The Koda Kumi Rate: Part III, COMPLETE. See you in Q1 2020

Which short track / interlude deserved a full version?

  • Prologue to Dejavu

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  • Interlude to Dejavu

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  • Introduction ~JAPONESQUE~

    Votes: 3 33.3%
  • Interlude ~JAPONESQUE~

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  • Introduction ~Bon Voyage~

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  • Let's show tonight

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  • Interlude ~Bon Voyage~

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Now, baby, touch down, touch down
Take me to the ground
Ah, yeah
Ah, yeah

Ah, yeah



Average: 9,21
Highest scorers: 11x2 (@Music Is Life, @Yeziirl), 10x5 (@Coming Century, @Weslicious, @RUNAWAY, @Remorque, @otenkiame), 9,5x2 (@Osiris and @me!)
Lowest scorers: 6x1 (@abael), 7,5x1 (@vague)
My score: lookie above

5 voters: #8, 9,00 avg.
10 voters: #2, 9,10 avg.
15 voters: #2, 9,28 avg.
18 voters: #3, 9,21 avg.

And the bronze goes to "TOUCH DOWN", who bravely protected "Bon Voyage" for the whole 20 positions. Written by Kumi, Joanna "JoJo" Levesque (yes, the one and only) and Toby Gad (you know the guy) and produced by the latter, the song appeared as the second a-side on summer single "Summer Trip". As I mentioned in the "LALALALALA" write-up, the music video for this was directed by Fatima Robinsons and featured Kumi in a couple of sexy outfits showing some underboob and being feeled up by a guy. Okay, so the song. Ooh, the song. Over the period of the rate, I've already mentioned several times that this kind of songs, that has this dark brooding vibe to them, has always awakened something deep inside me. Something alluring, inescapable and raw. This is certainly another one of those. That main pairing of the synth and the beat that is prevalent all throughout the track is so freaking hypnotizing. I love how it gets softer at times and hits harder in others. The sprinkled electric guitar is only a cherry on top. Hands down the best part is the second chorus, that is sneakily tucked away in the second part of the song. It's like all the vocal modulation and vocoder in the verse was specifically for that serene moment of clarity with those gorgeous melodies and Kumi's natural voice to pop the fuck off. I know I'm a stan, but I really do like this better than JoJo's version, as hers sounds a lot more robotic in most parts and some melodic variation here and there isn't to my liking. It's probably due to the fact that I got used to Kumi's version, but still. However, the fact that she wrote this great song definitely contributed to the fact, that it got to #3. I honestly didn't expect this, although I did know "TOUCH DOWN" would go Top10. Lyrically, this is about partying with a touch of being confident in yourself:​

Run the would girls, we're the ones who take control, together

Meant to fly, meant to fly fly, meant to fly
Why you
If you stare into the distance nothing's gonna change
Don't be shy, don't be shy shy, don't be shy

I'll let you forget <If you leave it to me>
Slow it down
Let me see your hands up
Go through the motion in slow motion <give yourself to me>
(c) @otenkiame

Would somebody, please, tackle me already?

@abael (6) isn't a fan of vocal alternations, it seems, "The backing production is enjoyable for the most part, but the extreme vocal distortions are plain ugly." Nobody let him hear JoJo's version.

I think @vague (7,5) needs a bit more time with this, "there's a bit of a sinister vibe to this that i like, but also the production is a lil bit grating." The sinister vibe is the best, yes!

@Eskiath (8) asked me not to include his commentary a page or two ago, "I always thought this was cool but it saddens me how haggard she looks in the video :(. Though it's understandable of course, but it's just all I think of when I hear the song." It's okay, hun. I mean, she was clearly exhausted and probably jet-lagged, so it's understandable. She was still freaking hot even baggy eyed, dddd.

@Cutlery (9) had some fun with this, "WaiT we're digging this JoJo cowrite with a danger vibe. It's got a mix of robo Kumi and lowkey guitars that hits some sweet spots"

@RUNAWAY (10) added another accomplishment into Kumi's arsenal, "amazing. Koda Kumi invented football with this song." Oh, definitely.

I love when @Weslicious (10) flexes his Kumi knowledge muscle, "The studio version is good, but the mix she used during The Artist sent it to the end field (I think this is a football term? Whatever, it’s amazing)" I don't know, I'm bi, but yas, flex some more!

@otenkiame (10) is konfewshon, "This song gives me all the hood and urban Kuu that I need in my life. It just has all of that sass and attitude that I want to hear. I don't care what anyone else says either. I'm such a fan of the arrangement and the inclusion of the guitar. It's so hot! But can someone explain to me what "put your flippers up" means? Is that some kinda of sexual innuendo?" Isn't it just a hand? Like "put your hands up"? Or is it some rugby or football term? I also found out that it can mean ecstasy, dddd. I don't know.

