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The Koda Kumi Rate: Part III, COMPLETE. See you in Q1 2020

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by evilsin, Aug 19, 2019.


Which short track / interlude deserved a full version?

  1. Prologue to Dejavu

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  2. Interlude to Dejavu

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  3. Introduction ~JAPONESQUE~

    3 vote(s)
  4. Interlude ~JAPONESQUE~

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  5. Introduction ~Bon Voyage~

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  6. Let's show tonight

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  7. Interlude ~Bon Voyage~

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  1. No, no, no, "Baby, I'm on your siiiiiiii~~~i~~i~ide".
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  2. I'm honestly more surprised at Winner Girls elim than Got To Be Real. Still, sad to see both of them out.
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  3. Da da da da da da
    Break it down
    Da da da da dadadadadada
    Break it down

    Go to the top

    Average: 7,81
    Highest scorers: 10x2 (@Osiris, @Music Is Life), 9x1 (@me!)
    Lowest scorers: 5x1 (@Coming Century), 6x1 (@Eskiath)
    My score: lookie above

    5 voters: #27, 7,80 avg.
    10 voters: #34, 7,50 avg.
    15 voters: #35, 7,75 avg.
    18 voters: #35, 7,81 avg.

    As I promised, and @Cutlery guessed, here's the single. Written by Kumi and produced by CLARABELL (May J.'s "No No No" !!!), the track was released as Kumi's 53rd single and was used as the opening theme for anime "Muv-Luv Alternative Total Eclipse". The music video features an animated version of Kumi doing anime stuff in a mecha and on a bike. The single was released only 5 months after Kumi gave birth to her son, so maybe it's the reason we got the video we got and only a headshot photoshoot for the single's artwork. Gorgeous cat mask though! This also was Kuu's last #1 single on the Oricon charts. The song remains one of the most interesting and adventurous in Kumi's discography with its collaboration of guitars, video game plink-plonks and dubstep-y influences. Honestly though, it took me a bit of time to fall in love with, as I adored the verses and pre-choruses from the get-go, but the chorus' melody had to be digested a little. So it wasn't that suprising seeing most of you giving this 7s and 8s, as you might arrive later to recognize the greatness of this piece in full. The drum'n'bass-y remix on the single was also pretty cute. The lyrics are about believing into a better future, that you can create yourself:

    Instead of thinking over and over

    about the past you can't change
    it's way better to face forward
    and think about a future
    that you can change

    Holding expectations and anxiety in my heart,
    the tears and sweat rolling down remember
    My cheeks never dry
    C'mon, towards a tomorrow where we'll never hesitate

    (c) @otenkiame

    So are we going, going hikari he?

    @Yeziirl (6,5) couldn't really look past the guitars, "It’s rock, so not one of my favorite. But dubstep breakdown was a good addition." It's okay, there is always time to grow.

    As did I at first, @abael (7) could do with a stronger chorus, "One of the better tracks from Bon Voyage, could do with a better chorus though."

    @otenkiame (8) basically describes everything that is good about this, "What a great comeback single this was! It's got all the right parts in place for a nice banger. Love that she mixed in electronics with rock elements and dubstep (and not the cringeworthy dubstep either). Plus, it just sounds so different yet right for her. I'm actually surprised she didn't go down this route a bit more, because she totally pulls it off."

    Maybe @Cutlery (8,5) wants a hug from Kuu? "I'm an 8bit slut so naturally the sound of this is right up my lane. Bleeps and bloops ahoy, while she gives us a bit of a preachy impression with the motivating lyrics. Instruct me Mama K" Watch out for your sharp edges, though.

    @Music Is Life (10) definitely appreciated the inclusion of all those elements into the song, "Kinda living for the video game-esque production. Oh shit the electric guitar just came in. An electro rock banger with video game sounds? Yes please, more of this all the time please."

    This being her last #1 single and everything, you would expect Kumi to perform the hell out of this, but for some reason it was always either cut short or put into a medley.
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  4. It's style (it's style)
    My style (my style)
    It's style (it's style)
    atashi kodomo ja nai

    Hey baby!

    Average: 7,88
    Highest scorers: 9,5x2 (@vague and @me!), 9x3 (@Ana Raquel, @abael, @Osiris)
    Lowest scorers: 6x1 (@otenkiame), 7x6 (@Cutlery, @soratami, @Remorque, @lalaclairi_, @mi|kshake, @Coming Century)
    My score: lookie above

    5 voters: #21, 8,10 avg.
    10 voters: #19, 8,00 avg.
    15 voters: #28, 7,88 avg.
    18 voters: #34, 7,88 avg.

