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The Koda Kumi Rate: PART IV. All things come to an end, WINNER announced

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by evilsin, Jun 22, 2020.


Which short track / interlude if your favorite / deserves a full version?

  1. Introduction ~WALK OF MY LIFE~

    6 vote(s)
  2. Interlude ~Dance~

    1 vote(s)
  3. Introduction ~My music is designed from my DNA~

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  1. [​IMG]
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  2. Spinning as in spinning/indoor cycling classes. It sounds like the perfect track for that. Lol.

    I suppose this could also apply to regular cycling though possession of a matching Koda Kumi ~ bicycle ~ is highly recommended for full effect:

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  3. @evilsin is so snatched by the latest music video, we are losing him, guys!

    Did Kumi blackmail him to make XXKK #1 song on the rate?
  4. Geez, okay, get in here and let your hair loose.
    Ohhh, so you meant spin classes, dddd.
    Let's say that all of these assumptions are correct, yes.
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  5. I know what I want, I know what I got
    Nobody can do it better than ME, ya


    Average: 7,75
    Highest scorers: 10x1 (@Music Is Life), 9x3 (@Remorque, @Ana Raquel and @me!)
    Lowest scorers: 5x1 (@Sprockrooster), 6x1 (@Cutlery)
    My scores: lookie above

    Both "AND" and me got a little break and now we're back at it. Produced by Hayley Michelle Aitken, Nermin Harambasic, Eirik Johansen, Jan Hallvard Larsen and Anne Judith Wik a.k.a. DSign Music ("LOL", Girls' Generation's "Genie", BoA's "HURRICANE VENUS") and written by Kumi, the song was released as an album track on "AND".

    We love a cocky bopperoo, don't we? Apparently not so much, since it's already going. I adore this and it hurts me seeing this leaving before some more questionable bops. Anyway, this isa delight from start to finish. The way it bursts with energy right from the get-go and only slows down for a hot second in the middle 8 is something else, really. Speaking of the middle 8, "SWEETEST TABOO, BOOBOOBOO!" invaded and seized by feeble mind seemingly for all eternity. To me the playfulness and the choppy delivery of the verses are the main draw while the smooth chorus ties it all together nicely especially once the "lalala" part comes in.

    Honestly, the lyrics don't really make much sense here, because on one hand Kumi boasts about what an amazing woman she is and on the other it somehow still a taboo to be with her boo? Something doesn't add up here.

    I see you happy day you see me lucky day
    Gonna kick ass like I always do - Rock'n Roll
    Quickly turn the lights down low
    Gonna enchant and grab the crowd
    Swagging for everyone
    On this hot night, sugar
    Gonna come like this

    (c) @otenkiame

    I'll take one swagging, yes and thank you.

    I don't care what @Yeziirl's (7) score might suggest, he hates this song, "“Come come quicker loud loud speaker” a cringe from the start! Not what everyone excepted, amirite? It’s a mess but it’s quite fun! The only part I hate is the la-la-la part which drives me crazy for some reason. Production is quite weird as well, you can hear how some adlibs are louder than the main vocal track so it sounds amateurish lol. Many questions to lyrics as well: “If you call me your baby, I call you my boo” - thats vomit inducing for some people, I think. “I see you happy day, you see me lucky day” - what in the world?" Get out.

    The ever so reasonable @otenkiame (7,5) cracked the code, "I think it's safe to say that this is the sister song to Namie's "Big Boys Cry". Seriously, the melodies in the choruses just sound so similar. Anyway, Kuu sounds great with her raps, and I do like the lighter and poppier route it takes once the hooks kick in. The right amount of sass and cute, to be honest." "Big Boys Cry" was actually produced by DSign Music as well.

    And in the end @Weslicious (8) liked the track even if he had to listen to the most part of it before it clicked with him, "The middle 8 build up elevates this rather average song." So... not average eventually?

    I've seen this live and it freaking pops the eff off. The live recording from the "AND" tour makes the overall instrumental sound kinda comical due to live band.
  6. Hey, I don't hate it! I love it with hatred, if that's a thing.
    But yeah, it does sound better live!
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  7. I always took the titular “SWEETEST TABOO” to be the fucking they’re gonna do after he calls her his “baby” and she calls him her “boo”.
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  8. Sorry there are no eliminations now, since I've managed to get a cold, dddd. Hopefully we'll get back on track once I feel better. Apologies.
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  9. Get well soon!
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  10. Guess who is back?



