The Koda Kumi Rate: PART IV. All things come to an end, WINNER announced

Which short track / interlude if your favorite / deserves a full version?

  • Introduction ~WALK OF MY LIFE~

    Votes: 6 75.0%
  • Interlude ~Dance~

    Votes: 1 12.5%
  • Introduction ~My music is designed from my DNA~

    Votes: 1 12.5%

  • Total voters

Rich & Famous feat. Sean Paul

Average: 7,57
Highest scorers: 10x1 (@RUNAWAY), 9x4 (@lalaclairi_, @Weslicious, @Sprockrooster, @Music Is Life)
Lowest scorers: 3x1 (@Yeziirl), 5x1 (@V3RYP05H)
My score: 8,5

I wanna be rich and ahahahfugassdyh. Produced by Toby Gad (you know the guy), Ty Dolla $ign (yes, the rapper), Lady G (a dancehall deejay) and Tulisa Contostavlos (yup, the one and only) and written by Kumi and Sean Paul, the track is definitely something else. The concept of "re(CORD)" was that one of the re-invention and updating apparently, so in order to connect this theme with her latest release at the time, they decided to sample "CHANCES ALL" from "DNA", which, as you guessed it, was produced by all those people I mentioned in the first place. What kind of a demo reject? I'd think that the original song was supposed to be for Tulisa with Ty being a feature, but we just might never know. As for the track in question, the Japanese wiki says that Kumi once said that without it the album wouldn't have happened? I wonder what is up with that, huh. This one is also the second time Sean Paul is featured on one of Kumi's songs, with the first one being "LOADED" from "Bon Voyage".

Anyway, this is great. Personally, this take elevated the whole track for me, since they took the lovely melodies of the original song and only improved on them. Looks like the JPop purist side of me hasn't died out yet, since I once again prefer the Japanese chorus to the English one. Somehow it sounds to me like the Japanese words just lay smoother on that gorgeous melody. Sean Paul is always a welcome guest feature as I don't ever remember a time when his presence made a song worse. Overall this song is a good time.

The main take away from the track is that one should try living they lives to the fullest, since there might not be tomorrow. A sentiment most accurate in the current trying times.

I can't forget
the tonight called today
There'll be no end
No regrets either
'Cause a time may come
when tomorrow doesn't come

(c) @otenkiame

The "rich & famous" part is kinda iffy in that context then, don't you think?

@Yeziirl (3) tries to blame his score on the technical aspects of the track, "again some weird mastering problem and vocals sound muffled, are we really in 2019????? It sounds very amateurish. We already had Chances ALL which was kinda better overall. Looking at the lyrics I can only say what the hell even? Sean Paul sucked here, sorry. I wanna be rich and famous part is random as fuck, but was probably the highlight of the song. You can hear how his voice track is mastered properly and doesn’t sound muffled. And when they sing “No there ain’t guarantee” they sound different which sounds very disturbing. People might say that I’m picky about this, but why shouldn’t I? Most tracks from 2015-2017 had better mastering than here… Hire a sound engineer!" I don't hear anything you're talking about, dddd. Also, I just realized that this sounds a lot like one of the faves of yours - "EX TAPE" - so it's weird seeing you giving this one a score that is that much lower.

@otenkiame (7,5) knows when to accept his shortcomings, "I actually like this more than "CHANCES ALL". Kuu's English sounds freaking great, as does her delivery. Sean Paul's inclusion is totally fit as well. The sudden switch from slow R&B to trap track is a bit jarring, to be honest, but I'm also the same person who doesn't mind the bridge in "SHAKE IT"."

My lovely back-up host @Weslicious (9) prefers the other song, "I prefer Chances All, but the melodies are all still here so this is hardly bad." Guess people did decided which one is better in terms of the rate, but how much time does it have to live, hmm?

@Sprockrooster (9) is a bit of a stan for some Sean Paul, "I do not know why, but I unironically stan Sean Paul and this is no exception. The man sets my inner flame alight." He's a great choice, if you ask me.