    Not the anime openings going out back to back, dddd. Written by Kumi and produced by Inoue Shinjiro (massive amounts of bops throughout the years), the track was first revealed as the 12th opening theme for the anime "Crayon Shin-chan". The full version would appear on "Dejavu" 4 months later. This honestly would be one of my all time favorites, if it weren't for the song's length. The JPop feel of it all, the delicious fuzzy synths, the bombastic chorus. This goes in hard and has it all apart from the length. When I heard the 1 minute version from the anime, I was freaking hooked. Imagine my disappointment when I learned that the full version wasn't even 3 minutes. I mean, yeah, nowadays the attention span of a casual listener is dwindling, so the songs become shorter and shorter, but still! What pissed me even more, is that somehow this little runt of a song manages to sound less complete and fulfilled compared to its anime counterpart. Fucking how? Also, who was the genius who decided that it would be cute to leave one final "chu" from "Melting" at the very beginning of the track? Please erase any traces of relation between the two. The lyrics are from Shin-chan's perspective, as far as I gather, and they are about being a kid and demanding someone's attention:

    I can only take

    one step at a time
    But if it's for you
    I'll go at a million horse-power!!
    Smiling while by your side
    I don't wanna be in pain
    More hey baby, hey baby
    Only look at me

    (c) @otenkiame

    Is this your style?

    Not @otenkiame (6) waxing lyrical and still giving it a 6 and being the lowest scorer, dddd, "I've made it super well known that I'm not here for a lot of Kuu's cute tracks, but I feel like this one hits the spot nicely. It's really short for one, and the electro pop sound with all those synths makes it a lowkey bop. It's a song I can totally live with, though it probably should've been a b-side."

    The track reminded @Cutlery (7) of Ayu, "There's enough plink plonk in this brief number to keep me interested. It's an album track alright. I'm gagged that the first thing I can compare it to, other than Kuu's own music, is Ayu's Lady Dynamite (but this is better)" Hm... I'm not sure I'm hearing it. It's more "NaNaNa" to me.

    @Remorque (7) is being all coy, "This is perfectly serviceable and is bop-ish, but I've never really used it outside of listening to the album in full. I've had a kii to it maybe once or twice, but that's about it though." Sis, you love it.

    @Yeziirl (7,5) most certainly needs a couple more listens, "it’s one of those songs I like but never had a desire to add them to my playlist."

    @Eskiath (8) is trying it, "Same vibe as Melting but more fun." Where exactly is this the same, even vibe-wise?

    Unlike me, @Weslicious (8) appreciates the length, "Okay, I quite like this. Short enough to not outstay it’s welcome, long enough to be memorable." I NEED BIGGER AND LONGER!

    Finally, @abael (9) taught me a new word, "This sort of track might come off a bit hackneyed by most artists, but KK relishes the exaggeration and little bit of silliness and gives it a semblance of authenticity. That's all I need." I mean, she does sing from the kid's point of view.

    I'm... not sure about Kuu's decision to go uber cute with her vocals for the live rendition, although this is not the worst offender of this:

    And here's the opening:
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  5. We're having our 8th tie of the rate tomorrow. One is a track that belongs to a very rare group of songs and the other one... is a ballad. Goddammit!
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  6. Not Go to the top and Hey baby leaving back-to-back!

    Go to the top is amazing. It's so catchy. It's rock-electro done right. And Hey baby is her best cute track along with Love Technique.
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  7. "H" is for "Gin&Tonic"

    LOADED feat. Sean Paul

    Average: 7,92
    Highest scorers: 10x3 (@Osiris, @Weslicious, @Music Is Life), 9x2 (@Ana Raquel, @soratami)
    Lowest scorers: 4x1 (@abael), 5x1 (@Cutlery)
    My score: 8

    5 voters: #40, 7,30 avg.
    10 voters: #21, 7,90 avg.
    15 voters: #24, 8,02 avg.
    18 voters: #32, 7,92 avg.

    And thus you lot proclaimed "So Nice" the best collaboration of Part III. How appropriate for this one to go now after we learned about a new collab between the two coming up in 2,5 weeks. Written by Kumi, Sean Paul, Arama Brown (Hannah Montana's "Just a Girl", BoA's "Touched" !!!) and Toby Gad (you know the guy) and produced by the latter, the track was one of the newer album tracks on "Bon Voyage". This was somewhat unexpected, even considering that we had a couple of international collaborations at the time. Still I was pretty excited, as Sean Paul is great, and I've yet to hear a song where his presence made it worse. The bumpy ride on the bopperoo street is quite nice, I would say. The two sound good together and Sean Paul here and there brings a lot of charm. The beat is undeniable all throughout, but my favorite part is the middle 8, where he starts and Kumi finishes. Just so good. Although I do believe this could have been shorter, as at only 4 minutes mark it somehow feels like it's going forever. The lyrical content is all about getting drunk on a party night, which is quite ironic, since Kumi doesn't drink, as far as we know:

    Can't walk straight, I'm feeling dizzy, baby

    We don't care; if you do care, you lose
    Everybody, if you wanna party it up,
    don't care; let's start from zero
    (c) @otenkiame

    Who's tipsy?

