The Koda Kumi Rate: PART IV. All things come to an end, WINNER announced

Which short track / interlude if your favorite / deserves a full version?

  • Introduction ~WALK OF MY LIFE~

    Votes: 6 75.0%
  • Interlude ~Dance~

    Votes: 1 12.5%
  • Introduction ~My music is designed from my DNA~

    Votes: 1 12.5%

  • Total voters


Average: 7,53
Highest scorers: 10x2 (@Yeziirl, @RUNAWAY), 9x2 (@Cutlery, @Music Is Life)
Lowest scorers: 3x1 (@otenkiame shocking), 6x2 (@mi|kshake, @Weslicious)
My score: 7

Well, somebody is going to be happy with this one going. Produced by Hi-yunk are you slowly warming up to the guy? and written by Kumi, the track served as a de facto title track of the album "DNA". It was also used for promotion and thus received a music video in which Kumi lives her best urban fantasy of... dancing.

This could have been so much more, I'm actually kinda pissed. Just imagine what this track could have achieved if it wasn't for that repetitive as hell chorus which takes up like 75% of the song. That bass is so filthy it whispers obscenities into my ears and it was a very pleasant surprise, since it definitely showed Hi-yunk's versitility as a producer. Yeah, you know what, I actually like this quite a bit, although it was a tad off-putting at first.

For one I have no idea what this song is about, dddd.

Connected to the changing times
from this place
An adaptive human
Without a moment's delay (bra bra bra bra)

An unlikely vision
Unwavering fashion
AND here's my soul mate
YOLO! Gotta get crazy!
(c) @otenkiame

You do only live once, huh?

@otenkiame (3) found little to enjoy here, "All I hear is noise. It's quite honestly every generic urban sound thrown together to make a derivative mess. The whole "watch out" line gets used so much I feel like the track's 3 minute length is more along the lines of an eternity. Why Kuu apparently begged her husband for this track is beyond me." Ooh, she did? I haven't actually listened to any of BACK-ON songs, wonder if he was making it for himself.

@Cutlery (9) listed all things wrong with the track, "This is so TRASHY. It implodes in itself and it's like someone in the mixing studio went a little overboard with distorting the radioactive chipmunk vocals and looping the hook one too many times. And I dig it." And he loved every second of it.

I assume @Yeziirl (10) could have taken a little something before submitting his commentary, "The song that annoyed every Kumi fan and made them consider their decision of stanning her and living on this planet. In your face, nonsensical, loud, infuriating piece of music that is one of the best Kumi songs. When you listen to it you want to punch the wall, your friends, bang your head against the floor, jump from the window or commit voodoo rituals. Mind you it’s probably the only song in the universe that is made solely of bass farts, claps and snares without a proper lead melody, and it just sounds cool! She even performed it on TV, perfect brainwashing move! Kumi is very honest here with her fans chanting “GIMME A GIMME A CASH CASH”, tell them girl! Furthermore, t’s a perfect tool to torture your enemies, it’s one of a kind experience that you won’t get anywhere else. Yolosweg banger! Bravo! YOLO GOTTA GET CRAZY!!!!"

Kumi likes this one, so it got a TV performance and a tour outing. Somehow the live version sounds crispier.
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On the bright side, this is one of your best gif artworks!
This gif artwork is another level. The song however is a bit out there for me.
It's actually mostly just a gif from the music video, since it already had all those lyrics in it I didn't add anything apart from a filter, dddd. I mean I would definitely use a text effect like that on all the artwork if I could.
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Average: 7,53
Highest scorers: 10x2 (@Ana Raquel, @Remorque), 9,5x1 (@Music Is Life)
Lowest scorers: 4x2 (@Cutlery, @Sprockrooster), 7x6 (@Weslicious, @mi|kshake, @otenkiame, @Yeziirl, @lalaclairi_, @cookiedough)
My score: 8

We're coming back to "WALK OF MY LIFE" to eliminate a couple of songs. Produced by Hi-yunk and written by Kumi, the track was a new album one.

What happened, y'all? This is great and it deserves a higher placement. Those guitars in the chorus are to die for. They remind me of Dr.L*ke's productions I'm sorry and those are the best kind, even if the person making them is trash, dddd. The amount of energy they have in them, the urgency they convey is something else and the mood they bring with them is so uplifting. Kumi's performance is stellar, especially in the chorus and the post-chorus, which, honestly, is such a moment. The melodies! The wowow's! I can't help but smile listening to this song. I actually think this is probably my second favorite track of the rock variety in the rate, although I did give some more of them an 8.

Lyrics-wise this one is about the joy of life and the importance of not loosing heart.

Riding on a pleasant beat

Every day every, what you gonna do?
Let's jump over these puddles
and cross the rainbow
(c) @otenkiame

So are we gonna start it or what?

