The Koda Kumi Rate: Part III, COMPLETE. See you in Q1 2020

Which short track / interlude deserved a full version?

  • Prologue to Dejavu

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  • Interlude to Dejavu

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  • Introduction ~JAPONESQUE~

    Votes: 3 33.3%
  • Interlude ~JAPONESQUE~

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  • Introduction ~Bon Voyage~

    Votes: 1 11.1%
  • Let's show tonight

    Votes: 2 22.2%
  • Interlude ~Bon Voyage~

    Votes: 3 33.3%

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Eek, I've been major busy the last few days so gonna catch up on what I've missed now. Happy belated Birthday @evilsin and I'll say Happy early Birthday for next year so now I definitely haven't missed it!

WAIT at me seeing the Japonesque bops going with the threat of an 11 leaving next!!! I'm scared for my great tastes!
Ugh, what a range of mixed real emotions this thread is giving me.
Did I forget to mention that this next elimination has multiple 11s?


KO-SO-KO-SO to...

Pfff, as if! Did I get ya?

aru kara ima sugu kaerou
ano hi no youni Love again



Average: 8,47
Highest scorers: 11x2 (@vague, @otenkiame), 10x6 (@Remorque, @Weslicious, @Cutlery, @RUNAWAY, @Music Is Life and @me!)
Lowest scorers: 5x1 (@Coming Century), 6x4 (@Osiris, @Yeziirl, @Ana Raquel, @lalaclairi_)
My score: lookie above

5 voters: #27, 7,80 avg.
10 voters: #26, 7,80 avg.
15 voters: #20, 8,10 avg.
18 voters: #16, 8,47 avg.

What a serve! I'm over the moon that this got not one, but two 11s! Even if I wish it went just a tiniest bit higher, I'm still so happy it made it into Top20. And wait, "JAPONESQUE" is losing a third track in a row, oh-oh... Written by Kumi and produced by FAST LANE (Nishino Kana's "GO FOR IT!!") and Erik Lidbom (BoA's "Hurricane Venus", Amuro Namie's "BRIGHTER DAY"), the track was one of the a-sides for the summer single "4 TIMES". What an amazing bright, warm and happy song this is. Guess those low scoring heathens don't know how it feels to be in love. I mean, I don't either, but this is so freaking good, oh my god. The quick pace, the light piano, the heavier guitar in the chorus, Kumi's unparalleled vocal performance coupled with amazing backing track in the chorus, ugh, it's disgusting how everything works so nicely together here. Apart from making me feel all warm and fuzzy, this also fills me with hope that someday I might find somebody that would be so right to me, that I would see this from another perspective and understand this song in its entirety. It also reminds me of "Always", my precious 11 from Part II, in case that you fotgot, like this is her more pop-centric sister. Lyrically this is about the relationship where the couple grows stronger and falls more in love with each passing day:​

I want us to help each other forever

Grabbing each other's hand at painful times
So let's go home right now
I'll embrace you softly tonight too

(c) @otenkiame

Can you feel it in the air tonight?

@abael (7) said something, "A well composed track, it just is too restrained to really demand attention like great tracks do." Do y'all hear sumn?..

Let's move on to @RUNAWAY (10), who is gushing all over this, "this song……..I just can’t believe she did that. This is one of the best songs in her entire discography, and honestly, not just one of my favorite J-pop songs of all time, but one of my favorite songs EVER. It’s just a timeless, incredible song." No lies detected.

A new-found fan in @Music Is Life (10) was cheering all the way through, "I really enjoy and love the production on this, there are some elements in it that are really interesting, and of course I have to mention the handclaps and THAT CHORUS! The guitar! The piano! Beautiful, show-stopping, spectacular, etc. The bridge into the final chorus is perfection." True, true.

Meanwhile @Cutlery (10) made an amazing analogy, "Somewhere in the middle ground between BLUE BIRD and heck, Teenage Dream, I'm inclined to say. Which gives us quite a unique outcome were Kuu uses her more sentimental side, with heaps of presence to back it up. Perfect, and a sound I don't think we ever got again from her!" Ooooh, I love that comparison to something along the lines of "BLUE BIRD" and "Teenage Dream".