As you might have anticipated, @Yeziirl (11) did the most with his commentary for his precious 11, "I’ll give it 11/10 considering that most of you guys will give it to more known songs like Lollipop or Pop Diva And wow that’s a music masterpiece compared to the past 30 tracks. I like the slutty atmosphere and bold music. I think Kumi did great in adapting it to herself, even if original sounds a little better. I like the use of autotune, it doesn’t sound too tacky and just makes the song more fun. Replayability is high because of the chorus that sticks in your head. Overall it’s a nice voyage of yoloswag, yas Kumi slay!" I can't wait to shred your ballot for Part IV Love that you loved this so much, hun.

And finally I leave you with @Music Is Life's (11) slighly shady commentary, because he was waiting for this elimination for 40+ songs now, "WIG at her getting a song originally meant for JoJo! This is an epic R&B banger in any form, so glad it got an official release somewhere, somehow. I low-key might put this on repeat just to give Koda and Jo some money. “Flippers up” is iconic. Okay, when this started I was fully planning on giving my 11 to Can We Go Back, as it's one of my favorite Kelly songs and I love what Kumi does with it. But then I heard this and was blown away. Touch Down is one of my favorite unreleased JoJo songs, and the fact that it ended up in someone else's hands (someone very clearly worthy of it) makes me so happy. I fucking love that production so much, it just makes me wanna grind on some hot guy in the club, and that electric guitar in the chorus is just amazing. The vocal production fits the vibe of the song perfectly and Kumi sounds amazing. I'm sure that she puts her own spin on the song (I see she has writing credits on this version) even if I can't actually tell what it is so this coming together of an artist I've loved for a long time and a new fave was unexpected and amazing, so that's why it's my 11." Love the sentiment!​

"TOUCH DOWN" isn't that often performed live, but @Weslicious did mention the best performance of the bunch, which happened during "The Artist" concerts. She basically turned the song into a cabaret one, which she likes doing from time to time to some of her songs.
There is no individual link, so here it starts at 13:37:

As for JoJo's version, it's not readily available on the net, so have a pitched-up preview:
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TOUCH DOWN did well!

Bon Voyage was the first step in making more cohesive souding albums. Go To The Top, TOUCH DOWN, LOADED and On Your side are my favorites.

Now, the iconic Lollipop must win! KO-SO-KO-SO is good but not THAT good.
WOOHOO VERY HAPPY IT MADE IT TO NUMBER 3! I really didn't think it'd be that popular. I prefer JoJo's cause I'm a Joanna Stan, but Kumi's is also amazing.
Also, flippers up means middle fingers up.
And what do you mean melomaniac?

I touched your booty, booty
Baby boy, we're gonna party



Average: 9,22
Highest scorers: 11x2 (@soratami, @Love Deluxe), 10x8 (@lalaclairi_, @Cutlery, @vague, @RUNAWAY, @Yeziirl, @Weslicious, @Osiris and @me!), 9,5x1 (@Music Is Life)
Lowest scorers: 4x1 (@Coming Century, aw, Jesus, gross), 8x3 (@abael, @mi|kshake, @Ana Raquel)
My score: lookie above

5 voters: #18, 8,20 avg.
10 voters: #12, 8,60 avg.
15 voters: #3, 9,17 avg.
18 voters: #2, 9,22 avg.

And the silver goes to... "Lollipop" the last standing "Dejavu" track. Written by Kumi and produced by Ian Curnow (Bananarama's "Clean Cut Boy (Party Size)"), Julie Morrison (Victoria Beckham's "Always Be My Baby") and Jane Vaughan (Tanimura Nana's "Crazy For You"), the track was the main promotional song on the summer single "Gossip Candy". Naturally there was an accompanying music video, where Kumi wore cowboy hats, rode horses, danced and looked hot as summer itself. Now the song... the song is so damn good. The main point of interest here is definitely those heavy rolling synths that are so gloriously coupled with that hefty almost tangible bass. The end result is near addictive, as you don't want it to end. The sinister undertone that they have gives me that spice that I love and have just mentioned in the previous write-up. It also somehow reminds me of the "Killer Instinct" soundtrack, as some tracks on it share some sonic similarities and I'm completely here for it. The vocal layering is another part of the track worth mentioning, as it's simply delicious here. The backing track is so lush and warm and fuzzy, love it! Before we move on to the lyrics, I just have to address the elephant in the room - one of the best misheard lyrics. That line I put into the beginning of the write-up is actually "I dodged the bullet, bullet / Baby boy, we're gonna pull it". Iconic, really. Yeah, so the lyrics are about how stupid men are:​

I'm not the type to be cheated on and thrown away

Being taken here and there like a flunky, say goodbye
(c) @otenkiame

Yas, step on me, queen.