Somehow @Cutlery (4) hears similarities with one divisive track, "That horrifying, chipmunk’d vocal chop alone was not a promising start, was it? All in all this reminds me of Madonna’s ‘Superstar’. Bin it!" Maybe I should bin you, since you've rusted!

@Yeziirl's (7) tone seems very pointed right now, "Well of course we can’t finish an album without a fucking “anime opening”!!!!" And what about it?

@otenkiame (7) didn't mind this, "That god-awful intro aside, this is a pretty catchy and fun track. The initial verse doesn't really stand out much, but the fun picks up a lot with the introduction of the hook! Sure, it's not really that innovative, but it's a nice little album track." I believe the chipmunk part brings some distinguishing quality to the track though.

@RUNAWAY (9) reminds me of a superior track, "this song gives me a lot of Poppin’ love cocktail feels, and it feels like a sequel to that song. Such a fantastic song." I wouldn't go that far, since "Poppin' love cocktail" is a 10, but they do share the same composer, so...

I knew @Music Is Life (9,5) would dig this, "The edited vocals at the beginning are….something. BUT I love the production, it’s so catchy and fun, and makes me wanna dance, and the actual verses are really really good. Love the electric guitar of course, and I love how easy that chorus is to jam too. This is such a fun, cute, enjoyable bop." I remember that if there are claps or guitars you would love the track, dddd.

Kuu performed the song live during the "WALK OF MY LIFE" tour and during the special 19th->20th anniversary event. Can't find any video links, sadly.
Panic setting in!!!!
House Party or Gimme U please! Oh, wait, gimme u is already out, ha!
Please follow the elimination closer.
House Party, let's get rid!
I was here for House Party so naturally it's going next, isn't it?
You think its time has come?
Isn't it just going to be "WALK OF MY LIFE" since everyone here seems to hate ballads? ddd
Can you imagine the gaggery?

Also, please go to the main Kumi thread and listen to the new song. Thanks.
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Average: 7,53
Highest scorers: 10x2 (@Cutlery, @Music Is Life), 8,5x1 (@Ana Raquel)
Lowest scorers: 5x1 (@mi|kshake), 6x2 (@cookiedough, @lalaclairi_)
My score: 8

Some of you called it. Produced by Will Simms (Pussycat Dolls' "React") and written by him, Philippe-Marc Anquetil ("Run For Your Life", "MORE"), Michelle Escoffery (All Saints' "Saints & Sinners") and Kumi, the track appeared on "WALK OF MY LIFE" as an album one.

This one is so much fun with a matching title to boot. It has so much going on with that chanty chorus, those little guitars accompanying it, the knocking as if the neighbours came to complain, the Rock Master Scott & the Dynamic Three sample and that feature. Oh god, that feature. Apparently it's David King, who toured with Kumi as a backing vocalist a couple of times. This feature is the only reason this got an 8 from me and not full marks. I mean, I don't really mind the guy, but he made the whole thing sound like a demo. And you're telling me that Kumi couldn't find anybody, anybody for a feature who could bring this to a whole other level? I don't believe you.

Like I need to explain what this one is about, dddd.

Drunk as rock and I do my thing

Everybody's next door, do you wanna go? Coming in
Air con's broke
Oh, I can't stand it
So stay in our wet t-shirts, you say?
Well, these things happen regularly
It feels like a funky day
For what it's worth, it's OK
So hottie with the body take me along
(c) @otenkiame

Sounds like a fun time.

Oh look, @Yeziirl (7,5) is putting scores into our mouths, "that guy is annoying… probably one of the cringiest Kumi’s songs due to this unnecessary featuring. If you don’t mind the guy, I would probably say it is like 8.5, but too bad…" We'll decide for ourselves, thanks.

I enjoyed @otenkiame's (8) commentary until the last part, "I dig this song. Don't care about that random guy either, because this just screams all kinda fun to me. I love the addition of party vocals for the hooks, and think Kuu sounds so natural and fun here! It just fits its title perfectly, and would make for a fun party song if I had any friends." I'll be your friend, boo.

@Sprockroster (8) showed his musical knowledge by noticing the smaple, "I would have liked more sample use here as it works well. Set that roof on fire."

@Music Is Life (10) had a blast to this one, "This is a bit of a banger to be honest. That chorus is extremely infectious, and I love that it opens the song. The verses make me wanna dance my ass off too. The guy’s verses is a lot of fun too."

And finally @Cutlery (10) thought that the feature worked perfectly, "Yeah, this is a big, dumb blast of fun! I don’t mind at all that Kuu isn’t singing for a substantial portion of the song because the random features just fit in place"

Kumi mainly performed this during the tour in support of the album and the performance was a lot of fun. She also looked snatched.