    @abael (4) decided to give us a linguistic lesson, "Lyrics aren't great on a base level. Usually Japanese is pretty consonant heavy, which works well when it comes to pop. It almost seems like they avoided them on purpose here, when that percussive impact was sorely lacking." I'd say it's more vowel-driven, although considering it's syllabic, it's a pretty fair share between the two. @otenkiame, help us.

    Leave it to @Yeziirl (7) not to feel the best part of the song, "I dig the verses and sean paul seems like a fitting collab here, but the chorus just annoys me."

    @otenkiame (7,5) tells it like it is, "Bopping and fun. This track with Sean Paul works so well because the two singers sound so good together. I mean, it astounds me how natural they sound together. I'm obsessed with the sound of the beat before the pre-chorus, by the way. My only gripe is that sometimes I feel it's too long?"

    @Eskiath (8) noticed something my ears didn't, "Initially the autotune really turned me off but I noticed how much it popped in concerts and so then I grudgingly didn't mind it. Listening to it now though, there's barely any autotune and all it does is enhance the sound." Dddd, there is like only 3 part with it though.

    @Music Is Life (10) loves a bop, but then again, we all do, "OOF A BOP! When that pre-chorus came in my wig was slightly moved, but the chorus tore it all the way off."

    @Weslicious (10) is in on the joke, "I'm a sucker for when she lets off the streamer bomb during the main show final songs on tour, and this got that treatment and thus my heart. A true Hin & Tonic bop!" It does pop off live.

    As I just mentioned, this goes off live and makes for a very fun experience for those in the audience. Perhaps that's the reason it's performed quite frequently. Speaking of "H" is for "Gin&Tonic", they even put the "H" in the lyrics on the screen behind her, dddd.
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    Loaded is a proper BOP.
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  9. ima demo wasurerarenai yo...
    anata ni aitai

    Dddd, no kanji again, fuck my life.
    Anata Dake ga

    Average: 7,92
    Highest scorers: 10x5 (@otenkiame, @Love Deluxe, @vague, @RUNAWAY and @me!), 9,5x1 (@Cutlery)
    Lowest scorers: 4,5x1 (@Ana Raquel), 6x2 (@Coming Century, @soratami)
    My score: lookie above

    5 voters: #16, 8,30 avg.
    10 voters: #42, 7,25 avg.
    15 voters: #36, 7,70 avg.
    18 voters: #32, 7,92 avg.

    I'M DONE WITH YOU BALLADOPHOBICS! This was Top20 with the first 5 voters and it was so painful to watch it fall down. Thank fuck some of you with taste came through in the end to put it a little higher, but still not high enough! At least it got the most 10s so far... Anyway, written by Kumi and produced by MARKIE (Kumi's "Stay") and SiZK from ★STAR GUiTAR (Ito Yuna's "Stay for Love" !!! and "losin'" !!!), the track was the second a-side on Kumi's 48th single. While "Suki de, Suki de, Suki de."'s music video centered on Kumi's love hardships, the one for "Anata Dake ga" showed what happened in misono's relationship. It was also used as a theme song for the dorama "Second Virgin". This is hands down one of the best Kumi ballads ever. The piano alone conveys so much emotion, oh my god. The way she sings here, ooh child, the shakes, the shivers, the chills! So freaking gentle, especially when she goes higher in the chorus, I'm melting every single time I'm listening to this. Coupled with gorgeous melodies, it is one of the strongest offerings ballad-wise in Kumi's discography and in this Part of the rate. Just so you know, the last most-ballad-like song left is "No Way" and as much as I love it, I'm not sure it's better than this... Oh! I'll considering it a mid-tempo and it's all good. Except the fact that it would mean that this is the last proper ballad in the rate and y'all just ousted it. At #32. While the previous Parts both had its last respective ballads exit at #9. I... I'm sad and scared for the next Part. The lyrics are about missing that one person you truly loved:

    Do I have to accept

    a reality without you?
    No matter how much time passes
    my heart won't be satisfied

    I can't forget you even now
    That warmth, the tender kisses
    I want you to embrace me once more
    I want to see you
    (c) @otenkiame

    So who's a mess after this? I know I am.

