feat. Mr.Blistah
Boom Boom Boys
Slow feat. Omarion

You are not alone
Love Me Back
No Man's Land
Ai wo Tomenaide
Lay Down
Love Technique
Poppin' love cocktail feat. TEEDA
All for you



LOADED feat. Sean Paul
Winner Girls

Go to the top
Dreaming Now!
On Your Side


Ienai yo
0-ji Mae no Tsunderella

Megumi no Hito
Pink Spider
Shake Hip!



Inside Fishbowl
Outside Fishbowl
For you
Got To Be Real
Black Candy
Say Her Name

Make It Bump feat. Koda Kumi / Far East Movement
Stands Up feat. Koda Kumi / Clench&Blistah

Whatchu Waitin' On?

I'm actually rather happy for Work It Out! making Top 35, well Top 34 if the next elim is a single.
I never really see it being mentioned, but it being amongst some of these obvious contenders for the top end of the rate warms me a bit.
And I say this as I have nothing to contribute to the recent eliminations... bye babes's.
Looking at the small pool of options, I think it could be Love Me Back or Go to the top's time.
If it's any of the remaining UNIVERSE, Dejavu or 4 TIMES singles, I'll fight
I'm actually rather happy for Work It Out! making Top 35, well Top 34 if the next elim is a single.
I never really see it being mentioned, but it being amongst some of these obvious contenders for the top end of the rate warms me a bit.
And I say this as I have nothing to contribute to the recent eliminations... bye babes's.
I wonder how soon it will fall...
So happy my 11 made top 35 and y'all have recognized it's greatness.
Honestly, same.
Looking at the small pool of options, I think it could be Love Me Back or Go to the top's time.
If it's any of the remaining UNIVERSE, Dejavu or 4 TIMES singles, I'll fight
Just imagine "POP DIVA" fucking off next.