    Average: 7,82
    Highest scorers: 10x1 (@otenkiame), 9x4 (@RUNAWAY, @Yeziirl, @Music Is Life and @me!)
    Lowest scorers: 5x1 (@lalaclairi_), 6x2 (@Cutlery, @cookiedough)
    My score: lookie above

    This is not k, k,? Produced by Matt Wong (Taemin's "Mars"), Paulina Cerilla (The Voice USA contestant), G'harah"PK"Degeddingseze (Paloma Faith's "Taste Of My Own Tears") and Jamie Jones (Katy B's "Dark Delirium") and written by Kumi, the track served its promotional purposes for "re(CORD)". Thusly, a very eye-catching music video was made for it. That pink outfit is a complete serve, to be honest.

    K, I've been good to y'all mostly, but what exactly happened here, huh? This one deserved to go so much further, although I guess the cute undertones of the whole thing got you by your knickers again. I absolutely adore the cadence of the chorus. It also possesses one of the catchiest melodies of the album and this Part of the rate. Kumi is as bubbly as ever in her delivery and the understated instrumental only works in track's favour. So, you see, y'all really did this dirty, k?

    The lyrical content is not to my understanding this time around. Maybe the titular "k," stands for "Kumi" and she proclaims that she a candy store that is to everyone's taste? Or is it just "okay" as the live performance of the track suggests? I also hear one of the ad-libs at the end as "cake", hmmm... @otenkiame help me out here, pretty please.

    What I yearn for is...yeah,
    a candy story everyone loves

    If you want
    this melty-like me? k,
    If you want a thrill, then...
    Bang Bang Bang...
    An unexpected combination
    You wanna taste? k,
    A luring spice
    Bang Bang Bang...

    (c) @otenkiame

    Lemme see... guess I do want this melty-like you, Kuu.

    Kumi's cutesy songs literally make @Yeziirl (9) hurl, "wow a cute song that doesn’t make you vomit all over the place! Well done Kumi!" Finally something for you to digest properly.

    The song took @otenkiame (10) on a journey, "This song has grown on me soooooooooo much. I don't remember what my initial reaction to it was, but I do know that now I just love it. It's just so much fun and full of perk with those squeaky horn sounds. I love the "k" bits and of course the "bum bum bum" parts, as well. A great song to sing at karaoke, by the way." So glad you arrived at your destination, hun.

    The track was performed during the "re(LIVE)" concerts and featured the exercise ball choreography that was then used in the music video as well. Gotta have to opt for the audio only, but for both versions of the show.

  11. Yay! You are back!
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  12. Ugh, this is not "k,". How can y'all hate fun so much? I'm literally devastated. Time to go to karaoke and sing it over and over with my one and only friend.

    I read somewhere that one of Kumi's friends always uses "k" in texts, and that's why she used it here. Don't really explain what it's supposed to mean though? I guess she's telling the guy, "K, you can have me"?
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  13. I am more intrigued by
    "If you want a thrill, then...
    Bang Bang Bang..."
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  14. [​IMG]
    Eh Yo

    Average: 7,86
    Highest scorers: 9,5x2 (@RUNAWAY, @Sprockrooster), 9x3 (@Cutlery, @Weslicious, @Music Is Life)
    Lowest scorers: 4x1 (@Yeziirl), 6x1 (@Ana Raquel)
    My score: 8

    We're not going too far away from "re(CORD)" with the first half of this tie. Produced by Hi-yunk and written by Kumi, the track was our official first taste of the new album, since this was the first digital single released from it back in the July of 2019. The song was created in support of the Osaka Hanazono rugby team for their participation in the Rugby World Cup 2019. As you may know Kumi is from Osaka and she said that she was honored to have been chosen for the theme song. She also wanted to collaborate with someone else from Osaka on the track, but she couldn't at the time of the song's release. Eventually the album version of the song featured Takasaki Akira from LOUDNESS on the guitar, who is from Osaka as well.