    @abael (7) says something, "Beautiful undoubtedly, didn't understand a word. With typical production, this can only do so much." Shup up, this is sublime. You don't need to know the language TO FEEL THE EMOTIONS in her voice.

    Thank fuck I've got @Music Is Life (9), "Love the gorgeous piano melody in this and her vocals are sublime!" Exactly! It's gorgeous the house boots EMOTIONS down.

    And @Cutlery (9,5), "As I've said before: when it's right, it's truly right, as far as her ballads go. This is dreamy, light and calming, I love her voice in this! Could totally work as a tie-in anime closing theme" It was, only for the dorama. I'M FEELING SO MUCH EMOTION.

    And @RUNAWAY (10), "I was completely obsessed with this single when it came out. 3 ballads? Sign me up. And a remake of Walk? YAS. This song is so gorgeously sung, and the lyrics are so damn beautiful." I GET SO EMOTIONAL, BABY.

    And finally @otenkiame (10) who deservingly praises this to heavens and back, "Beautiful, gorgeous, amazing. This is by far one of my favourite ballads of hers. Kuu's vocals are heavenly when they go for those high notes. Just stunning. Love the R&B beats, but it's that piano that really gets me! The melody it plays, particularly at the beginning is beyond words. This song deserves to be loved more!" THE EMOTIONS ARE TOO MUCH!

    This should be performed more, but it still got some amazing lives.
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  10. Tomorrow one of the sub-categories will basically lose its last track... But which one is it?
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  11. Why wasn't this the final result for Anata Dake Ga?
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  12. It's totally Love Technique, innit?
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  13. Yessss give me that rate promo!

    I don't really like Sean Paul that much but on this he was great.
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  14. I knew you'd noticed.
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  15. Poor loaded. Not gonna lie I have a Sean Paul bias, but still.
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  16. Okay, “Anata Dake ga” not even getting an 8 point average is a travesty. Easily an 8.5 or higher song that should be in Top 20 or even Top 10. Y’all need to clean your ears out.
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  17. @Cutlery is too good at this game, is he cheating?

    La la la...
    Tease me and kiss me now

    Love Technique

    Average: 7,94
    Highest scorers: 10x2 (@Weslicious and @me!), 9,5x1 (@Music Is Life)
    Lowest scorers: 2x1 (@Yeziirl), 6,5x1 (@otenkiame)
    My score: lookie above

    5 voters: #21, 8,10 avg.
    10 voters: #26, 7,80 avg.
    15 voters: #31, 7,85 avg.
    18 voters: #31, 7,94 avg.

    It's been 18 eliminations since the last one from "JAPONESQUE", quite a feat, I would say. Too bad that you decided to end the life of the cute tracks here. In contrast, the last cute track of Part I, "LOVE HOLIC", went out at #31 as well in a whooping 4 track tie, while Part II said goodbye to its last cute track 10 places later at #21. It was "Koi no Tsubomi". Anyhow, written by Kumi and produced by SeoGy (Matsuda Seiko's "Free") and Genie (KARA's "Innocent Girl"), the track was one of the newer ones on "JAPONESQUE". As with all other songs on the album, it received a music video. This was said a couple of times in the rate already, but it should be officially proclaimed now, that this is without a doubt one of her best cute tracks. Some love them, others hate them, but it's nice to see almost universal praise for at least a couple of them. "Love Technique" is a synth heaven starting with those fuzzy bass heavy ones and ending with those 8bit-ish ones, that only elevate the song higher. The talking/rapping verses are a nice change and the chorus' melody is to die for. My only teeny tiniest gripe with it is the abrupt ending. It should have had another chorus or an instrumental outro, other than that it's pretty much perfect. Lyrics-wise this is about having a balanced relationships due to differences the partners might have:

    I'm thankful for the miracle of meeting you

    My feelings won't change now or in the future
    I love you

    If my impatience has you,
    (Shake shake) it'll be our recipe of love
    Leave your indecisiveness to me
    (Shake shake) Balance is important

    (c) @otenkiame

    Let's shake it, shake it and finish off with a kiss together.

    Y'all can ignore @Yeziirl (2), "that moaning at the beginning kind of presages upcoming bullshit."

    @otenkiame (6,5) almost got over his dislike towards cute songs with this one, "You know, despite being all cute, this isn't insufferable at all. Yeah, there are definitely some sugary parts, but somehow everything just comes together so well. I'd go as far to say that this is probably one of her best cute songs. I'm not at all to admit that I can get down to this!"