Thank fuck I'm almost done, because all that nagging from @abael (8) started getting on my nerves, "With the more pronounced production presence, a few of the tracks sound their age. Still, give me this over production so safe and generic it could from anyone anytime."

My fave @otenkiame (9) is here to shed some more light on the meaning, while adoring the song, "Oh girl! This song with its mangled English having everyone thinking she was singing "I touch your booty booty". While I prefer the misheard lyrics, there's no doubt that this R&B track is a man-dragging, sexy bop that works as a dance track, too. There's also the wonderful bridge where Kuu drops the sexiness to lay out how pathetic these men are."

@Eskiath (9) liked this quite a bit, "A Kumi classic!" Sure.

Another one in the casket for @Music Is Life (9,5), "SO much fun, and so fucking sexy. That beat - ugh yes queen. And the music video is so good too, she looks absolutely gorgeous, and is so fucking sexy. ALSO that chorus is so catchy I just can't get it out of my head." It's is as catchy as they get.

@RUNAWAY (10) isn't very verbose, "ICONIC. Queen of touching booty. Queen of misheard lyrics." I'll take it.

@Yeziirl (10) just revealed one of the secret gay communication codes, "If I say “I touch your booty, booty” the whole world will answer “Baby boy we gonna party”" Way to endanger the species, hun.

No lies were detected in @lalaclairi_'s (10) commentary, "The song and video combined are easily the best moment of Deja Vu."

Guess @Cutlery (10) interpreted the sinister vibe as spooky, "This is spooky oop. When she sang "I TOUCH YOUR BOOTY BOOTY BABY BOY" I was SENT. This is like the perfect thot bop to have some fun with your theoretical Kuu-stanning boyfriend in full Halloween costumes. I'm obsessed with the unusual melody in the chorus" So what do you do if you don't have a boyfriend?

@vague (10) reminds us of another candy-related track, "this is how "Lick me" should've sounded like!!" Dddd, people probably expected something along these lines when they first saw a title like "Lick me♥".

And lastly, neither of our 11 points awarders provided any commentary, but I hope they liked this write-up, as this is truly one of the finest moments in Kumi's discography and it deservingly got to #2.​

Being a single, this was performed a lot, although we've been seeing it less and less in recent years.
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Which means...


KO-SO-KO-SO to te no uchi no naka
KO-SO-KO-SO to mata damasu kara



Average: 9,58
Highest scorers: 11x4 (@lalaclairi_, @Eskiath, @Cutlery and @me!), 10x6 (@soratami, @Love Deluxe, @RUNAWAY, @Weslicious, @otenkiame, @vague), 9x5 (@Remorque, @Ana Raquel, @Yeziirl, @mi|kshake, @Music Is Life)
Lowest scorers: 7x1 (@abael, dddd), 8x1 (@Coming Century), 8,5x1 (@Osiris)
My score: issa 11

5 voters: #10, 8,90 avg.
10 voters: #1, 9,25 avg.
15 voters: #1, 9,50 avg.
18 voters: #1, 9,58 avg.

WOO-FUCKING-HOO! Y'all made my favorite track in the whole white world win! I've spoiled my choice of the 11 for this Part during the Ultimate Popstars rate by choosing this as my voter's pick for Kumi. I'm so fucking ecstatic, oh my god! Look at those amazing scores and four 11s! I'm tearing up. Written by Kumi, Takemoto Kenichi (Nakashima Mika's "No Answer" !!!) and Allan P Grigg, a.k.a. KoOoLkOjAk (Kesha's "Blow", Flo Rida's "Right Round", Nicki Minaj's "Va Va Voom"), and produced by the latter two, the track served as one of the four a-sides for the summer single "4 TIMES". The music video for the song had Kumi rolling around in a bed with a girl she picked up in the music video for "V.I.P.". Nothing really happens in it, apart from them pretending to go down on each other, at least we got 3 naked asses in the background, dddd. Now the song is where it's at! I've already claimed that it's my favorite track not only in terms of Kumi's discography, but overall, so all I can do about this is gush. FUCK MY PUSSY WITH A RAKE, MOM, this is everything to me! It's been my alarm clock and a ringtone for years. That synth-work here is fucking superb. I love how that main one sounds borderline 8-bit. The underlaying beat going in tandem with the synth is a perfect union. Then there is that midi-sounding harmonica or whatever this is during the chorus that works wonders with the synth. Add the plink-plonking droplets in the chorus for a fuller picture and we got the
Kumi's performance here is outstanding as well. The playfulness of her intonations makes this one of her sexiest songs. I melt everytime she sings those ends of lines, i.e. "te no uchi no naka~~~". I can freaking here her smirking at me. Murder me with your sensuality, Koddess. She even put ♥ in the official lyrics booklet after every line she sings this way. Argh! And that climax of hers in the middle 8? Just a little bonus, that's all. With an artist like Kumi it's hard to pinpoint what makes her the artist that she is, especially considering how all over the place she is with her music. Guess that is her thing and it does make her the artist that she is, still I believe that this track perfectly encapsulates what Kumi stands for as an artist, even if it does omit a couple of her facets. I fucking love this amazing song and this amazing woman. By the way, if you didn't know, "kosokoso" means "sneakily" or "stealthily" and the lyrics are about one night stand, more or less, and how Kumi would like this to continue the next day:​