    This is pretty great, if you ask me. It does sound exactly like the song it was supposed to be with the chanty "eh yo" all throughout, the inspiring message and the marching beat, which is pretty rare in Kumi's discography. And that note in the end of the last chorus that seamlessly goes into the guitar riff - amazing! It's not as prominent as it was in the single version, but it's still there. Speaking of, the single version sounds like a demo version to me now that we have the beefier take of the album version. The arrangement is just a lot more colorful and complete. It definitely made me add a point more to my final score.

    The inspiring message I talked about earlier isn't that different from the rest of the songs of this kind, still it is pretty nice here.

    To reach an unknown place
    we'll have pain,
    but we're so proud, so there's no way we can lose
    We won't run away till the end
    (c) @otenkiame

    As you say, Kumi.

    @Yeziirl (4) isn't one for the team spirit, looks like, "EEEEEh flop, woooooah noo! I honestly don’t understand why people like this song…" Move along, loner.

    Leave it to @otenkiame (7,5) to support my sentiment with a synonymous words, "At first I wanted this song to go harder, but now I dig the sort of laidback feel it has with the chanting and stadium beats. It's one of those songs I can see being played for a sports event, so kudos to her husband. I'm admittedly glad that the song was extended a bit for the album version, even though it doesn't really add much."

    @Cutlery (9) doesn't let us all forget the true nature of Koda Kumi the singer, "A great marching band-like sound, but make it digital. She is so ending in this type of hype track, but the laid-back bridge and classic J-pop riffs also remind us she is a chamaleonic icon." Invent a genre and wait for Kumi to try it out.

    Kumi sang this one live last summer at the sport events with the aforementioned Osaka Hanazono and also during her own "re(LIVE)" set. Hearing the audience sing along to the chanty parts of the song definitely works for the track.

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  15. And I oop...
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  16. Ouch! The first true loss of this rate! Best song on Re(cord) for me. I really like the melody!
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  17. [​IMG]

    Average: 7,86
    Highest scorers: 10x2 (@RUNAWAY, @Music Is Life), 9x1 (@Ana Raquel)
    Lowest scorers: 6,5x1 (@V3RYP05H), 7x5 (@mi|kshake, @Cutlery, @lalaclairi_, @Weslicious, @otenkiame)
    My score: 8

    "AND" will have to sustain another hit. Produced by Fredrik"Fredro"Odesjo ("You can keep up with me") and Shiloh Schramm (Carly Rae Jepsen's "Tonight I'm Getting Over You"), the track was a new album one.

    Look at those scores! Guess it's the epitome of an average bop, huh? I actually enjoy the bass-heavy instrumental and especially the way the chorus explodes each time. Having said that, the verses and pre-chorus are gorgeous melodically and I believe I like them better than the chorus. Kuu is a bit shrieky in places, but I got over this quite quickly. Hmm, guess it is average, since I don't have anything else to say about it.

    The lyrics are all about trying to get someone out of your head and being unable to.

    Ring the alarm
    In a dream
    I won't wake from
    I have a wave of flashbacks
    Washing away everything, even the memories

    (c) @otenkiame

    Wake up, Pearl, wake up!

    My borther from another mother @otenkiame (7) agrees with me once again, "A kind of mid-tempo with lots of heavy bass? I do enjoy that for real. I like the message a lot too, but think that Kuu overdoes it with the vocals a bit. She sounds...a bit too raw and rough, which makes it a bit harsh to listen to. Despite that, though, I overall dig what the final result is."

    And @Yeziirl (8,5) makes me think he mixed up his scores yet again with his commentary, "I think this song had a lot of potential, has a nice haunting verse and bridge. I guess I wanted something different from chorus and yet again, she is too rough just like in Got me Going. Maybe removing the choruses would do the thing." And you still giving it an 8 and a half?

    The track missed its parent album's tour setlist, although it did reappear on the next one.
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  18. Code red. Atashi melting down.

    One of the highlights from "AND" for me, at least in the instrumental department! I agree with the somewhat shrieky vocals though.
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  19. No, I didn't mess it up this time, I just really like the verses, so choruses become quite bearable.
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  20. “k,” went out too early. Unbothered Queen.

    I too never understood the love for “Eh Yo”, it just sorta... happens.
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