It's time to hear from the first 11 giver, @otenkiame (11), "What an amazing song. There is absolutely nothing I dislike about it. There's so much warmth and love permeating throughout, and Kuu's vocal performance is stunning. And what makes this even better is that it's not just a cute pop track; it gives me that jump in energy while maintaining the warm feeling. She struck gold with this one, and I won't hear anything different." It is really one of the most organic tracks in her discography that found that golden balance in all aspects.

And lastly, take it away, @vague (11), "while part two of the rate was still running, @TABOO (come back, king!!) and i talked about what our 11s might be for this part, and he mentioned this track as one of his potential picks. i wasn't very familiar with this part of Kuu's discography going into the rate, but i remembered him mentioning this track, so i was really looking forward to hearing it when i pressed play on the playlist - and it didn't disappoint! i think i said back in part two that i thought Kuu sounded her best on R&B bangers and also on the sweeter, poppy moments like this song. this track sits perfectly in the sweet spot of her range that i really love, plus i find the song's melodies absolutely gorgeous - and catchy! - so i had no other choice than to give it my 11." Aaaah, this warms my heart so much, thank you so much for participating and loving Kuu.​

Kumi performed this live with a band during "JAPONESQUE Tour", but the gall of her making it shorter! And then bringing it back for "The Artist" concerts only to put it into a medley.
Hey, hey, baby, can I get a taste of that?
Hey, hey, baby, can I get a sexy that?
Gimme, gimme telephone number, please
I swear I'll be the best, the best you ever had


Boom Boom Boys

Average: 8,51
Highest scorers: 11x1 (@Weslicious), 10x5 (@soratami, @Ana Raquel, @RUNAWAY, @otenkiame, @Music Is Life), 9,25x1 (@Love Deluxe)
Lowest scorers: 5x1 (@abael), 5,5x1 (@Yeziirl)
My score: 8,5

5 voters: #32, 7,70 avg.
10 voters: #18, 8,10 avg.
15 voters: #14, 8,55 avg.
18 voters: #14, 8,51 avg.

It seems "JAPONESQUE" can't catch a break and so are the 11s. Written by Kumi, Lindy Robbins (Girls' Generation's "Goodbye"), Caterina Torres (who?) and Toby Gad ("LOADED feat. Sean Paul") and produced by the latter, the song was a newer album track. As with the rest of the songs from "JAPONESQUE", it received a music video. It was pretty entertaining seeing Kumi being all bad girl and hooligan flipping people off left and right, if you ask me. So the song... Whew, this one. First of all, the whole bratty attitude of the song works so perfectly with that electro-rock sound. Secondly, the playfulness of Kumi's delivery is everything here. And, well, thirdly, that chorus alone takes you on a goddamn journey. I adore how it has this 3 stage structure, quite unusual. Fourthly, amazing way to end such a ruckus with the softer outro. Mmm, the whole shindig makes me feel all sexy swaying left and right to that tantalizing combination of melodies, guitars and Kumi's vocals. Looking back, I should've given it half a point more at least for the uniqueness of it all. Oh well, it still did a lot better than I expected. If you look at the chorus, the meaning of the song should be pretty obvious, but if we turn our attention to the verses, there is something more:​

Of course we have days we wake up and regret it

A dream? A vision? A mirage?
Don't make me laugh; I can't help this
Ask me and the answer's yes

No matter what superstars tell me
I won't yield
I'm sexy every day
You want to taste it once, right?

(c) @otenkiame


@abael (5) didn't crack this one, "Noise-level production, cringing at some of these English lyrics." Your loss.

I think with each elimination @Yeziirl (5,5) is getting quiter and quiter, no? "I love verses, but choruses and break are unbearable and make me kinda hate this song with passion!" Sorry, can't hear you.

It lost some shine with time for @Eskiath (7), "I liked it at the time it came out but it feels dated and generic now." I think it's kinda reverse for me, although all Kumi songs grow on me in the end, you know, cuz I'm a stan.

@Cutlery (8) likes this? "The cheerleader chanting, screams and distortion are all a little whack as a full package" See? Even table-ware is up for some mayhem.

And @vague (8,5) reminded me I should listen to some early Perfume again, "now this is gorgeously noisy. gives me a bit of a migraine but, like, in a good way?"