    @Cutlery (8) talked about a perfect combo, "Her delivery during the prechoruses is amazing, and has a very J-indie pop talk singing edge to it. It helps that she's backed up by a noughties electro instrumental"

    @abael (9) couldn't help, but be shady in the end, dddd, "KK sounds younger here...somehow. Otherwise, a surprisingly well composed and produced track for this era."

    @Eskiath (9) made me wonder, "Probably the only mandatory cute song of hers that I really liked on first listen. The verses are a mess but the pre-chorus is so good and the beat during the chorus is infectious." So what makes a song mandatory?

    @Music Is Life (9,5) was confused with all the parts of the song just like the rest of us, "BOP. The pre-chorus – I think – is interesting, and maybe a little grating, but I also kinda think it work? The transition to the chorus is perfection though, and the bridge is everything." It doesn't really matter, cause it bops so hard!

    For some reason, Kumi is yet to perform this live.
    Hence... move over, JPopYuna, we have a new star on the horizon:
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  18. How much I love you
    You do know that
    Hey boy, hey boy...

    I Don't Love You !??

    Average: 7,97
    Highest scorers: 10x5 (@RUNAWAY, @vague, @Eskiath, @Music Is Life and @me!), 9x1 (@abael)
    Lowest scorers: 5x2 (@Osiris, @Weslicious), 5,5x1 (@Yeziirl)
    My score: lookie above

    5 voters: #27, 7,80 avg.
    10 voters: #36, 7,45 avg.
    15 voters: #34, 7,83 avg.
    18 voters: #30, 7,97 avg.

    I think I'm numb after seeing all my 10s go like that... I know I have more left, but still! Written by Kumi and produced by FAST LANE (Kumi's "Imagine") and Moroi Shinji (SECRET's "Koi wa Long Run" and "Manatsu no Mermaid"), the track served as a closing one on "Dejavu", which was a refreshing change of pace, considering how Kuu usually likes to put a ballad at the end. This is so freaking good, Jesus. The synths are just muah *chef's kisses*. Kumi's assertive delivery is outstanding and carries the song right to the end, not to mention the middle 8 is as delicious as it gets. No, really, this is one of her best tracks ever and single worthy and I'm so sad that it's overlooked. I'm looping it as I'm doing this write-up as I do with all of the songs and I can't stop singing, bopping and having my whole damn life to this. Fucking love the guys behind such a masterpiece. The lyrics are about Kumi loving the guy but having doubts in his feelings, so she's waiting for him to express them before telling him about hers:

    Everyone tells me:

    "Be honest!!!"
    But I've decided I won't say it
    It's important that we both take our time
    Since realizing that, I don't want to part ever again, baby

    I want to cherish you
    You're different from before
    so how do you feel about me??

    (c) @otenkiame

    I don't care about the low scores !??

    I don't know how this is possible, but @Weslicious (5) somehow managed to hate the parent album, which probably affected his feelings towards this godly creation, "Like, I’m gonna vent my thoughts on Dejavu for my I Don’t Live You write up because it’s the last track, but my God I’m glad it’s over. This album was literally the singles then some weird half rejected R&B demos/ half her least inspired cutesy songs hybrid. Added together and it’s her most disjointed, seemingly rushed album for the sake of having an album!??" No, really, the fuck?

    @otenkiame (8) appreciated the pace, "This electropop track has always sat well with me, though I've never been able to full out stan it. Even so, I am always here for it when it pops up on my shuffle. I think it's the sorta rapid way she sings coupled with all the random English thrown in that I like." The pace is certainly one of the best things about this.

    @abael (9) let himself bask in the glory of this, "Even though it loses steam towards the end, I Don't Love You !?? helps Deja Vu end on a high note."

    @Music Is Life (10) thought it was a bop as he was dancing and loving this, "BOOOOOP. I’m dancing so much right now. Love this."

    This made @RUNAWAY (10) think in terms of Kumi's discography, "another fantastic closing track for Kumi. she really picks those well, and it’s sort of the opposite for some of her openers…..strangely." I don't understand what he's talking about though, as it all sounds good to me.

    Let's end with @Eskiath (10) once in a while, who says nothing, but facts, "The best song on the album imo, it just sounds sooo good." I mean, the rate doesn't agree with you, but I do!

    Remember how I mentioned that she went overboard with "Hey baby!" vocal-wise when performing it live, but it wasn't the worst case? Welp, here is the worst one. Dddd, how could she do this to this precious baby of mine?
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  19. Will we lose another ballad in the 9th tie and will we reach 8+ average? Tune in tomorrow to find out.
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  20. I just meant that she insists on including 'cute' songs.
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