It's unstoppable, this feeling is irresistible

Being deceived is worse than deceiving
Everybody wants the way I do it
Drunk on summer's fever - that's my style
So exciting, everyone wants it

Tingling, I'll corner you
And seize deep into your heart at midnight

My usual expressions the same as always
Sneakily, you're in my control
My tricks, the usual sensations
Sneakily, I deceive you again
Sneakily, you're in my control
Sneakily, I deceive you again

Don't avert your eyes; I know it's dazzling
If you're scared, we can't play this game

Sizzling, touch my sweaty body
Let's make our heat into one

My expressions different than usual
Sneakily, I'll show them to you
My usual sensitive spot
Sneakily, I'll teach you where it is
Sneakily, I'll show you
Sneakily, I'll teach you

I'll be the one who decides when it ends
When the clock strikes four,
please notice that we can't finish this as an affair
Cling to me

(c) @otenkiame

So what did y'all have to say about my favorite song of all time?

Someone bring me my axe, because @abael (7) is at it again, "One of KKs better vocal performances of her mid tempo tracks. Not anything special, outside of that."​

@Yeziirl (9) is... You know what? I'm done. "I think Kumi should have just released Ko-so-ko-so as a single and scrap everything else on this album." And I think you should have given it more time, instead of making excuses that you don't like rock, cute songs or ballads, because that's half of her discography. Sigh, at least you were good to my baby.

Now this is where @Music Is Life (9) could have come through for me, but I'm not complaining much with that score, "Bop. I like the “ding-ding-ding” thing in the production, and does she moan throughout this? Whew." You mean the synth that starts it all? Magnificent, isn't it? And of course she moans, duh, it's Kumi.

I ko-so-ko-so love @otenkiame (10), "More horny Kuu! Give me these kinda songs by the bucketload! The synths and electronics are delicious, as is Kuu's constant moaning and groaning. Especially at the end of the middle eight where she basically just "finishes". It fits snuggly in her discography, too, adding something new and neat that sounds totally Kuu." Aw, what the hell, I just love the man.

Last minute comment from @vague (10) makes me smile, "probably the catchiest song in the whole rate for me. a close runner up for my 11 tbh."

@RUNAWAY (10) is a man after my own heart, "the 4 times single really was ICONIC, huh? This sex jam is one of my favorite songs of Kumi’s. It’s so fucking smooth, and I usually have to play it again when it ends because I just can’t get enough." I've already mentioned that "4 TIMES" is her best summer single and I'm not afraid to say it again.

Now onto our beautiful 11 points givers.

@Eskiath's (11) ballot was pretty brutal, but honest and understandable, still the fact that they shared an 11 with me is like a balm to my heart, "Now this is the Kuu we all love! It's such an original sound with a unique title and Kumi's trademark sexiness. When this came out I played it on repeat for days and annoyed all my friends with it. It really feels like a lot of love was put into making it only a song that Kuu could sing." Stop, you're gonna make me cry.

@lalaclairi_ (11) is here as well with nothing but truth, "Actually one of my favorite things she's ever done. It's a slight departure from the typical Kumi single, but the daring video is right up there with TABOO and BUT." It is, it really is.

Welp, at this point @Cutlery (11) is gushing as much as I do, "It's so refreshing to hear Kuu completely nail a less thumping electropop track like this. Those synths masquerading as strings are... *chef's kiss* She's still giving you her trademark cockiness and sex on a plate, but this time around it's adorned by sweeping production, clear vocals and synths that don't necessarily drown her (as much as I love that aspect of many of her bops tbh). She really commands with her attitude alone, huh?" That's one of the best things about this, her seductive and gentle vocals without any shouting or vocoder or weird vocal effects and the like.​

"KO-SO-KO-SO" was only performed during "JAPONESQUE Tour" and would be later recreated for the "re(LIVE) JAPONESQUE" concerts. It was one of those performances where her dancers take a couple of people from the audience and bring them to the stage for Kumi to fondle. The live version got an exclusive verse from Mr.Blistah in the beginning similar to how "Heat" got one as well during "Black Cherry Tour". His verse is fire and I wish we would get it in studio form. Since "JAPONESQUE Tour" was done with a live band, "KO-SO-KO-SO" got enhanced by some delicious twangy puka-wow-wow-like-they-do-them-in-porn guitars all throughout. Appropriate.
Also when is part 4 approximately? I've already rated everything and in process of writing commentary btw
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