And to no surprise at all @RUNAWAY (10) loves both songs, "Sean Paul’s feature here is really great, and I absolutely ADORE the new chorus. Chances All is a mega-bop no matter what." Your stannage always makes me smile, hun.

As of yet, this one hasn't had the chance hehe to be performed live.
“HOUSE PARTY” lost me with the random feature, surely LMFAO (the “Kings” of “Party Rock”) weren’t doing anything and could’ve been gotten for cheap?

“RICH & FAMOUS” is definitely better than “CHANCES ALL” but I dislike both anyways.

Is Kuu not a fan of American female rappers? Lowkey want a Koda Kumi feat. Lil Kim banger.

Aenaku Naru Kurai Nara

Average: 7,57
Highest scorers: 10x1 (@RUNAWAY), 9x1 (@me!)
Lowest scorers: 5x2 (@cookiedough, @Ana Raquel), 6,5x1 (@mi|kshake)
My score: lookie above

It's been a couple of eliminations since the last ballad, so here we go again. Produced by the balladeer Kuzuya Yoko ("Kimi Onoi", "you", "Candle Light") and written by her and Kumi, the track appears on "DNA" as its second ballad along with "Kokoro Kara i love u".

This is so pretty and gentle, even if doesn't stray away from the usual Kumi ballad soundscape. The first time I listened to this I was surprised by the chorus blending so much with the verses, but after a couple more listens I got it and I believe it works in track's favor. Having said that the best part is from middle 8 and onward. She sounds great all throughout the track, still the cherry on top is that high note at "dakishimete hoshii" in the last chorus. Jesus, it's so good. Kuu's delivery is stellar and goes perfectly with the song matching its mood to a tee.

And speaking of the mood, this one is about an unrequited love with Kumi hiding her feelings and wishing to be with the person.

I want those eyes to find me
and those hands to grasp me
and those lips to call for me
and for you to embrace me

(c) @otenkiame

This part! I'm melting from all the feels. Only two of you had anything to say about this beauty.

@Yeziirl (7) tries to understand the Japanese music market, but fails, "come on girl, it’s an album full of uptempo songs and thotty bangers and you’ve just put a ballad here, what did you expect? Heartless 2.0 didn’t happen!!!!!" Oh, come on, we all know that the general Japanese public eat the ballads up like the good kids, so what did you expect?

And once again @otenkiame (8,5) nails it, "Unlike the other ballad on "DNA", this one does the trick for me. The piano-driven sound is absolutely gorgeous, and Kuu's controlled but emotional vocals are all I need. The whole low-key sound is what works. Instead of trying to be dramatic for the sake of it, we have a track that stays simple and grounded to fantastic results." True, these are indeed the tracks highlights.

The ballad had a live outing during the "DNA" tour.


Dance In The Rain
Like It
House Party
Gimme U
You can keep up with me
Fake Tongue
Sometimes Dreams Come True


Bring It On
Yorokobi no Kakera

Stand By You
Suki de Shite
Kimi Omoi
On my way

What's Up
Promise you
My fun


Damn real
Wicked Girls
Cupcake feat. AKLO




Aenaku Naru Kurai Nara
Guess Who Is Back
Kokoro kara i love u
Work That


Rich & Famous feat. Sean Paul
Merry Go Round

Eh Yo
GOLDFINGER 2019 / Livin' La Vida Loca
Put Your Hands Up!!!
Summer Time


Wanderin' Destiny
On And On
Soba ni Ite


Promise you

Average: 7,61
Highest scorers: 10x1 (@Weslicious), 9,5x1 (@Music Is Life)
Lowest scorers: 5x1 (@lalaclairi_), 5,5x1 (@Ana Raquel)
My score: 9

And just like that 30 eliminations in we're losing our first album all together. This is the earliest an album exited in the whole rate. In comparison in Part I it happened at #10, in Part II at #11 and in Part III at #4. Produced by Hi-yunk and written by him and Kumi, the last song standing from "inside" was used for promotion and hence received a simple, yet beautiful music video.