@RUNAWAY (10) wanted this to have a bigger status, "the absolute ATTITUDE she is serving in this song. iconic. Sorry to Love Me Back, but this should’ve been a single over that song." Hm, could have worked, but "Love Me Back" sounds more Kumi.

@otenkiame (10) appreciated all the changes from Kuu's usual rock affairs, "Give it to me, Kuu! Love how this party track makes use of electric guitars! Gives the track a great boost of originality. Then Kuu herself is setting the tone with her sultry and sassy vocals. An all around fun and unabashed song that makes its mark superbly in her discography."

Rock connoisseur @Music Is Life (10) found a lot to love here, "THAT nasty electric guitar was absolutely unexpected and completely welcome. Love the more “rock” vibe of this one, and it’s a very sexy song. The bridge is lots of fun. “Come on girl, let’s make some noise!” is a moment."

Finally, I'll give floor to our punny king @Weslicious (11), who chose this as his favorite track of this Part of the rate, "Hook after hook after hook. I get that it could be seen as somewhat abrasive, but that three part chorus was epic when released, is epic now and will be epic during my open casket funeral, where I'll show my body up and down!" Thank you, now I'm in stitches.​

Basically, the only time Kumi performed this was during "JAPONESQUE Tour", although it did slip into a couple of festival performances later.
I’m thirsty for the next eliminations!

I don't want your love at the WEEKEND!!!
I don't need your love at the WEEKEND!!!
Monday nani mo nakatta youni WOO!!!




Average: 8,51
Highest scorers: 10x5 (@Ana Raquel, @Weslicious, @otenkiame, @Music Is Life and @me!), 9,5x1 (@Osiris)
Lowest scorers: 6,5x1 (@RUNAWAY), 7x2 (@Remorque, @soratami)
My score: lookie above

5 voters: #4, 9,10 avg.
10 voters: #7, 8,85 avg.
15 voters: #12, 8,60 avg.
18 voters: #14, 8,51 avg.

Let give "JAPONESQUE" a moment to catch her breath, shall we? Written by Kumi, Allan Eshuijs (Cascada's "Pyromania"), Nathan Duvall (Little Mix's "Move") and Hiten Bharadia ("Run For Your Life") of Phrased Differently and produced by the latter tree, the track was one of the newer tracks on "Dejavu". It is one of those right-in-your-face bangers that assault your senses from the get-go and don't let go until the end. No exception here, as this is really good. I adore the choppy synth and beat combo that permeates the song and the choices made for the arrangement with other sounds. The glorious borderline screamo melodies of the chorus are a definite highlight as Kumi lets the guy know that she's sick and tired of his behaviour. Perhaps... I've overrated this a bit, but it still brings me a lot of joy, so I'm not that bothered. Ah, I remember fondly the time avex discovered Phrased Differently and started buying demos for its artists. When the tracklist for the album was revealed, fans were quick to search the writing company's songbase, which led to us hearing the demo for this before the release of the album. I decided that I would not spoil myself too much, so I only listened to it once, while the others couldn't get enough of the demo. When the actual song arrived, those people said, that Kumi's version lacked impact in the chorus. Well, congratulations, you've played yourself. The lyrical content is about Kumi being done with the guy:​

Whenever it's inconvenient, you're

switching off your phone
I've had enough already
It's too much

(c) @otenkiame

Whatchu all doing at the weekend?

Starting off with @Yeziirl (7,5), who is calling this forgettable? "I think this sound kinda fits Kumi, so I enjoyed it, even tho I don’t remember this track at all." No, baby, no.

This time around @Eskiath's (8) thoughts are plain and simple, "Just a big bop, what else can I say" Indeed.

@abael (8) enjoyed the end product, but with a couple of caveats, of course, "Great track, but its cracks are definitely starting to show. Some production choices date this track pretty heavily, and the strain on the chorus is not pretty." I got so used to this, that I don't even notice now.

@Cutlery (8,5) even offered a perfect time to play this, "This feels way shorter than three mins. Bite-sized dark electro if you will. Perfect to get hyped before heading to the club, fresh off a breakup" Never experienced that emotion, but werk.

Guess I have to thank @vague (8,75) for teaching me new slang, "at the fleekend more like y/y??" Yes?

@lalaclairi_ (9) would have liked this to be a promo track, "I'm surprised there's no video! One of the most memorable songs from this part of her career."