I adore this one. I've been a fan for a long while by the time "inside" was released, so I really appreciated what Kuu has done with the album. Yes, it wouldn't be that liked by a general listener or a fan of her bops and bangers, but to someone like me, who lived with Kumi as his ichiban for such a long time, this was such a pleasant release. The whole album is full of warmth, comfort and love. And "Promise you" is the one that encapsulates those characteristics the best out of all the songs on the album. No matter the placing, I love the fact that this is the highest rated track from "inside", since I always thought of it as a title track. She sounds wonderful here, the emotions are palpable and the big chorus gives this so much color in comparison to other ballads. I do think that the piano sounds a little out of tune at times, maybe? But other than that, this is almost perfect.

Lyrically this is an all encompassing take on love - the love for your family, the love for your partner, the love for your child.

The kindness coming from
those small palms
wraps me up today again
Show me your innocent smile
Embracing you tight as you fawn on me
I don't need any more things

(c) @otenkiame

This verse is freaking cute, I'm tearing up.

I think @otenkiame (7,5) should revisit this and give this a higher score, "I believe this is a song for her son? The lyrics certainly seem to indicate that. As such, the tender love Kuu puts into her performance is easy to hear. I'm not a fan of the English, bits, not going to lie, but I absolutely love the chanting bits after the hooks. They totally elevate this track."

And @Sprockrooster (9) got a nice surprise out the track, "Very catchy and I am glad this beauty is tucked away on this album, because I was getting a bit bored with this album to be honest."

For some reason Kuu decided not to include this onto the setlist of the "W FACE" tour, but it did get several short TV performances coupled with "Ultraviolet", which was definitely a choice.


Average: 7,64
Highest scorers: 10x2 (@Weslicious, @RUNAWAY), 9x1 (@Music Is Life)
Lowest scorers: 5x1 (@V3RYP05H), 6,5x1 (@mi|kshake)
My score: 7,5

Welp, the older sister of "Rich & Famous" didn't really go much farther. Produced by the same team as its "re(CORD)" counterpart, meaning Toby Gad, Ty Dolla $ign, Lady G and Tulisa Contostavlos, and written by Kumi, the track was one of the promotional ones for "DNA", which means it received a cute music video featuring Kuu in the looks from the "WATCH OUT ~DNA~" and "HAIRCUT"'s music videos.

On paper I should eat this up in one bite, as I live for this kind of electronic mid-tempos with plethora of synths, but in reality I'm not digging this as much. I don't even really know what's not right here for me, really, because parts of this all sound nice and good, still the finished product just doesn't do it for me. Perhaps it's the overall vibe? Maybe the oversung ad-libs in the background? Hmm. Moreover "Rich & Famous" sounds like an upgraded version of this on all fronts to these ears, so its existence definitely doesn't make "CHANCES ALL" any favors.

The song is one of those of self-discovery. A self-help song?

Is it no good to like flashy things?
I don't wanna be told without listening to my feelings
Those cursing with pure lips
are better than not having the courage to act

No matter what they say, I give the peace sign
For those who want it, go to
I'll give love to anyone, eo-

(c) @otenkiame

Not her censoring herself saying the name of her official website on her own damn song, dddd. The Japanese said "no advertising"!

The ever omniscient @otenkiame (7) knows what's up, "I didn't initially warm up to this right away, but it has grown on me. I read someone say this was like a cheap version of "Okay", and I sort of agree in some ways. Still, after hearing her explain the track during her live, I've grown to appreciate the theme that "we have to give a chance to get a chance"." Sound-wise I can here some "Okay" here, only "Okay" is a lot better and have a different mood.

@Yeziirl (7,5) has filthy thoughts and a filthy mouth to match them, "it just sounds so cheesy and unnecessary in the album, but it has this weird charm to it! is a pornhub sex tape link with Kenji and Kumi I’m calling it!" You better sit there and eat your food, Also funny how you dub all the tracks you don't love on this album as "unnecessary", dddd.

And lastly @RUNAWAY (10) doesn't care, because his busy bopping to this with @Weslicious, "this song is such a fucking bop. Why did she not release this as a full single?!" Cuz it's not a single material.

Apparently Kuu is quite fond of this one, because it had a few live performances despite the fact that it was released only 2 years ago.