Nothing but praise from @Music Is Life (10), "The amount of absolute bops she has is astounding. I love everything about the production here. AND her vocals manage to capture the vibe of the production perfectly." Woo-hoo!

@otenkiame (10) loves it a little darker, "Now this is what I'm talking about. A bop to the max! And on top of that, it's got dark overtones along with Kuu's no-nonsense attitude. Yesss, queen! Drag that man! "I don't want your love at the weekend"! Get him, Jade!"

Lastly, it's one of the best tracks of this Part for @Weslicious (10), "If Japonesque weren’t here with its contenders, this would be my 11!"​

The only time Kumi performed this live was during "Dejavu Tour".
It had an extended dance break though and was quite the hype moment!
Is there any elimination at this point that doesn't hurt!!!!
Not really.

Want may!
Call may!
Play may!


So Nice feat. Mr.Blistah

Average: 8,56
Highest scorers: 10x5 (@Love Deluxe, @vague, @otenkiame, @Osiris, @soratami), 9,5x1 (@Music Is Life)
Lowest scorers: 6x2 (@abael, @Yeziirl), 7x2 (@Remorque, @Coming Century)
My score: 8,5

5 voters: #16, 8,30 avg.
10 voters: #16, 8,25 avg.
15 voters: #15, 8,53 avg.
18 voters: #13, 8,56 avg.

And just like that "JAPONESQUE" lost its lead and has only 2 track remaining. Written by Kumi and Mr.Blistah and produced by Bardur Haberg (Amuro Namie's "It"), Andrew Lane (Alsou's "Solo" !!!) and Kasey Monroe (who?), the track served as the opening one for the album after the introduction. It does sound like a nice way to start the album, although maybe a little to much like it, as its length doesn't play it favors and this gets really close to being a glorified introduction. Nevertheless, it's one of the most sensual songs in Kumi's discography and there can never be too many of those, right? The Middle Eastern influences are quite welcome, as always of course, and the bouncing beat is very tangible. It will sound weird, but my favorite part of this is the ad-libs. There are just so immaculately crafted here, every sound that leaves Kumi's lips leaves me trembling. Mr.Blistah is also here doing what he's usually doing. There is nothing to interpret in the lyrics, as they are clearly about sex:​

Don't stare at me like that

It's like you're crazy for me
But I'm way outta your league
Be careful not to get hurt

(c) @otenkiame

Do you like the way I host? ddddd

Looks like it's the bigger the better for @abael (6), "Sultry coming off as sleepy. The track just sounds empty." It's the track's schtick though.

@Remorque (7) heard it all before, "Okay, but the JAPONESQUE Introduction kinda sounded better than the actual opening song for the album. Don't get me wrong though, as I like Kuu's general attitude here, but I've heard this kind of song done better in the early '00s by any R&B princess out there. Christina Milian found not shaking and crying." But, but, but it's Kumi!

@lalaclairi_ (8) is one of the rapper haters, "I would've liked it more without the feature." So it would be only 2 minutes and even less dynamic?

@Eskiath (9) knows what's up, "Another of Kumi's signature arabian-esque songs. Wish she would do more of these." Hm, this was basically her last song of this kind, wasn't it?

Hey, @Cutlery (9), is that spoon in your pocket or you're happy to see me? "Her whispery delivery and moan-like adlibs really sell this sex anthem. It's an interesting choice for am opener considering the length and the fact it isn't an abrasive bop like other openers, but it's amazing and works so well" So seductive! And yes, quite a change from the usual openers.

Meanwhile @vague (10) was daydreaming, "Mr.Blistah's voice does thangs to me. i need a gravelly-voiced man in my own life tbqh!" Imagine him whispering in your ear... Chills!

@otenkiame (10) is a freak, "One of my favs! A song that just oozes sex. Yes yes yes a million times to this. Kuu sells it 100% at the hooks with all those sex noises, and gives me that Arabian sound I love from her. Mr.Blistah's rap's got me wanting to spread my legs, too!!! What a perfect combo these two made. I'm just devastated it doesn't even clock in at three minutes! I need more of this!!!" Keep it in your pants, sis.​

Kumi performed "So Nice" during "JAPONESQUE Tour" with the arrangement changed to sound more Japanese. She also looked stunning.